ENSL weekly, 20th September

Hi guys. The weekly report is a little late this week. I (Bacillus) have got studies and we had a lot of almost publishable features, so slipping a little didn't feel that bad idea.


The Site

The ENSL site has now a feature which allows you to start up and join gathers. You can find the gather controls on your left hand side once you're logged in. Get the gathers going! Keep your eye on the top right corner of the site as it shows any ongoing gather activity. 

The movie section has received some new short clips. Some of the stuff there is brand new and never seen outside the ingame demos. Also note that right now it's only possible to add authors to the movies if the moviemaker has got an account on the site. So, if you've got movies on the site and want to get credited for them, please inform me on the IRC and I'll have your name added.

Jiriki and Voodo have written a few new articles for you to read. Check them out in the articles section. I strongly recommend everyone in the ladder gives a thought on how the ELO system works at least. There's also a new IRC guide which is as short as possible and a good read for anyone asking how to join our IRC channel.

In other news, the website has now ability to stream live ingame footage with commenting possibility. The feature is still under development, but it should give us some NS2 broadcasting capability even without any HLTV equivivalent. It is 768kbit/s H264 video stream, and requires the newest VLC with the browser plugin enabled in the installation. We also had a flash version, but the bandwith to quality ratio was really bad compared to the H264-VLC solution.


The Ladder

First of all, the new scoring system is in use. We've also added 3 extra points for every match played. These points accumulate completely seperatley from the normal points, and don't affect the ELO scoring at all, they are just added to the final rankings. Scores have been recalculated for all past matches. Go check them out and feel free to comment about it.

Secondly the big news is that there will be ladder finals at some point. The exact date is still uncertain, but they'll most likely be in October or November. In the finals the two top ladder teams face each other and the winners get awesome shiny icons on ENSL servers!


During the week there were 4 matches played:

Stray Dogs - Hydra

Puschelmacht! - Quaxy

Demonic Soul - Saunamen

Hydra - Demonic Soul


Keep the activity going!



ENSL staff

jiriki on 20 September 09 22:32



Blank Voodo | Two Team Squad

aww cmon jiriki u said u'd put the hair news in :(

20 September 2009, 22:35


Blank jiriki | old people

I'm still waiting for you to fix the article images, then we can talk about the hair.

20 September 2009, 23:03


Blank bp

movie section could need some more info on the files. description, lenght, line-up, especially date!

Maybe there's already a feature to fill in but everyone has been too lazy..?

20 September 2009, 23:11


Blank Andrige

Awesome stuff guys, gradually looking to be just a great site once NS2 hits for everyone to use ^^

23 September 2009, 21:35

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