Season opening

The website has been updated and is now starting the season. You can check the divisions and your matches. There is one division with 5 clans, which means that in division 6, there will be each week one clan not playing. Please note, as said before, that the divisions are definitive and won't be altered; we know it's probably not perfect, but if you disagree, you will have to prove this by winning your division... and then you will get to the higher division at the next season.
You have to play one match per week (except Div 6 as said above), starting monday. Your leaders/deputees have access to an Agenda page where they can post challenges to the other clan, see the pending challenges, and accept/refuse etc. Of course, your week 1 match has to be scheduled as soon as possible; if it's not scheduled by friday night, it will be forced to saturday or sunday. You can also schedule any other match for any other week: the sooner you plan your match, the more chances you get to have a referee available. Also, Div 1 clans should especially schedule their match in advance, so that we can plan shoutcasts on interesting matches.

The maplist is:

Week 1: ns_tanith/ns_lost
Week 2: ns_metal/ns_veil
Week 3: ns_origin/ns_nothing
Week 4: ns_eclipse/ns_nancy
Week 5: ns_orbital_cal/ns_caged

ns_orbital_cal is available on that link.

A few reminders:
Your matches have to be played on servers with the CAL plugin. If you don't have one, contact your referee or an admin. If your match has a referee, we are able to lend you one of the two Surftown server, if no clan did take them before you. Information on the CAL plugin (download & installation) can be found a few news below.
Every match is supposed to have one of our HLTVs. If you don't have any HLTV, your match can be considered default in case of any problem. Your referee should handle the HLTV; if he doesn't, contact an admin or a referee; they can set up one for you.
You should carefully read the rules; you are supposed to know everything said in there.
During week 1, any player that signed up late and is "suspended", can still play the week 1 match. Then, from week 2, the normal rules apply.

If you browse the website, you'll see a few funny things, like the prediction system: once a match is scheduled, you can go on the match page and bet for a result; it makes you rise (or fall) in the predictor's ranking. It's only a gadget though, there's nothing to win in that ranking. :)
Fana, from Knife, will write predictions each week about Division 1.
Each week there will be a Division 1 match which will be the match of the week: it will get some more predictions and a shoutcast hosted by NetG Radio; you will get more information about this soon.
You will get the HLTVs IP either on the match page, or on the IRC channel.

Anyway, it's started now, so let's all have fun before the summer !
Naxo on 15 May 05 04:33



Blank KKtus

let's go m8

15 May 2005, 13:17


Blank KopaTropa

Nice divisions imo.

15 May 2005, 15:23


Blank Shine

Ok lets go :)

15 May 2005, 16:02


Blank theswirleffect

btw, the shoutcasts are gonna be very interresting... ;P

15 May 2005, 19:06


Blank NeO54

GL HF (nice division)

15 May 2005, 21:37


Blank Nirgal

So, HF and GL everyone.

15 May 2005, 21:40


Blank Iots | el'pheer

a hellava lot better than clanbase divisions, *thumbs up*

16 May 2005, 14:38


Blank CLS


17 May 2005, 17:51

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