We are recruiting!

We are looking for active referees to referee up comming matches.
A good referee will need;
- good understanding of rcon commands (rcon changelevel ect.)
- be a friendly guy/lady
- must know the rules for the ensl (print off a list of the rules and read)
- must be active
If you think your up for it pm m//ke on irc #ensl (Quakenet)

We are also recruiting a predictor for Divisions 3/4.
A good predictor will need;
- good understanding of english
- know alot about the clans in divisions 3-4
- be a responsible person/player
If you think you would make a good predictor for divisions 3-4 get in touch with me (Skyice) on irc #ensl (Quakenet)
Skyice on 15 January 06 23:12



Blank weezer

so a predictor doenst have to know about the top 3 divisions at all? =P

16 January 2006, 00:12


Blank Skyice

nope. me and lump are doing the top 3

16 January 2006, 00:54


Blank aA

btw. make some predictions this season ^^

16 January 2006, 01:51


Blank anderval


16 January 2006, 02:05


Blank Skyice


lololol have fun in the army fana.

16 January 2006, 02:29


Blank themadprocessor

rofl irakese beaches own teh marines

16 January 2006, 17:25


Blank UnK-

coming has 1 m Skyice? :s spell check?! :D

16 January 2006, 19:27


Blank Skyice

lol, was waiting for that unk.

16 January 2006, 20:13

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