Week 1 review

Well week 1 is over in the premier division with all matches played. Knife beat Semper Fi as predicted by myself, Insane beat levi 3-1 as predicted by lump and myself, and theWheatbearers tied Lucky 2-2. The only prediction mistake made was by lump on WBC vs lucky. GJ lump, or me, depending on how you look at it! At the end of the first week the top two favourites as voted by you, knife and insane, are joint top after both winning 3-1. In week 2 insane play the wheatbearers who are looking to improve on their week 1 start and knife play lucky who defied expectation earning themselves a tie. Semper Fi also play levitacus.

HLTV Demos for the week are here:
Semper Fi vs Knife
Levitacus vs Insane
Wheatbearers vs Lucky - Missing veil, WB alien lucky marine

Also at the end of each week I'll be doing an interview with 1 of the 6 premier league clans. For the first week I've picked the tournament favourites: Knife. Enjoy.

Q. Hey, thanks for taking the time to do the interview. If you could start by introducing yourselves.

b1: Hi, I'm b1, also known as bobby. Been playing in a few clans since 2.0 and now recently we reformed knife with some old players and a couple of new ones.
cheeZ: I am cheeZ, aka will brown. Played ns from 1.04, maybe a little before, its a long time to remember back to, anyway been in clans from Apathy to ktdm, to cu@cpl and then knife... and after a long break im back.

Q. A lot of knife have been inactive for a while, why did you decide to come back now?

cheeZ: Myself in particular played CS:S, reformed ktdm, had some fun with that and then gave up gaming for a while for IRL reasons. Then i decided that world of warcraft was something to play on the side but it got too serious, too boring, and too repetitive... so here i am.
b1: I guess most of the people coming back are done with their other games and since they stll have some of their e-fame, loul, left it would be fun to play at a high-skill level again.
cheeZ: i jwned b1 into it. I think ive been inactive for like 2 years now :s

Q. How's the return going, are the old players picking it again?

b1: well the game has changed quite abit even if people dont want to see it as that, gameplay wise, IMBA res-strafing gorges !? so we do have some teamplay things to work on, but in skill-wise i think people have picked up quite fast from where they left it.
cheeZ: I feel like im doing alright... its like riding a bike etc, tend
not to forget. However i suck at alien higher life-forms, so i just stick
to skulk.
b1: cheez + wzza fade combo in finals dont miss it

Q. knife were famous for being #1 before, do you hope to achieve that again or are you taking things less seriously this time around?

cheeZ: We aren't what we were back then, different players and different levels of dedication are causing a little trouble with our game at the moment.. however we're aiming at winning the games we play so.. with a little elbow grease we might rise up to our old reputation.
b1: its hard not to take it serious, since we are all very competetive. we do have alot of work if we want to achieve the same skill-level that the old knife version had, but we are getting there, slowly.

Q. what are your thoughts on the bs_1/bs_0 discussion

b1: bs_0 would make players more consistent, so i dont mind it. It's not like im gonna fight for it, but I would support it if it came up for a voting.
cheeZ: I have no bias with this scripts argument... what ever goes goes, if you have to rely on a script to raise your game then you're probably not very good anyway :(

Q. Are you happy with ENSLs current small division and short season structure or would you like to see something different, the CAL format perhaps?

cheeZ: if it means the season actually finishes with the original amount of clans that started, then im happy. seems like its going to work so its all good.
b1: every season has ended up with like 2 teams left, but hey , those are the teams that made it to finals anyway. There will always come new teams next season anyway

Q. Any surprises from week 1 results? thoughts on your own match

cheeZ: We started off bad :P but it went ok afterwards, the results from other matches seemed to make sense to me... i expect to see more 2-2's from now on...
b1: im not very suprised by the outcome of everyone elses games. our first round was just my fault really, putting an obs up and then a baserush comes along. that slowed us down pretty much and other things.. kudos to semper fi though, good game mentality.

Q. Thoughts on week 2 opponent lucky?

cheeZ:: but theyre a bit crazy so we'll see
b1: next week is veil/caged. we shouldn't have that much problems on veil, really. It's caged that's going to be interesting.. lucky loves rescontrol and knife loves fraggin. it's gonna be a goodkeke game.

Thanks for taking the time to do this interview.
ben on 23 January 06 01:49



Blank cream

very good coverage at last ! ! ! thank you ben

23 January 2006, 02:31


Blank cheeZ

typo city

23 January 2006, 07:35


Blank frost

yes, ben, all very interesting. But, have you bought that tank yet?!

23 January 2006, 11:05


Blank sherpa | cisequaltothree

You didn't actually predict a score for knife/semper; you newbie.

23 January 2006, 21:20


Blank sherpa | cisequaltothree

I mean the news post, emo princess.

24 January 2006, 00:07

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