The 16th NS Nightcup

Due to the fact that we annouced starting times of the cup so late, many teams in the earlier stages have not showed up.

We have, as a last minute change, moved forward the start of stage 1 to 18.00 today.

Stage 2 will start at 20.00 today, or if teams can and want to play earlier, it can be arranged by talking to any admin.

Semi-finals and finals will all be played on sunday, tomorrow, but times are still being discussed. However, they will be decided and told to affected teams today. There will of course be news about it for everyone who wants to spectate aswell.

Brackets and matches are being updated as we speak (due to teams dropping out last minute, some drama and afking) but will be ready soon. Everyone can see them here:

Best of luck to everyone and have fun!

Danny on 30 January 10 16:07



Blank EisTeeAT

Fuckers .... i wont ever be realizing the outcome of this .. i a drunk alrdy and wont be gettong sober the next days ... NIGHT CUP SUCKS !

30 January 2010, 20:34


Blank Danny | Patphat


30 January 2010, 20:51

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