ENSL season 14: system,schedule and rules

Hello! The 14th season has begun.

The System

The System is identical to the previous season. We've got two groups containing 5 teams: Group A and Group B. The first and the second team in each group will play semis and finals for the ENSL 14 Champions title. The third and fourth teams in each group will also play semis and finals to win a secondary title.

The Schedule

The schedule is ready. Remember that each team has 1 week without match. Each game will be set for default time by admins. To change it, please contact noway or Danny.

The Rules

The rules are mostly the same as the previous season's but there is an update concerning clan-hopping.


So good luck and have fun!

noway on 21 February 10 23:07



Blank EisTeeAT

Uh Great ! Looks nice and all !

Only Thing Why is cmdrate 150 max again?

Cause i like to play 205 .. been doing it in all the gathers lately noone ever complained any particular reason for limiting it or just randomly?? !

Oh and is my calender wrong are are the default times Saturdays?? wth saturday evening u got to be kidding right? .. I leave out the mean part!

22 February 2010, 00:24


Blank noway | The Team

sory! I got CET+4 so I put 00:00 but wrong day))

22 February 2010, 00:39


Blank EisTeeAT

ah thx god !

22 February 2010, 00:45


Blank fitoX | 250 de ping

enjoy this season

22 February 2010, 01:56

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