17th NightCup - Day 2

Today we had Quaxy vs SD playing, aswell as NINE SPROGGALEGENS vs SD.

The semi final between NINE SPROGGALEGENDS vs Team Fantasy proved to be very even, and the current score is 3:3 - after three maps played.

This match will continue tomorrow at 18:00 CET. And hopefully we will have the final played afterwards.

Well played everyone so far!

Danny on 27 July 10 00:48



Blank Oetel

Will the next nightcup start with group stages before the bracket, and last over a period of ±3 months?

27 July 2010, 16:26


Blank multi | The Team

fake final!

27 July 2010, 18:32


Blank Quake | PAGA ALPHAS

well played everyone yeah, hope there are more! :D

28 July 2010, 01:31

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