League Start

League Start


  • The first round of the league will be played over 2 weekends.
  • The remaining rounds will be played over 1 weekend.
  • The first weekend will start 8th October. That's quite soon!
  • You can play your first round match over the Fri, Sat and Sun of the rounds set weeks.
  • The schedule will be announced early next week.
  • The referee list is being remade, please re-apply through the correct member of staff.
  • Take a look at the new admin roles and apply at your hearts content!

We will be starting the league on the 8th. Before this date, the schedule's will be up and ready. Each league night (fri, sat, sun), we will have some admins available through the irc channel #ensl on quakenet at ~20CET.  Default match time will be 20CET Sunday night!

If you wish to change the match time for a match, the cut-off time to agree the time, is 20CET the Friday before the match.

Lets all be happy campers now.

The first round of the league will be played over 2 weekends. All round of the league after this, will be played over just 1 week.

There will be a clean-up weekend at the end of the league.

If you wish to play your match during a week-day (mon-thurs), please either:

  • Find a referee who can organise this game.
  • Have one of your clan leaders take the position of Team Admin.


Referees and former admins will be removed from the admin list.

Please re-apply for your position through one of the current staff!

Any new referees or other admin positions listed below are open! Please apply through an available admin :)

I'll be updating the staff list this week and finalising the Job Roles listed below.

thoughts? :D



All admins must help with tasks when possible for their role or lower.

Season Admin

  • Final decisions for all rules and administration actions (only if necessary for smaller decisions at admin discretion). e.g. this post.
  • Organise decision making structures for each decision. (e.g. this page) e.g. how the season is scheduled.
  • Respond to disputes regarding season decisions on Forums (admin discretion). e.g. 'this system is so great but i really want some pinapple for each CL'
  • Recruit Staff.

Division Admin

  • News Posts about league schedules, team removals, new teams, rules, schedules and other. e.g. 'Here is the schedule for for season 15!'
  • Respond to disputes regarding league decisions on Forums. e.g. 'Hey, we were supposed to play vs team win but we were scared and one of our players wet himself!'
  • Liase with CLs regarding the above.
  • Recruit Team Admins/Referees and League Admins.

Team Admin/Referee

  • Liase with clan players and League Admins regarding rules e.g. "We really want to play with 200fps in the next match, can the other team agree to it??".
  • Organise referee for a match (not necessarily themself). e.g. HLTV, speccing and responding to requests, disputes by clan leaders.
  • Liase with CLAN LEADERS regarding match decisions e.g. screenshots.
  • Recruit Team Admins/Referees.

All admins must help with tasks when possible for their role or lower.

well first i would need an admin with bal[l]s
to deal with drama and stuff and not be afraid
and absolutly not, at any point, bother jiriki about it
then basicly

TrC will be writing predictions for the season!  If anyone else would like to assist him, please feel free to find him here on the ENSL website.

Danny, Tweadle and myself will be Season Admins for the current season.  enigmatic will be a Division Admin for the season.

We will be looking for one more Season Admin, several Division Admins and many Referees/Team Admins.

Please apply through available staff!

That's all.

lump on 25 September 10 23:56



Blank Fana | Archaea

Default time on friday is a disaster. Default time has always been on Sunday and there's no reason to change it.

26 September 2010, 00:51


Blank Snail | 250 de ping

ping rules plz

26 September 2010, 01:24


Blank fitoX | 250 de ping

Fana is right guys, in Argentina it´s 2 or 3 PM and people study/work

26 September 2010, 01:25


Blank lump

Lets revert the to the old default match time. But we'll have a cut-off time for teams to agree the changed match time. That's 20CET Friday.

26 September 2010, 01:53


Blank lump

Come on lads and ladies, the season is gong to kick off soon. Anyone interested in being an Admin or Ref you should follow bHack's lead!

27 September 2010, 16:22


Blank Snail | 250 de ping

i ask it again, can u be more specific about ping rules and matchs being played at usa against us? jiriki told me it was ok but there's nothing on the rules :D

27 September 2010, 16:27


Blank lump

I'll look into that today, can you PM me some of the servers you wish to use and your pings at European servers please?

27 September 2010, 17:02


Blank Nerdish | NewStyleD Return

Don't be too specific or this season might lack drama..

27 September 2010, 17:06


Blank lump

Don't worry Nerdish, I'm going to force all the teams to mix their rosters for a gather cup when everyone is settled in! ;D

27 September 2010, 17:16


Blank jiriki | old people

Imo. div admins shouldn't write any news about season as a whole, just take care of their own division.

Other than that, good stuff. Let's hope we'll have a nice season.

27 September 2010, 17:50


Blank lump

you don't want less people doing things on your website, no way, haha

27 September 2010, 19:50


Blank BerglunD | Snowrollers

hahaha playing on fridays

28 September 2010, 15:00


Blank mp3

what about shoutcasts?

1 October 2010, 10:53


Blank TrC | Exertus

'mp3'what about shoutcasts?

Exclusively for finnish SORRY

1 October 2010, 14:46


Blank GibbZ | 9L

Whats the max fps?

1 October 2010, 16:11


Blank Saebelzahnelefant | Team Four

should be 30, i plan to play on my xbox

2 October 2010, 17:23

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