ENSL season 15 schedule (week1)

Division 1

Week 1 : 4th October - 10th October,  ns_veil & ns_lucid

Division 2

Week 1 : 4th October - 10th October, ns_veil & ns_lucid


Upcoming matches:

Division 1

2nd week : Ugo-Sauna, TF-Degz, Prosto-gorge

3rd week : Degz-gorges, Sauna - NL, TF-Ugo

4th week : Sauna-TF, Prosto-NL, Ugo-Degz

5th week: NL-Ugo, Sauna-Prosto, TF-gorge

6th week: Sauna - Degz, Prosto - Ugo, NL-gorge

7th week : NL-Degz, Sauna-gorge, Prosto -TF


Division 2

2nd week : 2Ram-AAA, comm shots- Stray Dogs, New Team-250ping

3rd week : New Team -AAA, 2Ram-SD, 250ping - teampol

4th week : 250ping-SD, New Team - teampol, 2Ram -comm shots

5th week: New Team - Stray Dogs, 250ping-comm shots, AAA-teampol

6th week: comm shots-New Team, 2Ram-teampol, SD-AAA

7th week : 250ping - 2Ram, AAA-comm shots, SD - teampol

bHack on 06 October 10 16:13



Blank Arj | Ant

Nice posts lately. Good job admin team!

6 October 2010, 17:31


Blank Snail | 250 de ping

250 de ping vs Anonym Anti Anti A. 10/Oct/10 19:00

250 de ping vs Anonym Anti Anti A.
10 October 10 20:00

so, 19 or 20?

6 October 2010, 17:43


Blank Miglecz++

what is 9L team, and what is NL team, fix it plz, and be consisten in the future :P

6 October 2010, 17:44


Blank lump


6 October 2010, 17:54


Blank bHack

it shows 19-00 for me cos i'm in GMT0 region I gues.

6 October 2010, 18:31


Blank noway | The Team

bhack U're right.

for Miglecz I ve made thies table on the lecture in a hurry and posted it in admin's forum and asked others to make a newspost. I didn't think that sm1 would just copy that.

6 October 2010, 20:26


Blank jiriki | old people

You shouldn't keep a seperate schedule page because the times on the schedule article will be static (and in this case wrong), and the times on the match sheet/division page/etc. will be dynamic, depending on the user profile settings. And actually now its in the 3 places because its also in the news and as a seperate article.

Besides having same information on seperate pages will just add extra overhead for updating the information.

I fixed the times in news post and they're in CEST now.

Otherwise good job.

6 October 2010, 20:40


Blank mp3


thx, good job! ;D

7 October 2010, 09:34


Blank dogo

Why is aA on poland team and u go?

7 October 2010, 23:03

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