S15: Division2 Brackets

Hello beloved community!


Since Div2 now cleand up we have the Div2 semis to be played!

Default matchtime for Semis is: Sunday December 12 20:00!


Matches will be:

250 de ping vs. Stray Dogs

changing THE METAGAME vs. New Team


The brackets can be found here.

If u want to reshedule finals pls contact ur opponent and log the conversation!

Admin would like to get a copy of that conversation so we know if/when u agreed to play and whos "fault" it is!


Also Division1 Finals are to be played this weekend!

Default for that is Sunday December 12 20:00!


Urs truly EisTee.AT


P.S.: As reminder: In finals each team gets to choose one map to be played!

If it is still a tie they will have to agree on further maps !

Check Season 15 Rules - Finals

EisTeeAT on 06 December 10 14:46



Blank vartija | KelaKorvausKöyhille

The at became bigger :o

6 December 2010, 16:22


Blank EisTeeAT

yeah i am scared of saebel .. and losing my citizenship ^^ !

6 December 2010, 16:23


Blank Snail | 250 de ping


6 December 2010, 17:02


Blank EisTeeAT

it is like that for 300000 seasons now .. why do we have to repeat everything?

6 December 2010, 17:07


Blank Snail | 250 de ping

cuz we want to be sure? jesus
2 days ago we didnt have a clue abot how finals would be

6 December 2010, 17:37


Blank EisTeeAT

then i hope everything is clear now .. if not feel free to ask love EisTee !

6 December 2010, 17:38


Blank Strife | 250 de ping

So semi finals are the same as finals regarding to map choosing?

6 December 2010, 18:59


Blank dogo

You chose one map, I choose another map.
Argentinos are nervous...

6 December 2010, 19:09


Blank lump

Urm, can people just post in the match comments instead please.

WRT organising their match.

6 December 2010, 19:12


Blank EisTeeAT

Yes Strife since Semifinals are a type of FINAL u will be choosing ur map there too !

6 December 2010, 19:25

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