Departure of Admins

Unfortunately both Danster and tjosan have decided to leave the admin team of the ENSL, we thank them for the time and effort they gave us in their time with us.

Thankfully they supplied us with many good ideas in their time here which we are building on and still aim to make the following season a success.

As we plan to start the league soon we couldn’t waste any time and have taken on two more admins into our team, so welcome sherpa and BOB_SLAYER (m0nk3h). Hopefully we can hold onto these admins for the whole season and they will use their experience and voices to keep the ENSL moving in the same positive direction it has recently picked up.

Sherpa was the only predictor for season 2 and he did an excellent job. He has often gone out of his way to put time and effort towards the EU NS community with a lot of strong reasons behind his suggestions and arguments. Also one of the most active EU play-testers and captain of the most successful UK Team, there is no doubt he going to help this league and its efforts.

BOB_SLAYER also working on the NSGN Community is no doubt a brilliant community contributor, often sharing his coding skills to do whatever is needed for the community and will help the ENSL make a lot of progress for the plans we have. A strong supporter of the Brys NS Public servers, he has lots of experience in an admin position and will give us many well thought out views for deciding the future of the ENSL.

Good to have you both on board and again, thank you to tjosan and Danster for your time with us.
lump on 23 March 06 17:22



Blank RNDM | pubstars


gd to hear

23 March 2006, 18:11


Blank cream

yay :)

*claps *

23 March 2006, 18:22


Blank static

Why is mike back?

23 March 2006, 18:26


Blank lump

He only went inactive as he was busy irl. He is back now to voice his views.

23 March 2006, 19:09


Blank Fana | Archaea

good luck guys!

23 March 2006, 19:16


Blank tjo

Yes, good luck. I sincerely hope the next season will be a success.

23 March 2006, 19:19


Blank static

"He is back now to voice his views"

You mean cram his opinion down other peoples throats until they agree, just like his reasoning for keeping ENSL bs 0 for the last 3 seasons?

From what I've been told progress was actually being made until Mike came back, and I can tell you that from my past experiences with the guy, if he is still a head admin come the start of s4 I personally won't be participating until he is gone.

23 March 2006, 19:31


Blank lump

He wasn't the only person who forced bs 1 and there were strong reasons behind that decision. There is a strong discussion based method of the admin team as all have strong conflicting views, if people can't back their arguements effectively they don't get what they demand. If it was a dictatorship I would have left the team a long time ago.

SJ, please have a slight clue about the inside proceedings of the admin team before you become the insulting git you usually do and have your choice of whether to participate in the league or not removed.

23 March 2006, 19:47


Blank sherpa | cisequaltothree

What the shit?! I thought I quit?!

23 March 2006, 19:57


Blank Skyice

no more ensl servers? :o

23 March 2006, 20:30


Blank weezer

are we allowed to inquire the reasons behind this rather sudden departure of two talented individuals from the admin team?

23 March 2006, 20:47


Blank sublime | Spastic Colon

lol SJ@cry, do you really think not playing will convince mike to fuck off again?

23 March 2006, 20:50


Blank C11H17NO3

why is the levitacus tag always the same :/ its boring

23 March 2006, 21:21


Blank Fana | Archaea

Ok SJ, see you around -- buhbye!

23 March 2006, 22:04


Blank anderval

presumably not tomekki or the news post would've mentioned it sounds like it was something to do with mike coming back and changing things around though?

24 March 2006, 02:35

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