Need a Team for the NightCup?

Hello Guys !


If you want to play the NightCup and dont have a Team yet dont you worry my little

children there is still hope !


I heard that pira might try to get a Team going so just talk to him u can find him

in ENSL group on Steam community network !


If you are Argentinian you might wanna go and talk to fitox who is building a Team

aswell! Argentinians should go here !


As u sure realized i changed this a little bit cause blind is all set with his Team



I am pretty confident that those Teams will be joining the NightCup ! So talk to

them and joinup! Time is running thin!


With these Teams we might have eight Teams which is definitly a good

number for some nice Brackets so GO GO GO PPL !



EisTeeAT on 20 January 11 04:35



Dk swalk | duplex

I vote that blind's team should pick me up. Because i carried DeGz to the final :D

20 January 2011, 10:22


Dk beefcake

swalk, bare spørg blind, måske er han game :)

20 January 2011, 10:26


Dk swalk | duplex

han er offline atm. ^_^

20 January 2011, 10:47


At EisTeeAT

I ll translate the gibberish .. swalk u might wanna talk to blind .. he is offline atm .. Guys keep it in english or in steam friends thx !

20 January 2011, 10:50


Dk beefcake

hehe, sorry :P

20 January 2011, 10:56


At EisTeeAT

its ok jsut a reminder 8) !

20 January 2011, 10:59


Dk swalk | duplex

yeah sorry eistee, beefy is just so overwhelmed that another danish guy is playing ns, lol :D

20 January 2011, 18:04


Fi dugi

Eistee, less ! please ;D

20 January 2011, 21:21


Az sancezz | NewStyleD Return

Dugi shut up, come online on Sc2

21 January 2011, 06:07


Es dogo

I need a team

21 January 2011, 09:29


Ru noway | The Team

ask fitox

21 January 2011, 10:01

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