NightCup finally starts

Hi there again !


Since the First Matches of this Nightcup are about to begin here are some little things!


Once MORE 18:00 CET is official starting time so u might want to start contacting ur opponent !


Available Servers are ENSL #2, ENSL #12,ENSL #15, Gather Server and Xtinction PUG.


For our American Team i am very sorry to tell u that u will have to play on a european server since there is no way to have a level playing field. But if u can make ur opponent agree to play on an american Server it is of course fine for us as long as the ENSL plugin is installed !


Pls agree with ur opponent about the Server if u feel like u need to play on a special server u might wanna start joining it now .. basically first come first serve !


Greetings EisTee

EisTeeAT on 23 January 11 16:53


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