GatherCup then!

Hello beloved Community!


Looks like you really want to play the GatherCup.

We alrdy ahve enough players signed up for 5 Teams --> Very NICE !!


And from the looks of it this might end up pretty nicely balanced ;D !


But for now i would like YOU guys to give me some suggestions in the comments.

Suggestions should be about the kind of event you would prefer this GatherCup to be!

Means like Should it be a Bracket thing like the NC. Or Should we just have everyone play everyone but in one Night?

Or should we try to make it like a season with a game per week ... Pls if you have further Ideas post them.


I will wait a few days to see if any good ideas come up and then probaply make a poll so we really serve the needs of the masses ;D !




P.S. Keep Signing up PPL .. the more the merrier 8)!

EisTeeAT on 17 April 11 13:13



Blank swalk | duplex

I dont think the season-like idea will work tbh. Make it one evening :)

17 April 2011, 17:37


Blank vartija | KelaKorvausKöyhille

Quick and painless.

17 April 2011, 18:39


Blank EisTeeAT

Yeah .. i was leaning towards one evening anyway .. but brackets or all on all?

17 April 2011, 18:50


Blank noway | The Team

all on all 1 night

17 April 2011, 21:12


Blank king_yo | Vanquish

1 on 1 all night

18 April 2011, 01:08


Blank SaperioN | Flatline-Ns

1 game every week with live shoutcast and live stream on mtv television would be nice. thx

18 April 2011, 14:56


Blank LITERALLY_GAY | 3D happy land

season pls. what's the point of organising everything if it's just for one night

18 April 2011, 22:43


Blank Arj | Ant

Play all in 2 nights? (in that case 8 players per team would be smart)

19 April 2011, 12:55

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