Teamspeak 3 Server Information and Rules

There may be some people here who might not be aware that the NSL has its own Teamspeak 3 server, so I made this article to go over the details and explain who to contact if needed. Here you can download Teamspeak 3 if you do not own it yet


Connect to NSL Teamspeak 3 using this address:

or connect using this ip:


General Rules in NSL TS3




Our Chat Channels 1-8# in the server are for everyone to use, You do not own them nor do you make rules in these channels, so respect others while you're in them.


Also avoid switching rapidly multiple times between channels, such actions may irritate people in these channels.


If you spot a channel that isn't one of our Chat Channels, do not join it without the owner's permission due to it being not yours and you may disturb people in it.




If you need:

  • A channel(s) : Ask any present admins in the server first before contacting a moderator there.
  • Help : Ask our admins first due to them being the most reliable and having more access to the server and its content.
  • Information about the TS3 server or the league (NSL) : Ask our admins first.


Absolutely Forbidden


Joining a channel at the NSL Teams section without prior permission. These channels are meant to be private for various teams in the league.


Any racist or otherwise harrasing actions towards other people are strictly prohibited


Spamming a channel either by voice or by text.


Being a douche.

Depending on the severity, breaking any rules punishment ranges from: kick, temporary mute, temporary ban to a permament ban.

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