Huge Thanks to all our Server Partners!

Before introducing this short news, note that Playoffs for Divisions 1, 3 and 4 are already available on the website. Go check the Contest tab and schedule your matches!


Back on subject: I want to point out something, which is very important, although often undervalued. It is one of the conditions of the survival of the NSL and competitive play as a whole. I'm referring to our NSL server providers. Those great people, all around the world provide server with the NSL configuration for free and in some cases for months and years, already. I will never be able to thank those players and community members enough. There are many, so check out the list below:

NSL Match - US Central - Hosted by Kaneh
NSL Match - NA East #1 - Hosted by Kaneh
NSL Match - NA East #2 - Hosted by Kaneh
NSL Match - NA West #1 - Hosted by Kaneh => Kaneh

NSL Match - Paris [] => rented by MGS and maintained by Sephy
NSL Match Paris HODOR NS2.GURU => TheWidowMaker
NSL Match [by Vindaloo] => Vindaloo
NSL Gather - Vienna Calling [aDm] => AustrianDeathMachine
[SWE] The Thirsty Onos #NSL => SupaFred
Tactical Freedom NS2 - NSL/CompMod - NJ, USA => Shameless
Wraith :: NSL :: Amsterdam - Hosted by Furs => Furs
Natural Erection {NSL Match} => RolliePollie
RAWR - NSL => StampVoet
Russia PRO #3 - NSL => artem (& CRaZyCAT)

Multiplay :: NSL Match - Paris
Multiplay :: NSL Match - London 1
Multiplay :: NSL Match - London 2
Multiplay :: NSL Match - Singapore
Multiplay :: NSL Match - Los Angeles => UWE

Let me know if I've missed you or another person, who should be listed here. Once again: big thanks to all you people!


Pelargir on 25 May 15 23:56



Blank tudy

I join Pelargir: thanks to all of you server-people :)

26 May 2015, 09:36


Blank removed_5820

thank u for the list

26 May 2015, 09:55


Blank IplayBad

not active on NS2 currently but it's a pleasure to provide a server to you guys ;)

26 May 2015, 17:48


Blank Wob | DEFORMED

Thanks to all the hosters!

27 May 2015, 14:40

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