Medpacks, Playtesting, and Feedback


UWE/PDT has recently changed how Medpacks work. This change was made in collaboration with the NSL, and we have anticipated minimal impact on how the League operates. We know this change will require tweaks, but we are optimistic that changes like this and future changes can be made in a constructive manner. We are asking for feedback on this change, ESPECIALLY from commanders here!

If we discover this change, or any others severely break competitive ns2, we have a fallback option as well. UWE has provided a stable branch from build 292 that we can potentially switch to if something goes terribly wrong. The NSL is able to fall back on that option for match play if necessary. 


NS2 needs more playtesters. Rantology has informed me that the PDT is going to be focusing and testing out a lot of balance related changes and they NEED experienced players who understand the high level state of the game to provide feedback on this topic. This is a sincere request to the NSL community to sign up and participate in playtesting. 

Please apply at that link if you are able and willing to help out. The NSL community is under-represented in playtesting. Playtesting is generally done on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday of the week in the evening (for both US and EU).

The more active we are here, the better we can prevent broken changes from coming into the game!

Trello Feedback

We have a new forum: PDT Trello Discussion. We want to be proactive on bugs and changes that PDT/UWE is making. We will have threads launched to go over major changes that impact the NSL (positively or negatively). We request that everyone participate in these threads in a constructive manner. 

Simba on 14 April 16 20:20


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