NSL Competitive Mod Lockdown and Updates!

The plan is to lockdown the NSL Competitive mod when the season starts for the duration of season 10. Only small adjustments, if needed, (after the lerk one) will be made between now and the first scheduled match. After the first match, no major changes are planned. We may have to adjust things depending on what UWE does during the season. We will decide after an update by UWE if it changes the game in any meaningful way. In that case, we would try to revert the change. If it's a small thing, perhaps we keep it in comp mod. We also may make additional updates like bug fixes. 

The biggest change we are making right before the season starts is to the lerk. The lerk movement changes introduced in build 310 will be added to comp mod. The goal is to have most of the movement in comp mod match vanilla NS2. If you are a lerk player, please keep this in mind going into the season that there will be a change in comp mod to match vanilla's movement. 

Deck on 18 October 16 02:24



Blank cabooble | strats

Hero Deck.

18 October 2016, 07:49


Blank ryssk | alreadyrip?

Cyka blyat why you do this idi nahui! Gl hf to all teams in the season!:)

18 October 2016, 09:54


Blank BearJankins

the change is
-remove lerk armor buff
-add vanilla movement changes
in case anyone wonders

18 October 2016, 13:35


Blank Absurdon | placeholder

Deck, savior of comp ns2. The hero fighting the massive pile of shit thrown at the game by its creators.

19 October 2016, 16:54


Blank X-rayCat | Battle Gorge Royale

I was always wondering, why divert comp mod from vanilla so much? How you prove if making changes doesn't brake balance?

19 October 2016, 21:34


Blank Deck | Team Awesome

Balance in NS2 might be impossible or really difficult to know when you have it right. I think all you can do is try to take out/limit OP abilities and hope for the best. A lot of tweaking for me comes from playing 6v6 games, watching games, and talking to players. I always think you want as many "big moments" in a round of even teams as possible without anything feeling too strong where it ruins the fun of the game. That was my mindset in creating the changes in comp mod. Hopefully we did a good job.

20 October 2016, 04:19


Blank Alt+F4 | For The Lolz

Deck, how about a nice and clean list containing all changes the mod makes to vanilla?

21 October 2016, 00:57


Blank Deck | Team Awesome

Comp Mod Link

21 October 2016, 02:16


Blank phonee | DEFORMED

X-rayCat says
I was always wondering, why divert comp mod from vanilla so much? How you prove if making changes doesn't brake balance?

because they balance the game around 18 player servers (see mine changes in vanilla, and onos changes to pres cost)

this does not work very well for 6v6 competitive where players are more familiar in how to work together

21 October 2016, 18:47


Blank CRaZyCAT | Horror Show

[b]BOLD[/bold] NORMAL

5 April 2017, 11:26

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