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S8: 1st Division

Monday 12 November 2007
00:00 EET

Predictions (0)

The Sproggalots

Match Report

Adztrodamus predicted a 4-0 routing by Sprogga and so it was!

Eclipse saw sR with some ineffectual shotgun pressure to S.Loop and PSJ3. Sprogga (Maint Hive) opted for DC in the PSJ3 vent and tanked down the Swedes. sR managed to cap a few nodes and took down the lerk, but without getting any nodes down they soon found 3 Cara Fades in their base. Game over.

Sprogga started with a 4 man LMG pressure facing off against a disorganised Alien team in Maint Hive. S.Loop was down before CC Node was even dropped, and it fell shortly afterwards. sR found a second wind and manage to take out 3 or 4 nodes forcing Sprogga to recap for a period before pushing the Maint and killing the Fade, prompting sR to F4.

On Orbital Sprogga (Obs Hive) went for a 4 RT strategy. Gen Node went down quickly to LMG pressure and a 2 SG Pressure Team hit Hangar node before the Distress Beacon was sounded to save the sR Base. Subsequent pressure to Big Room was foiled several times, and the some good pressure on Marine Start ended the round.

Sprogga wrapped things up as Marine, capping the entire map and destroying the 2 RTs dropped by sR. The Aliens had very poor map control, with almost no damage to Marine RTs. With no 2nd Hive dropped the Sproggalots rolled on into Generator Hive with 5 SG and it was game set and match.



Blank GibbZ | 9L


12 November 2007, 01:26


Blank enigmatic | 9L

sherpa for motm!

12 November 2007, 02:42


Blank Admirable | coolclan

Did Tweadle even play? o_O

12 November 2007, 02:43


Blank Tweadle


12 November 2007, 04:22


Blank Arj | Ant

Admirable in sR lineup? :P

12 November 2007, 12:48


Blank rabbit | New Team

BB raged after saunamen match arj, we had to steal admirable as comm )x

12 November 2007, 19:36


Blank GibbZ | 9L

btw this game was very much appreciated so kutos to all sR players.

12 November 2007, 21:57


Blank Action_IHOP7

Hope you had fun. I never wanna se the name orbital again :/

12 November 2007, 22:21


Blank SoLa | Kaamos

I never wanna see name veil again, the most overplayed and retarded map.

13 November 2007, 20:54

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