Week 1 : Premier League Predictions - by Ben and Zamma`

Here are the predictions for ENSL WEEK 1 for the Premier League:

Maps: ns_lost / ns_origin


Reflect (0-0-0) vs Xensity (0-0-0)
Impact Players:
Reflect: Duo (Fade), Deimos (RFK)
Xensity: makeveli (Fade) ? ? ?

In an unfortunate blow for competitive NS as a whole, CAL NS, has been shut down. In the last finals to be played reflect eventually lost to dn 5-3. Reflect started very solidly taking a 2-0 lead on veil but some questionable higher life-form play on eclipse saw them throw their alien round and the match went onto a tie breaker which they eventually lost after dn took them off guard with a shotgun rush. But here we can see NA NS living on in ENSL as we have a complete across the pond match up. Xensity, the season 8 champions take on Reflect, the season 10 runners up. I really can’t predict this match too well because I know nothing of Xensitys players, maybe I would if they all stopped fake nicking on their ENSL team page. Just off the knowledge though that reflect made it to the CAL finals this season I'm going to say they'll win, but really, I have no idea! Reflect showed some interesting strategies in the CAL finals, SC made quick work of DN on veil and as marine they tended to go for an early obs to scan through those early ambushes and I think these things will cause some of the European teams trouble when they come to meet them. Unfortunately though their play also showed a lack of polish and they dropped rounds that really shouldn't have been dropped, like the above example on eclipse. God loves level 0 weapons on a hive push but somehow dn` pulled it off though that says less about them than it does about reflect's ability. For me this match up is interesting because xensity has a reputation as a good American clan and I want to see what it is they're going to be bringing to this competition.

Reflect 3 Xensity 1


Keep that Donkey Moving (0-0-0)vs Flatline (0-0-0)
Impact Players:
KTDM: b1 (Comm?, Skulk), Avex (Fade, Marine), mu (Fade, Marine)
Flatline: Phil (Lerk), Morvie (Fade)

This match is interesting for me because I know that I, like everyone else, want to see if KTDM will actually be active this season; if the names on their roster will live up to past glories? Flatline have proven themselves to have a very solid -if a bit lucky- alien round thanks to Phil's lerking, Morvie's fading and some excellent early skulking. I personally see this match ending in a tie. I cannot see Flatline taking marine rounds vs a team that has b1 on it, unless they've stepped up their game (I hope they have it'd be great to see them add another dimension to their team). At the same time however with all the question marks over KTDM's activity and with it still being early in the season, I think they'll too be pushed to take any marine rounds. Neither of the maps hold any particular bias towards marine or alien but in this version of the game that automatically tends to make marine the harder to win round. I personally can't wait to watch and see what happens, KTDM's ability to perform will have a huge impact on the league, especially for nL who will see them as contenders for the crown. I also really want to see Flatline try and step up their marine round to make them more of a force in EU NS.

KTDM 2 Flatline 2


Levitacus(0-0-0) vs Insane (0-0-0)
Impact Players:
Levitacus: Tane (Marine, skulk), Hopsu (Fade, Marine), Scale (Lerk)
Insane: Tutu (Fade, Marine), Ray (Lerk)

Match of the week right here. Two very closely matched teams and they get to play on two balanced, and yet non-mainstream maps. Both these teams have really inventive marine rounds and often opt for very aggressive tactics. Insane should be careful to not spread their skulks too thin especially on a map like lost where Levi may opt for their very aggressive early push. Likewise Levitacus should be wary of insane taking MT first and cutting off whole segments of the map. This is even more important if they end up with Alpha hive, which is already quite cut off from the rest of the map. The great thing with maps like this is that they offer an element of unpredictability and how much scrim time teams can get in is really a factor. Origin offers options like the jetpack rush favored by the Finnish or early Heavy armor and exploiting the siege spots. Both teams have good, solid alien rounds with skilled players in all the key roles, however for me this is a marine battle. Unlike flatline vs KTDM who both have question marks by their marine teams, here we have two teams lead by very able commanders who aren't going to hold back in their offense and alien teams are going to be put onto the back foot from the get go. It's hard to pick a clear winner from the two but for me I'm going to say levitacus. They've been together for so long and in recent times they've showed some devastatingly effective teamwork.

Levitacus 3 Insane 1

Ninelegends (0-0-0) vs BYE (0-100-0)

Not an easy start for nL. Unfortunately we'll have to wait until week 2 to see what the favorites have got to offer us this season of ENSL.



Week 1: ns_lost / ns_origin

Reflect (0-0-0) vs Xensity (0-0-0)
Impact Players:
Reflect: Duo (Fade), SplinterSteve (Lerk, Marine)
Xensity: makaveli (Fade, Marine) arc` (Marine)

Both teams are well known amongst the American Scene and both teams have a strong name in CALNS history. While Reflect has always been the "second best" for a number of CAL seasons even now in a more inactive stage of NA NS, they still lose to damage networks. Xensity on the other hand reformed a while ago winning a CAL season with star player makaveli. This is a match of the "yanks" and it will be interesting to watch as Reflect always seem to create interesting tactics to make the gameplay for the opposition different and in most cases harder. Like Ben I do not know much of Xensity either and they are rather new to me. However I have heard of Arc` before and have seen him play, and I was impressed. So for me this game is hard to predict as I feel I am not so knowledgable in the NA scene, and I think it's plausable to say it could go either way. Looking at the rosters we have Reflect with seasons of experience together and then Xensity, a clan that reforms and dies regulary.
Even so with players like SplinterSteve and his agile pancake anything could happen. I will be definately watching this match to see what the yanks can do to our european teams.

Reflect 2 Xensity 2


Keep that Donkey Moving (0-0-0)vs Flatline (0-0-0)
Impact Players:
KTDM: b1 (Commander), Avex (Fade, Marine), mu (Fade, Marine), Hickz (Aimbot?)
Flatline: Phil (Lerk), Cosmic (Seduction), Skipjack (Marine)

Flatline is a team well known in the EU NS and are clear by owners of the latest whine phrase "tanks". Flatline are a team to have survived three ENSL seasons each time advancing a division and honing their skills. Flatline at first were a new team to the block featuring some new german players which gradually kept improving and kept recruiting. With a line-up of pretty much team germany (minus star players like splitter and avex) they have great teamwork and experience together giving them a clear cut in their alien rounds. However not all the members are that individually skilled as marines letting them down a bit with a set of poorer marine rounds. Flatline will definately have to step it up a notch if they want to be winning this premiere division. Keep That Donkey Moving on the other hand are a bunch of inactive "ex-pros" which all still possess individual skill. However with an inactive roster and without any warming up KTDM could be pushing it. They do have players however that could do some real damage. First of all, Avex. As marine Avex is an incredible aimer and his dodgeing is top notch. He's a player with skills and a brain. As alien he has a very strong fade. In all Avex is argueably one of the best players in EUNS of all time. KTDM also have other players such as mu and hickz, both good aimers and decent fades, and with b1, ex-commander of EU Top Team Knife, they have a team of very strong intelligence and skill. Yet their roster is very fade heavy on the alien side lacking a decent lerk apart from splitter. If they get active they will be a definate team to watch out for as they could wipe the floor with most clans minus a few exceptions. However in their current state I think that Flatline could be safe and may manage a draw. However I feel it will be hard for flatline to win any marine rounds and with b1 comming KTDM they will have to push hard to win even their alien rounds.

KTDM 3 Flatline 1


Levitacus(0-0-0) vs Testicules (0-0-0)
Impact Players:
Levitacus: Tane (Shotgun, Skulk), Hopsu (Marine), Scale (Lerk)
Insane: Ray (Lerk, Marine), Mike (Commander)

This is a real grit-teeth match with both teams holding some key players and with both teams having alot of experience with each other. Levitacus has for a long time always kept it's place in the top 3 clans of Europe and has been alive for a very long time. Testicules is basically an insane revive. For those of you who do not know of Insane. Insane was a french team which swayed away from having a kick ass roster and more relied on incredible teamwork and odd tactics. They have for certain one of the best commanders in the game and have some very strong marines such as tutu- and ray. However I feel Insane do lack a strong fade but hopefully this will be countered by rays skillfull lerking. This is virtually Team France vs Team Finland and I would not be surprised if either team could take this. However at this moment Levitacus has been alot more active and Insane has been taking a more "fun" approach to ns. Baguette anyone?

Levitacus 3 Insane 1


Ninelegends (0-0-0) vs BYE (0-100-0)

Ninelegends in some minds are definately thought to win this league however I do not really agree and I feel this league is up to the most active team and whoever wants it the most. This bye week for Ninelegends should give them time to get active again and to start practicing and gives them a slight advantage for week 2 where they do face a very hard challenger, Levitacus.

Ninelegends 0 BYE 4 (oh yea.)

Enjoy the games guys and good luck to all teams! Zamma out!

GibbZ on 11 October 06 17:51

History | Comments: 29


By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 11/Oct/06 18:04
Good predictions guys, i am really looking forward to this tankbattle! :)
By: mu on 11/Oct/06 18:08
2 things (NOOBS):

ktdm: Keep The Damn Melons!

and flatline aren't team germany !
By: tjo on 11/Oct/06 18:08
There is no team germany me think
By: Xur ( Netherlands ) on 11/Oct/06 18:17
nice predictions keep it up :)
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 11/Oct/06 18:17
[Grammar Nazi]

Ben use commas less; Zamma use commas more.

[/Grammar Nazi]

Nice prediction's overall- especially Ben's Levi/Insane prediction and Zamma's KTDM/Flatline prediction.

[I'm not saying I agree with the score predictions but they were a good read]
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 11/Oct/06 19:07
Yeah nice job. I personally look forward to see what american clan Reflect has to offer and if KTDM will be as powerful as its roster would indicate. Also it will be fun to watch, Levitacus and Insane, these two old beasts, fighting. The whole division has lots of potential winners, I just hope they will stay active un til the end.

And oh, I made a new poll. Now that the season is beginning, nobody knows whos gonna win and it will be fun to see how badly off the predictions will be. =)
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 11/Oct/06 19:12
I look forward to americans getting their asses kicked and laughing back to inbredland
By: slipknot on 11/Oct/06 21:59
I'd much rather live in inbredland than the shithole known as europe.
By: Milo on 12/Oct/06 00:22
"I look forward to americans getting their asses kicked and laughing back to inbredland"

So you're going to kick our American asses and then proceed laugh on the way back to your hometown of inbredland? Um. Alright.
By: Invasion on 12/Oct/06 00:37
Hopsu is NOT our fade.
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 12/Oct/06 02:06
Kiviheiki is or invasion methinks
By: GuiZ on 12/Oct/06 03:00
Nice job -Z-
By: lucken on 12/Oct/06 04:31
Hmm nice post but the map pics could be a little smaller ^^
By: scratchie on 12/Oct/06 05:07
Lets see how many jump in the lava or fall down in the black hole!!

<3 USA!
By: ben on 12/Oct/06 06:29
Yeh I'm a little out of touch with current affairs! :(
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 12/Oct/06 09:36
What I meant was that you will be laughed out of this league grammarnazi

I think the pictures alone are good predictions for this weeks matches.
By: Invasion on 12/Oct/06 10:50
Sub, you still haven't agreed on our combat match result >:(
By: Iots ( el'pheer ) on 12/Oct/06 11:53
MUCH better pics. gj
By: B1 ( iMAGINE ) on 12/Oct/06 12:18
I'd just like to clarify to american teams that are participating this season:

if you are from the us and play against another team from the same country (us) then of course you are free to book whatever time you want and american server.

just don't forget to do it! :)
By: Milo on 12/Oct/06 13:19
why the hell am i arguing with sublime... hes not even on a team.
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 12/Oct/06 13:30
Thats because I can fucking entire teams so I sit in my own division (0) and attempt to beat myself.... LOL
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 12/Oct/06 13:31
What the fuck is wrong with me I swear I put own in there somewhere
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 12/Oct/06 16:43
lol sublime sucks at german!
By: aA on 12/Oct/06 17:42
Mr.Avex can i have your autograph? :)
By: Avex on 13/Oct/06 04:08
my secretary is taking care of that pr stuff i am too busy being present at mall openings.

on a more serious note: jesus, give me a break now people expect me to be as good as i was months ago before i started playing wow - which is ofc not the case :p
By: wodKa ( Flatline-Ns ) on 13/Oct/06 05:00
i hope so xP
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 13/Oct/06 07:35
played avex in a german mix yesterday - he still owns. :<
By: SlayerX ( Team Poland ) on 13/Oct/06 08:58
good luck Jim, own them up!
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 13/Oct/06 10:06
Better quit World of Shitcraft and start practicing NS, Avex. Don't want to disappoint your fans! :P

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