Week 1 : 2nd Division Predictions - by SLizer

Here are the predictions for ENSL WEEK 1 for the 2nd Division:

Maps: ns_lost / ns_origin

preVerT (0-0-0) vs !mpulsive (0-0-0)

What can I say? I met Preverts maximus on cal final and I have played pugs with Admirable thats as far as my knowledge goes for these two teams. The biggest things about this match is most likely the location where it is played. My guess would be flatlines east coast server in US or some hazy US server. So I guess that the U.S strategies will be somehwhat different than the ones used here at the other side of the pond. Lerks staying back will make it much easier for marines to push for that early advantage. Thats as far as I go. For the good sportsmanship I say 2-2 marine ties.

preVerT 2 - 2 !mpulsive


Pirates (0-0-0) vs Invicta (0-0-0)

Hmm interesting set-up, the old omgwtf? vs top-spanish clan in ENSL now that EoD is gone. Invicta has advantage here with their great overall skill backed up with few individuals like m0nk3h and ReD to name a few. Pirates having a solid action too will nevertheless fall under the inviction of invictas alien round. Marine rounds will be interesting and I would say that invicta manages to smuggle off one alien round fom pirate with their good teamwork. This is the highlight of the week dont miss it!

Pirates 1 - 3 Invicta


el'pheer (0-0-0) vs rainbow (0-0-0)

This will be a pretty confusing match. Neither of the teams has played almost any pcw`s and their lineups are more or less inactive. At least rainbow has some more players active so they will take three rounds off from el'pheer. Trigger_happy`s lerking is something that could make the match tie-up though. We will see if the rainbow will shine upon the pheared.

el'pheer 1 - 3 rainbow


keen Edge (0-0-0) vs GLFU (0-0-0)

Ahhh, two very active clans beating the hell out of each other! Gimme more of this! I would say here that GLFU takes down both marine rounds, but loses one alien round. Having BB in the chair is a huge power for the glfu. Their teamwork is also decent, the early game will show who will take down the rounds. Keen Edge on the other hand has some really good individual skill on their lineup and the fate of the events will be decided by the peeps they bring on to show, gl how to fu.

keen Edge 1 - 3 GLFU

B1 on 12 October 06 23:52

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By: GoUrAnG on 12/Oct/06 23:59
cool predictz, but a lil bit different from my, but who knows what will happen... :)
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 13/Oct/06 00:04


By: tjab0 on 13/Oct/06 00:06
i like the pictures :D
By: Raza on 13/Oct/06 00:30
I think you underestimate kE a lot.
By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 13/Oct/06 00:30
kE will win 4-0.
By: Johs on 13/Oct/06 01:31
I will win 4-0
By: yEnS on 13/Oct/06 01:32
2 - 2 for pirates :9
By: scratchie on 13/Oct/06 01:33
i think i agree with these predictions
By: Iots ( el'pheer ) on 13/Oct/06 02:26
oh noes, elmukelmu doin ze predictions. What has this world gone to. :(
By: SlayerX ( Team Poland ) on 13/Oct/06 14:52
Err, you say rainbow is inactive, meight? Good one, lol!
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 13/Oct/06 16:32
Having played with half the rainbow team (not Cassidy) over the years- I wish them luck!
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 13/Oct/06 16:33

imho the only two teams in our division with good teamwork (IN EU ANYWAY) are GLFU with amazing teamwork and ke.ns
By: xassidy on 13/Oct/06 16:43
3:1 for rainbow? i dont think we will even play this match, really... :/
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 13/Oct/06 16:55
Oh good job you fucking poletard why dont we just end S5 now because its already fucking dead
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 13/Oct/06 17:22
fu sublime! troll!
By: SlayerX ( Team Poland ) on 13/Oct/06 17:55
Cheers Jim!
By: tjo on 13/Oct/06 20:50
Not our fault. I think anyway >_<
By: csm on 10/Aug/07 19:55
kE suck dick. end of

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