Week 2 : 3rd Division Predictions - by J

Here are the predictions for ENSL WEEK 2 for the 3rd Division:

Maps: ns_origin / ns_eclipse_ensl


Week 1 is over, and what a week it has been, there’s been drama, tears, and raging. But enough of that, week 2 is about to start and it looks like it's going to be a good one.


Brotherhood of Steel (0-0-1) vs Pitchfork (1-0-0)

Pitchfork has done well in their first week. After their 4-0 win over AFK, it's looking good for ==E. The team is looking strong and capable, I can see ==E doing very well this season. Don’t really know much about [BoS], but after seeing them play xen last week, they have a good line up, great teamwork and can really do some damage. I can see alien ties for this match, but I believe pitchfork has the POWER! to take one marine round. (Match of the week for me)

Brotherhood of Steel 1 - 3 Pitchfork


X-trem~~ (0-1-0) vs TeaMf (0-0-1)

After an unlucky start by x-trem, getting 3-1'd vs Newstyled, they have to really work hard and pull it together as a team, to play their best. X-trem can easily take 2 alien rounds with Chibi's total ownage lerk. There should be no reason why this wouldn’t be an alien tie. TeaMf has been around since the beginning of time. So I see no excuse to why they should lose any alien rounds. As for marine, that nana person can aim, I learned that the hard way :(. Teamf has the skill and the experience to win both rounds, but only if they work hard and pull it together. All in all...

X- trem~~ 2 - 2 TeaMf


MeowMix (1-0-0) vs AFK (0-1-0)

What can I say, MwMX is a good team. After beating Madas in their week 1 match, they proved they have skill and good team work. AFK on the other hand, had a 4-0 defeat vs Pitchfork. I don't know how they can win this. Their DC tactics doesn't seem to work like they intend, so they might have to come up with something new. Everyone has a bad day though, but I hope AFK can pull it together and score an alien tie. This will be a very good match, both sides are balanced and we could see some marine rounds being won here.

MwMx 3 - 1 AFK

B1 on 21 October 06 17:42

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By: oma ( vetus ) on 21/Oct/06 17:54

nice preds
By: scratchie on 21/Oct/06 20:19

nice preds
By: tomes on 21/Oct/06 20:50
By: atman on 21/Oct/06 21:15
i predict forfeit from pf
By: GoUrAnG on 21/Oct/06 22:34
J if u see line up when we played vs u have seen the relly shit squad of BoS... there was 2 (if good remember) palyer wh owas most inactive in our clan....
i think pitchfork doing very well in this season :) <3 u ==[ and i'm looking forword for this match :)
By: GoUrAnG on 21/Oct/06 22:34
played vs xen *...
By: tomes on 21/Oct/06 23:04
"Don’t really know much about [BoS]" so if u dont know much about us u cant wrote good predicts.
I agree with gou, our squad vs xen wasnt the best.
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 22/Oct/06 00:20
tomes gourang - give him a f**king break please.

He said he didnt know much about you. BIG deal - hes trying and I thought his prediction was accurate from what I have seen aswell. SUCK IT UP AND KICK PITCHFORKS ASS AND PROVE HIM WRONG.

and yea nice preds

gl all div 2 teams.
By: Arj ( Ant ) on 22/Oct/06 18:54
div 2 teams? typo Zamma? :P
By: GoUrAnG on 22/Oct/06 20:39
zamma you're just stupid noob, and nobody likes u so stfu :S
By: atman on 22/Oct/06 21:47
By: tomes on 23/Oct/06 10:59
where is pitchfork;'s POWER? :D

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