Week 3 : Premier League Predictions - by Ben

Here are the predictions for ENSL WEEK 3 for the Premier League.

Maps: ns_metal / ns_veil


My predictions got shot to shit last week for the most part. Instead of xensity forfeiting we saw the previously bastion of EUNS activity, Flatline, unable to get 6. I'm really hoping Flatline will be able to find enough players this week though the loss of one of their most influential players to the army is a big hit to them. Reflect continued their winning streak beating their first European opponent and showing they won't be phased by the higher ping. For me testicules really dropped the ball. Ninelegends started their season convincingly easily beating Levitacus who, like testicules, looked to be a shadow of past form.

This week we've got some great match ups. Reflect will be looking to continue their winning streak but may end up with a forfeit unless flatline's activity can pick up. The loss of flatline to the league would be a huge loss so lets all cross our fingers and hope it doesn't happen. Ninelegends will be looking to match reflects achievement of a 4-0 over testicules who looked weak and lacking in the co-ordination department last week as they weren't even close to winning a round. If nL can't take a 4-0 that'll put some pressure on them to top the table if Reflects form continues. Xensity square off againist Levitacus in an interesting match up.


Levitacus (0-1-1) vs Xensity (0-1-0)
Impact Players:
Levitacus: Inva (Fade), Tane (Marine, Skulk)
Xensity: Arctic Joe (Fade), Elfkiller (usless lerk)

I was really disappointed by what I saw of Levitacus last week vs Ninelegends. In the minicup Levitacus had a very effective marine round which focused on very early pressure. What we saw last week was a weak strategy going for early PGs in both rounds and then lacking the tech and firepower to hold them againist a well organised nL alien round. Hopefully Levitacus will go back to what was working before, a tactic which will be even more effective against 150 pinging skulks who will struggle even more early game.

Last week I thought xensity might end up forfeiting but with the additions to the roster hopefully that'll no longer be a concern. They've added a number of experienced players such as Arctic Joe (adept), kfr (old xensity) and Elfkiller (no one of worth). Xensity have only played one match so far this season and they look outclassed by reflect but this should a more evenly pitched match. They've now got a solid fade which will help them recoup after the loss of Makevelli. They'll really need to get their game tight an well organized though if they want to match levitacus's teamwork.

I'm looking forward to seeing what Xensity can do vs EU opponents and their new additions look good but I think Levitacus should take this. They looked weak vs Ninelegends but most teams do, hopefully they'll see an opportunity here to play more aggressively and find that form that made them such an effective unit. I'm going out on a massive limb here, please don't make me look stupid, Levitacus.

Levitacus 4 Xensity 0.


Testicules vs Ninelegends
Impact Players:
Testicules: tutu (Fade, Ballerina), Ray (Lerk)
Ninelegends: wltrs (Shotgun), b1 (genius), pantsu (Fade)

With the exception of a botched push on ventilation hive, Ninlegends looked far stronger and never gave levitacus a chance to get into the game even when their commander lagged out and had to be replaced midround. The addition of b1 to the team really boosted them and makes their alien round uncannily effective even if Fana does want to fly into mines. Last week Testicules took a hammering to Reflect and really failed to perform. They'll need to do far better this week or they'll find themselves on the recieving end of a beating again.

Ninelegends will be looking to do what Reflect did and take all 4 rounds to remove any pressure of reflect pulling away at the top of the table before they meet next week. They showed excellent teamwork and both their marine and alien rounds looked strong despite the quality of their opposition. They didn't even use a second fade and didn't look weakened by the loss of their lerk. I imagine b1 will not continue to commander once Sherpa has sorted his PC out, this shouldn't be too big an issue as Sherpa managed to join midround and take control of the situation convincingly.

Testicules looked really weak vs Reflect. They failed to make the most of the ping advantage and choose to rush as individuals on all rounds rather than working as a team and they've got a lot of questions to answer as a team if they want to improve. Since when was sending one marine to triad on his own ever a good idea? An observatory in base but not getting any early upgrade from it? Rushing one by one as skulk? Losing your lerk early because he rushed the shotgun? I was really dissapointed and they looked a shadow of past French teams like Insane who went to the ENSL finals. Ninelegends shouldn't face any problems and should be looking to take all the rounds.

Ninelegends 4 Testicules 0


Reflect vs Flatline
Impact Players:
Reflect: Makeveli (Fade, Shotgun), Chuckers (Marine)
Flatline: phil (Lerk), Hivefish (Skulk)

Flatline forfeited last week and I really hope they don't forfeit again today. Unfortunately for them they've lost their primary fade and one of their best marines because Morvie has gone to the army. This is a really big blow to flatline and will no doubt effect their form and activity. With an already weak marine round before this, I don't see them taking any rounds off Reflect who have two solid fades and two solid lerks. Please don't forfeit, Flatline!

Reflect looked good last week and despite having 150 ping they made the most of Testicules shocking lack of teamwork and easily beat them 4-0. If flatline do play then they should be looking to do the same again to really put pressure on Ninelegends going into their week 4 matchup. They've proven some of their critics wrong though I can't say I'm entirely convinced yet and for me, this matchup will prove nothing either. Flatline won't be as strong as they can be and I'm more concerned that they'll not turn up than the result itself. Lets just look forward to them playing Ninelegends so we can see if the CAL runners up have really got what it takes to mince with the best of EU. Reflect should win and should win comfortably.

Reflect 4 Flatline 0

jiriki on 26 October 06 02:38

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By: jiriki ( old people ) on 26/Oct/06 02:45
Better late than never. So they say... so I say. -O'Neill

Hm, I had two other gif's but apparently any longer would have been way too big. :<
By: atman on 26/Oct/06 02:52
cargo.gif: 5258.38 kB

By: Mike on 26/Oct/06 02:59
Ben, maybe this will help you to do your next prediction on testicule. We joined ENSL only for fun, we are not playing ns anymore besides ENSL, not even public. We just wanted to play together and the only game we could play is ns :/. That's why we called ourselves testicule and not insane, don't expect us to be in that level or to train a map :). I mean, look how my marines were moving 1 by 1 -_- or attacking as skulk 1 by 1 and ray flash lerk :D. In fact, we wanted to be in div 2 because we knew we couldn't beat prem team.

For my strat on eclipse, I wanted them to go sub at 3 with a sg to kill the rt fast while 2 ppl were caping res. the obs was there to scan 2 times to let the sg shoot the res. Unfortunatly we lost 1 guy quickly but and we took ages to go sub kill the res and their hive was eclipse but hey, we capped all maintenance res and sub was down. It was pretty good knowing that we didn't try this strat and we don't have any teamplay. After that it was just marines fest for skulks because they were running alone -_-.
By: scratchie on 26/Oct/06 03:16
ì do see you play on public and its just decent knowledge to not make such stupid errors. Take the experience you have into new matches. Playing not as a team shouldnt be more fun then playing as a team, when it only takes a view communicative words. I see this as a stupid excuse for not owning.
By: scratchie on 26/Oct/06 03:19
My point is: Physical youre good(aim/lifeforms), but now it looks like youre giving up mentally(will to win). I hope to see you guys own next game!
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 26/Oct/06 03:19
^ Wow, advice from a beginners division player!


And *please* will a team scrim us before the match- even if it's only the metal marine round (one that people shrug off as an easy marine win but it's a pretty balanced map).

Underestimate the french team ftl.
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 26/Oct/06 03:19
Oh nice predictions.

+ I hear Zamma gets his Spanish duel-citizenship this week.
By: scratchie on 26/Oct/06 03:25
its true
sweet predictions <3 ( good example )
By: C11H17NO3 on 26/Oct/06 03:43
cargo.gif gets missaligned in iexplorer 7.0
By: Mike on 26/Oct/06 04:07
lol scratchy
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 26/Oct/06 04:20
1. I didn't fly into the dumbass mine, some bastardo skulk stepped on it and then Scale shot me with like one LMG bullet.
2. You don't even mention me sg soloing Inva's Fade GOD DAMNIT BEN I will obviously do it to the next Fade that shows up in my face as well!?
3. I ran out of bullet points but you always got to have three amirite?

APART FROM THAT... good preds!
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 26/Oct/06 04:45
Taurus, -everything- for the SMOOTH hive movement!
By: SplinterSteve ( TROLLS ) on 26/Oct/06 05:14
Since when was sending one marine to triad on his own ever a good idea?

uhh that's what we did on our round too...i capped triad, eclipse, and then took out CC alone while pressure had most of the attention (save three predictable skulks). i think it worked out well :/

elfkiller is a useless qtpi

again how do i make veli?
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 26/Oct/06 05:41
sorry guys ill make up next week with uber pro predictions! ill even be nice to the americans!
By: Tane ( Saunamen ) on 26/Oct/06 10:59
If you didnt notice I didnt play against nl that is one reason why our tacs were so different. I wont play against xen either so dont be disappointed if our game doesnt match our formal greatness.
By: Scale on 26/Oct/06 12:04
Dont worry we will ben!!!
By: tjo on 26/Oct/06 12:04
By: Scale on 26/Oct/06 12:15
Fana dont be disapointed. He cant see everything :)
By: scratchie on 26/Oct/06 13:12
Levitacus ~ 0 - 4 Insane

Premiere League, Week 1

Date: Friday 14 October 2005 @ 21:00 Maps: ns_caged / ns_tanith

old days 0_o
By: Nirgal on 26/Oct/06 13:49
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 26/Oct/06 13:59
WHERE IS INSANE :(:(:(:(:(
By: Nirgal on 26/Oct/06 14:01
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 26/Oct/06 14:48
By: scratchie on 26/Oct/06 14:55
`recuite mu, frg hickz and kick the inactive ^_^
By: Kylma on 26/Oct/06 15:08
Nice preds.

"Testicules vs Ninelegends
Impact Players:
Testicules: tutu (Fade, Ballerina), Ray (Lerk)
Ninelegends: wltrs (Shotgun), b1 (genius), pantsu (Fade)"

Wile E. Coyote, Super Genius :)
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 26/Oct/06 15:13
(22:09:29) 02(@Fana02) More like "Hi I'm Fana and I'm going to give you a fat load of smegma on your face"
By: B1 ( iMAGINE ) on 26/Oct/06 15:19
Fana finally does something good and no one saw it :P
By: Mike on 26/Oct/06 16:01
he shuted up ? :D
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 26/Oct/06 16:01
I can see why people wouldn't notice it, I mean, I do stuff like that all the time. People are getting used to it.

That's right, baby. Ohhh yeah.
By: ben on 26/Oct/06 16:25
I saw it, I also saw you die as lerk again. ZING.

Steve: That achievement says more about the quality of your opposition rather than reflect.
By: skipjack ( miau ) on 26/Oct/06 16:33
jiriki you have to know that M is at home every weekend and that he would not miss in the league matches, but its more a lack of will to play ns that makes us doing more important things than being offened every pcw we play.
By: tjo on 26/Oct/06 16:55
But we love our tankline :-( Anything said during PCWs is just a reflection of people being sad about being bad themselves.
By: C11H17NO3 on 26/Oct/06 18:49
and youre still not anywhere close to aA so its pretty ok
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 26/Oct/06 18:53
By: cleJs on 26/Oct/06 19:03
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 26/Oct/06 19:46
By: ben on 26/Oct/06 20:17
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 26/Oct/06 20:22
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 26/Oct/06 21:27
skipjack, you are barking up the wrong tree
By: skipjack ( miau ) on 26/Oct/06 22:32
yeah i see its bens prediction...
By: Invasion on 26/Oct/06 23:05
LOL, did I get soloed by Fana... Maybe it's time to quit playing and cut my wrists...
By: aA on 26/Oct/06 23:24
i knifed kivi :(
By: ben on 26/Oct/06 23:52
i watched from afar and mocked you all for your ineptitude.
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 27/Oct/06 00:16
Inva first knifed by a teamf player... which is perhaps acceptable.

By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 27/Oct/06 02:45
... and I didn't even have level 2 weapons uh oh.
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 27/Oct/06 06:34
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 27/Oct/06 15:49
Good night last night, Pat? :D
By: Invasion on 27/Oct/06 17:44
I don't belive until I see some .avi from it! >8(
By: ben on 28/Oct/06 04:25
By: Invasion on 28/Oct/06 12:55
Already seen those 6, countless times.
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 29/Oct/06 21:18
Neg, I havent seen the first one :(
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 30/Oct/06 05:59
I saw number 4, it wasn't very good.

The other ones are fabricated, especially the last once since everyone knows ben doesn't drop meds -- he spends all the res on RT blocks.
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 30/Oct/06 06:00

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