Week 4 : 3rd Division Predictions by nE|Bu

Here are the predictions for ENSL WEEK 4 for the 3rd Division.

Maps: ns_veil / ns_tanith


Last week we have got some very interesting results. This ordered the whole Division, but I think the Division is not in the final order yet. For Example Meowmix played vs some clans from the bottom half of the Division! Whereas pitchfork played vs the clans from the upper half! However, I think the results of this week will change something, so Have Fun & Good Luck!!


Newstyle (3-0-0) vs. Brotherhood of Steel (1-2-0)
Impact Players:
is newstyle[d]: Mjay (Fade), TerRaKanE (Lerk), Saebel (Fade)
[BoS]: gourang (fade), tomes (lerk), xman (comm)

Ok I think this will be the most interesting match this week, cause both teams are skilled players. Both teams will win their alien rounds on veil, cause the marines wont get their rts down and newstyled wont get anough res for upgrades and heavys, so they wont win the rounds! Tanith will be a hard map for both teams. If on of the teams will get fusion, they will win a rine round but i think both teams won't get fusion..... at least :

Newstyle 2 - 2 Brotherhood of Steel


X-trem~~ (1-0-2) vs. Pitchfork (1-1-1)
Impact Players:
Xtrem: HanDaiRsuN (Fade), ChiBi (Lerk)
Pitchfork: Skulkinator? (Fade), Taurus (Lerk), Touko (Fade)

Alright guys, this match will dominated by Pitchfork their players are quite skilled and they have a good teamplay, but one round they wont get any rt's down so they will lose this round, but tbh i dont really know which round. (Maybe the rine round veil or alien round on tanith)

X-trem~~ 1 - 3 Pitchfork


TeaM Fantasy | (2-1-0) vs. Meowmix (2-0-1)
Impact Players:
TeaMf: Kuo (Fade)

This match will be dominated by TeaMf and they will only lose a round cause of a quite big comming mistake or cause of 2 dead fades...(etc). So the result should be very clear.

TeaM Fantasy 4 - 0 Meowmix


Madas.A | (0-0-3) vs AFK (0-0-3)
Impact Players:
Madas: Jesus aKa "J" (Fade)
AFK: Bac (Fade), Arren (Comm), Rapsu (lerk)

This will be a very balanced game between these 2 clans, cause their skill is very similar. Both teams have some better skilled players and its their job to win the rounds. At least I would say both teams have the ambitions to win this game, but it also could be a draw! But if one clan is doing a mistake in the game they'll lose it....

Madas.a 3 - 1 AFK

B1 on 02 November 06 16:20

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By: SheamZ on 02/Nov/06 17:40
newstyle - bos already played wrong prediction ;o)
By: Arj ( Ant ) on 02/Nov/06 17:40
These preds look all wrong imo.. but who knows.
By: Elvisq ( Team Four ) on 02/Nov/06 18:52
It's second time when predicts come out after our match -.-
By: B1 ( iMAGINE ) on 02/Nov/06 19:07
i was busy, sue me
By: nEBu on 02/Nov/06 19:22
i tried to get them as fast as possible but some guys also living in a rl ;)
By: Invasion on 02/Nov/06 23:46
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 03/Nov/06 14:26
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 03/Nov/06 14:43
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 03/Nov/06 20:52

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