3rd Division Tie-Breaker!

If you saw the 3rd Division match between Pitchfork and Newstyle, you know just how nail-biting that game was. Only alien won rounds resulted in a 2-2 tie between the two teams and that means, that there are now 3 teams tied for the 2nd place in 3rd Division.

As you can see from the division table, Newstyle has 2 won matches, Pitchfork and Brotherhood of Steel has only 1 match won. Since this is the first time to happen in ENSL history and there is no written rules about it, our admin staff has decided to put a tie-breaker in motion.

This means that Pitchfork and Brotherhood of Steel will be playing eachother in the first tie-breaker match next week, since they had the lowest matches won. Whoever wins this match is going to be facing Newstyle in the next tie-breaker for the finalist spot. Team Fantasy is currently on 8 points and they still have 1 match left to play next week against AFK. If they win atleast 2 rounds, they are automaticly in the finals.

The ENSL admins has decided on the map ns_veil as tie-breaker and this map will be played until there is a winning team, e.g. alien and marine win.

So best wishes from the ENSL staff and good luck next week in 3rd Division!

B1 on 19 November 06 15:01

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By: scratchie on 19/Nov/06 15:05
well done admins!
By: weezer on 19/Nov/06 15:38
uhh, how come teamf and afk have 1 match less played? they havent played each other yet, but both teams are still alive right?
By: Elvisq ( Team Four ) on 19/Nov/06 15:48
they just have one more week to play, there are no more matches in next week cose a lot of team folded
By: Micke ( Perfect Peckers ) on 19/Nov/06 16:22
What happens if teamf only win 1 round? ;)
By: weezer on 19/Nov/06 16:41
then they probably go to the finals vs newstyle?
By: B1 ( iMAGINE ) on 19/Nov/06 17:37
yeah that would be most fair
By: tjo on 20/Nov/06 00:13
Points shouldn't be rewarded on a round-won basis, but rather a set amount per match won; it would solve things easier :)
By: Micke ( Perfect Peckers ) on 20/Nov/06 09:14
I don't get it. How can BoS have 9 points with 5 rounds won?
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 20/Nov/06 09:24
Forfeit.. which basically means they should fuck right off
By: Micke ( Perfect Peckers ) on 20/Nov/06 09:25
Just saw it, should pay more attention :P
By: GoUrAnG on 20/Nov/06 13:16
sublime lol we would win with afk 4-0 anyway so what's the problem :s
By: Sharpi on 20/Nov/06 15:49
would you?
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 20/Nov/06 17:39
I dont care, it just seems like you''re clearly shitty polish retards LOL
By: smokealot on 20/Nov/06 21:31
plz dont bring your "pro-player" flaming attitudes into our "we allways write gl hf and show sportsmanship" 3rd div! kthx
By: tomes on 21/Nov/06 02:46
sublim€ kiss our (_!_)
By: Tk- on 21/Nov/06 02:47
well, but sometimes...we dont. You know what im talking about smoke.
By: Iots ( el'pheer ) on 21/Nov/06 05:17
Tk for lerk of the season reward!!!
By: Tk- on 21/Nov/06 10:33
if this was meant ironic...
you know what you can do then!
By: smokealot on 21/Nov/06 10:59
TK isnt good at spotting ironie....
By: Lugh on 21/Nov/06 11:42
By: atman on 21/Nov/06 12:39
smoke lies
By: weezer on 21/Nov/06 14:03
moonspeak :00
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 21/Nov/06 14:27
By: atman on 21/Nov/06 15:09
ahahaha dramaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
By: atman on 21/Nov/06 15:13
habe sex?
By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 21/Nov/06 15:37
By: atman on 21/Nov/06 16:40
i am sorry mister frg

By: aA on 21/Nov/06 16:47
all non english comments should be deleted, next time they will be...
By: tjo on 21/Nov/06 21:31
Wow, that conversation was at such a low level even I understood what you meant.

"Omg, I didn''t really mean it." "Omfg I know you really didn''t mean it, but you didnt know that, n00b." "Omfgam I knew you thougt I didnt know you didnt mean it" "Yes but I knew that you knew that I knew that you thought I didnt know you didnt mean it, so I win!"

Oh and Taurus and Smokealot are lovers.
By: smokealot on 21/Nov/06 21:51
actually, i got so bored at just watching div.1 and div 2 dramas that i had to start my own. i enjoied it, i hope everyone else did too!

btw. i demand love from taurus for lerking in pf.
By: weezer on 22/Nov/06 01:44
it seems the prem clans have finally managed to sell the mandatory drama that''s always involved in ns to the lower division teams. that says something about their relationship.

pretty sad to be honest, i expected more from these new teams
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 22/Nov/06 02:29
Why did you delete my babelfished german comment? :<
By: Saebelzahnelefant ( Team Four ) on 22/Nov/06 04:14
dont try to speak german pls.
it sounds gay unless your from austria!
By: atman on 22/Nov/06 04:25
tjo, it''s all about the sex

efficient german sex
By: atman on 22/Nov/06 04:28
fix aphostrophes please
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 22/Nov/06 07:22
STFU you sausage eating no reggers, ENGLISH OR BAN

Oh and I told you that the drama would spread.. theres no getting away from it

By: Skyice on 22/Nov/06 07:25
By: Sharpi on 22/Nov/06 07:34
By: atman on 22/Nov/06 07:53
hi skyice

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