ENSL S6 Over, Shared Championship and Ventrilo


Firstly, the Premiere Winners of Sixth ENSL Season are saunamen and Nine Legends since the tiebreaker cannot be played anymore and this seemed a very fair and agreeable solution, thus the championship is shared between the finalists, which both played a close final (demos) last weekend. This also means the Sixth ENSL is finally over and Team Russia takes the Combat Championship having played only 1 and only match in the ladder.

In other news, our Public ENSL Server includes a ventrilo, and depending on the number of slots we will give free channels to ENSL clans according to some, yet to be decided, criteria. I will edit this post with the details as soon as I know more.

In the Nations Cup there will be Team France vs Team USA today evening 20CEST. HLTV will be nsfi.net:28100

Also there's a new important poll concerning next season, please vote.

jiriki on 06 May 07 19:13

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By: 7IIV on 06/May/07 20:14
Wow, we are the champions! :)
By: gobot ( Stray Dogs ) on 06/May/07 21:04
can they just play ties??
By: P3anut on 06/May/07 22:00
there will prob be only 2 divisions
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 06/May/07 22:49
Good games guys, it was a fun season even if it did get dragged out, stepped on and defecated in the end. Had a lot of fun, and the last match against Saunamen in the final, while between two teams not practicing anymore, was the best ENSL I've ever played. That counts for a bit, considering I've played in five.

Big kudos to the organizers, especially jiriki, for their continued effort to make competitive NS fun. Best of luck with the next season dudes.
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 06/May/07 22:49
*was the best ENSL final I've ever played in.
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 06/May/07 23:00

By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 06/May/07 23:04
By: Sharpi on 06/May/07 23:37
By: Nova on 06/May/07 23:56
By: NsN on 07/May/07 00:57
GG =)
By: Menes on 07/May/07 11:33
this is a great victory for my country, Finland
By: CAssassin ( Saunamen ) on 07/May/07 12:32
menes carried lol
By: aA on 07/May/07 23:56
(aA)(esJ) finnish dictionary:
(aA)(esJ) Pässi = Idiot
(aA)(esJ) fera down.
few minutes latter on levitacus:
(SPARTALIME) rofl pasi
(SPARTALIME) inva : retarded
(SPARTALIME) its a bunch of morons
(aA) finnland down
By: P3anut on 10/May/07 00:20
By: germanasiaIDIOTIVAN on 10/May/07 21:31
ok, careface. suck dick and ivan is a idiot!
By: weezer on 16/May/07 13:04
yeah, it was fun. i blame peach for not getting jps on origin though !

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