Flatline endeavours to the victory!

Congratulations to Flatline for winning the NSNC Finals against Hopsu Fun Club. The demos are available here and shoutcast here. Thanks to all teams for participating. We made it through smoothly without extra drama or flamewars.

Additionally, NSNC, and last one before next ENSL Season, will have its signups opened soon. For the next NSNC there will be two important polls:

"Would you like to see an all-nigt Nightcup?"
This means the games will not be continued to the next (mid) day. All of them will be played on the same day (and at the forth night of next day) and clans who cannot yield players, will receive forfeits. In practice this means you have to be available for atleast 6 consecutive hours to play NS.

"Would you like to have a loser bracket?"
This means you can lose once. By losing once, you will get dropped into Loser Bracket and the winner of the Loser Bracket will face the winner of Winner Bracket.

Without getting too much into bracket mathematics: a cup with 8 (or less) teams = 4 stages (4 consecutive matches per team maximum) will increase to 5 stages with a Loser bracket. A cup with 8-16 teams and 4 stages will increase to 8 stages. Atleast 1.5hrs of time will have to be reserved for each stage unless definite time frames are set for a number of matches have to be played within that (eg. 3 matches in 3 hours).


jiriki on 11 September 07 20:35

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By: sd on 12/Sep/07 02:41
shoutcast at: ftp://nLpub:kjeften@ftp.ninelegends.com/07-09-10_flatline_vs_hopsufanclub_nsnc_s8_final_SC.rar

C'mon Fana, put it on our http already :P
By: sd on 12/Sep/07 02:41
our -> your
By: sd on 12/Sep/07 02:44
My shoutcast has the 15 minutes or so that jiriki is missing from his recording, the demo with hltv chat can also be found in the root directory of that ftp
By: Tweadle on 12/Sep/07 09:07
Are people honestly thinking it's clever to forcefully cram all the matches into one night and risk lots of forfeits?
By: Tweadle on 12/Sep/07 11:06
I just think you guys are being a little over-ambitious. This nightcup wasn't all that bad but I would like to see a lower bracket though as it's a good way of squeezing in more matches. I think it'd be doubly silly to vote for the nightcup to be all in one night *AND* for a lower bracket division.
By: aA on 12/Sep/07 11:55
what a sudden change i see here jiriki, if im not wrong i suggested thing like that(lower bracket) when i was still in ensl staff ;P
By: Admirable ( coolclan ) on 12/Sep/07 12:39
Olaf for president!
By: smokealot on 12/Sep/07 13:00
im for both, 1 day and loser bracket, lets start midday ffs dont pretend u got a life guys
By: gobot ( Stray Dogs ) on 12/Sep/07 13:06
loser bracket sounds good, 6 hours playing ns? lol :O
By: pathy on 12/Sep/07 13:08
gogogog gather cup! fairer teams = more fun. tbh the way it was seeded meant that in many cases the first round was merely a formality. who really expected pitchfork to even challenge sprogga? honestly?
By: scratchie on 12/Sep/07 13:27
i talked about that lower bracket to, its a good idea. 1 night wont be possible i think
By: smokealot on 12/Sep/07 13:38
lol pathy we did, baserush ftw
By: Tweadle on 12/Sep/07 14:16
zamma ftw
By: mu on 12/Sep/07 16:38
Yes for losers bracket.
By: Elvisq ( Team Four ) on 12/Sep/07 19:08
and i was against this aA so we didn't use it ;]
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 12/Sep/07 21:25
aA yep you did. I just re-created the poll. :]

Im not totally against, but it might really enlengthen the cup dramatically.
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 12/Sep/07 21:58
Updated the news btw.
By: hobbypG on 13/Sep/07 10:25
well their win doesnt make them more likable
By: Starchy ( Anonym Anti Anti A. ) on 13/Sep/07 12:14
I agree with pathy in that the first rounds are just a formality, a gather cup would just be as one sided though..
By: smokealot on 13/Sep/07 13:07
AND PLZ JIRIKI ITS A CUP, make stages randomly , fucking boring for some teams to know that in every cup we gotta play flatline or sprogga just cause u want a good final. Luck is part of a cup too, so make it like lump did do stages randomly and dont do them how u think u can get the best final. Just demotivates teams.

By: C-mies on 13/Sep/07 14:04
Are you after "double elimination cup" Jiriki? If we'd play with double elimination you'd have to lose 2 times before you're dropped, so even if you lost the first round of games, you'd still have a chance to get to the finals!

Example: http://www.noobwars.gr/tours/gnt4/images/double_elimination.jpg
By: Tweadle on 13/Sep/07 14:40
A losers bracket would mean that random teams wouldn't have as big an impact on the final so it's probably a good idea.
By: Prefix ( Anonym Anti Anti A. ) on 13/Sep/07 15:35
the loser brackets idea is silly imo.

It would mean the weakest team in the nc will play the strongest.

And if you dont vote yes in the first poll, then why call it a 'nightcup'. And lets face it, more or less everyone is on vent or ns for 6hours in a row, come on.
By: c0keh on 13/Sep/07 16:17
btw what about some kind of nightcup ranking
example: 1st gets a gold, second silder and 3rd bronze medal.
now depending on how much 1st/2nd/3rd ranks one team scored you're getting ranked

main advantage is to keep clans together and not re-creating over and over again. it'd obviously also be interesting and more challanging :)
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 13/Sep/07 21:11
C-mies, yes. Double elimination is loser bracket.

And Prefix. Actually its not. I will show you with an example:

Don't worry about the teams, results are fictional and biased. I did that when I was analyzing different systems for nationscup. :P
By: bp on 14/Sep/07 06:00
germany ftw!
By: Scale on 14/Sep/07 08:05
I give my vote for loser bracket!
By: P3anut on 14/Sep/07 19:01
i wanted to be cool so i said yes for a all night cup but i actually meant no
By: Prefix ( Anonym Anti Anti A. ) on 15/Sep/07 13:39
wow americans can't even vote...
No wonder bush had to rig the elections?
By: P3anut on 15/Sep/07 16:40
what does a irish prick know about voting
By: Hopeanuoli ( Saunamen ) on 29/Sep/07 12:00
its hopsu fan club you tard >_<

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