The last, 7th, week of division stage commences


This will be the last (7th) week of division stages, and the last week to replay any forfeits. Next week will include the semi-finals of 1st division and the finals of 2nd division. There are however some forfeits I would like to see played:

1st Division

- Team Russia vs The Sproggalots
- The Sproggalots vs CRAB BATTLE!!!
- Saunamen vs CRAB BATTLE!!!
- Destination Unkown vs The Sproggalots
- Saunamen vs The Sproggalots

2nd Division

- @llusion vs Mars Rover is fake
- Flamers' all unplayed matches.

So I am asking all clan leaders to replay those forfeits asap. This means contacting the other team and scheduling the match. Remember that you got your normal week matches too.


jiriki on 26 November 07 10:07

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By: enigmatic ( 9L ) on 26/Nov/07 17:35
nice.. 4 matches in 1 week ^^
By: NsN on 26/Nov/07 18:44
By: Arj ( Ant ) on 26/Nov/07 18:59
gl with that enig :P
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 26/Nov/07 20:23
GOOD GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By: Meyfarth on 26/Nov/07 20:57
sprogga can do it ! We all know that :D
By: Prefix ( Anonym Anti Anti A. ) on 26/Nov/07 21:36
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 26/Nov/07 22:14
Is it really news you have 4 matches to play? I mean you have / had like 7 weeks to play them, this just happens to be the last one of them.
By: enigmatic ( 9L ) on 26/Nov/07 22:39
i mean like we wouldve, but the other teams didnt have six when we did :/
By: Iots ( el'pheer ) on 26/Nov/07 23:29
shit leaders lololo
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 27/Nov/07 00:40
yea shit leaders against us! we've always had 6 on every day for the last like 5 weeks! Then we have a small clan inactivity on the week it counts!

>_< we demand competition!
By: Alatriste on 27/Nov/07 01:36
By: Tweadle on 27/Nov/07 02:41
Yup, we'll play all of our matches. We've been mucked about by just about everyone except DU and quaxy.
By: Arj ( Ant ) on 27/Nov/07 11:00
If you requested a team to replay for about 3 times, I wouldn't bother again and keep the forfeit.
But I doubt sprogga did that, initiative could have started earlier.
By: csm on 27/Nov/07 16:29
In other news, JEWS DID 9/11
By: Tweadle on 27/Nov/07 18:01
We have actually.
By: Admirable ( coolclan ) on 27/Nov/07 19:09
Sprogga did 9/11!
By: scratchie on 27/Nov/07 19:43
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 28/Nov/07 00:25
As quoted from csm: Arj sucks dong.
By: scratchie on 28/Nov/07 01:03
nice , great fact there gibbz. yep so well said, really makes u smart. i wanna be just like you
By: Tweadle on 28/Nov/07 02:13
really? why?
By: Arj ( Ant ) on 28/Nov/07 11:09
tweadle seems even more so scratchie...
By: Tweadle on 28/Nov/07 14:38
the irony behind using sarcasm to ridicule sarcasm might be beyond you so i'll just give a cookie and you can be on your way
By: Tweadle on 28/Nov/07 14:39
give you*
By: saep ( Ant ) on 28/Nov/07 14:49
I want predictions!
Die Mauer muss weg!
Wir sind das Volk!
By: Admirable ( coolclan ) on 28/Nov/07 17:57
Predictions tonight\tomorrow Comrades!
By: Meyfarth on 28/Nov/07 19:20
OMG prediction will be up nearly at time Admi? Did you take steroids?
By: Admirable ( coolclan ) on 28/Nov/07 20:08
No, I've Richard Dawkins ghost writing for me!
By: gobot ( Stray Dogs ) on 28/Nov/07 22:16
mars rover is faked will get the forfeit
gg -.-
By: Testosterown on 29/Nov/07 11:20
I don't think that flamers.ns will be able to replay any forfeits.
By: Sharpi on 30/Nov/07 00:15
we are faked.. lol wtf that means? i thought we are real people
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 30/Nov/07 15:22
5 to go in Division #1
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 30/Nov/07 15:28
And. Sharpi's not a real person, he's the extra software running on nsfi server, that came for free with the server deal.
By: Lugh on 30/Nov/07 15:28
Semi-final... Lets play a quarter-final first :D
By: Iots ( el'pheer ) on 30/Nov/07 16:40
wait no fucking way im playing against kiez again
By: Sharpi on 30/Nov/07 16:45
flamewars II, ze zermanz zank again
By: M on 30/Nov/07 18:09
semifinals make the season results quite regardless
By: Admirable ( coolclan ) on 30/Nov/07 19:05
semifinals = sclifinals xD
By: Tweadle on 30/Nov/07 20:16
Yeah, as things are going, i'm not sure whether it would be the best idea to have a 4-team cup at the end. Just start another mini-cup after the season methinks or even a new WORLDCUP?
By: GuiZ on 01/Dec/07 14:01
A worldcup with 4 countrys, great idea...
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 01/Dec/07 14:08
Hungary, UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Russia, and possibly team Netherlands and team Israel maybe?
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 01/Dec/07 14:08
and im sure maaad would make team spain trofl!
By: Admirable ( coolclan ) on 01/Dec/07 14:32
Team Ireland in da house!
By: Prefix ( Anonym Anti Anti A. ) on 01/Dec/07 15:08
By: gobot ( Stray Dogs ) on 01/Dec/07 21:43
bah germans will tank the WC to death :)

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