Eighth ENSL Season over, Sproggalots are champions


Whoa. It's thursday already. Anyway, last Sunday Flatline and Sprogga played the 1st Division Final which ended in Sprogga's favour (demos), by 4-0. Well played Sprogga, you deserved it. Then to Flatline I want to say .. you banned the ref (Prefix) for not agreeing you with Willa warping. What the hell? No respect whatosever. You will receive some kind of punishment, as soon as we make up our minds which suits you the best. Not to mention you took the default against Saunamen without even intent to play the game apparently. Good sportsmanship right there. Saunamen also was the tough luck team, getting server crashed and having com in the army at crucial times. Quaxy on the other hand gets special mark for innovative tactics and ruining Ad's preds. Meanwhile the inferior rage and fury fills the Div1, våra kompisar svenska Snowrållerna take it in slow and easy, glidering through the season playing all of their games, väldigt brå!

Also, congratulations to Kiez (demos) for winning the 2nd Division against TTS. I guess I should say "too bad" that n+1 didn't play anymore, but they were not same division level anyway so I think in the end, it was better to end this way.

Big thanks goes also to (v)_Admirable_(V) for his predictions. We all know how bad withdrawal symptoms we and NS scene got from the lack of weekly dose of his predictions. Also, he managed to carry his crabsquad through ENSL without folding, even though they got kind of crayhem'd. I also sent him a package for all his work that he has done for us and will do for us.

Overall this season has been quite good, especially in terms of played games per week per team, best ratio in my memory. There was some bulls.. drama but we have seen worse, possibly. Over-the-top the BS was taken care, prime example, P3anut gettinged kicked out of the league. It's also kind of Christmas in NS, good guys get love and kisses and bad guys get what was coming for them. Ho ho ho.

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Yours Sincerely,
Less Formal News,

jiriki on 20 December 07 20:20

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By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 20/Dec/07 20:27
By: scratchie on 20/Dec/07 20:33
By: scratchie on 20/Dec/07 20:42
the ref was hacking, i have demos!
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 20/Dec/07 22:32
Good job keeping NS alive jiriki and the rest of the admins. Even if I don't play anymore it's still funny to check this site once in a while, spam the forums and have some laughs in the match and news comments. Not to mention trying to decipher whatever the hell it is MAAAD is trying to say.

Merry Christmas to everyone!
By: NsN on 20/Dec/07 23:52
crayhem'd :D
By: Admirable ( coolclan ) on 21/Dec/07 00:02
Yeah big up to all admins, refs and players!
Kudos to all those teams who survived the season.

I hope you have not sent me the traditional Northern Irish gift of a letterbomb :D
By: Drc on 21/Dec/07 01:34
Thank you jiriki for doing all this. I am sure I am saying this on behalf of the whole community!
And now we know why Prefix 'left the game' during the finals. Shame on you flatlines, I thought you were a little more adults, well no respect to you for a while from now on.
By: vartija ( Ant ) on 21/Dec/07 01:57
amen. And again thank you Admirable for the best preds ever. I had fun season.
By: atman on 21/Dec/07 04:29
du måste öva på din svenska jiriki
By: hitokiri on 21/Dec/07 05:58
lawl what did peanut get banned for?
By: Prefix ( Anonym Anti Anti A. ) on 21/Dec/07 06:18
shit ad, sorry, dont open it.

And yeah, I got banned when willa wasn't warping.
PMT cosi ftl.

By: Hammond ( coolclan ) on 21/Dec/07 11:31

By: dugi on 21/Dec/07 17:06
By: Sharpi on 21/Dec/07 17:55
first nightcup, now in ensl, flattards sure are awesome
By: rapsu ( Quaxy ) on 21/Dec/07 19:48
Me suki suki u all long time...
By: wodKa ( Flatline-Ns ) on 22/Dec/07 12:19
By: wodKa ( Flatline-Ns ) on 22/Dec/07 12:20
<3 u finlandiers
By: pimppy on 22/Dec/07 12:25
way to go crapline! you really showed them this time!
By: bp on 22/Dec/07 12:33
its (v)o_O(V) u nibz and we won cpl!
By: weezer on 22/Dec/07 22:12
finnish teams have shit on anyone else being a "bad sport".

ps: ns will be a lot more fun after you stop being such a bunch of fucking carebears.
By: KeePeR ( Two Team Squad ) on 23/Dec/07 02:02
Merry Xmas :)
By: wodKa ( Flatline-Ns ) on 23/Dec/07 12:16
By: Iots ( el'pheer ) on 23/Dec/07 12:31
once upon a time there was a nerd who weren't supposed to be as awesome as he should have been, too bad that his close relatives eventually carved his eyeballs out with a spoon and therefore made it possible for everyone to celebrate their very own goat whom they bought a year before his birth, quickly realizing what they have done they decided to call themselves retards and declared to control the whole world in a merry oh so awesome way

and that is how Sharpi was born.
By: Steve on 23/Dec/07 12:35
i'm very sad i missed this. a team that has two of the biggest helens ever, zamma and james, winning ensl. shame, shame.
By: Steve on 23/Dec/07 12:38

who is MOTM
where is the post-game drama, logs plz.
By: Tweadle on 23/Dec/07 15:11
fuck off was james ever in sprogga
By: naduli ( Exertus ) on 23/Dec/07 18:16
By: Arj ( Ant ) on 24/Dec/07 15:34
Even Fana gets sweet, xmas has weird powers..

Tweadle, hold your forked tongue for once will you, you're turning out to be James 2 looking at your recent posts.

I'd like to thank jiriki and the staff for another job well done!

Flatline deserves more respect, even with the recent drama, they are the top team left from recent ENSL seasons, and still bring some awesome play now and again.

Thumbs up for Sprogga winning the div, didn't expect that even though they show very strong play.

Merry xmas
By: Iots ( el'pheer ) on 24/Dec/07 19:21
I don't know what you've been smoking Arj, but Tweadle had been a fucking dumb cunt since the days we first started laughing at him for his 'most-pathetic-lerking-ever' achievements in omgwtfns. Gz on finally waking up! O.o
By: Tweadle on 25/Dec/07 03:28
Gosh Darn it. I'd love to take offence guys but it's christmas and i just can't stop caring and smiling and loving and giving. Merry Christmas guys!
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 25/Dec/07 04:29
This is where i come in!

Tweadle: Miss you babez xxx

And Steve, GreeN got MOTM overall for some great marine play on veil which was pretty solid. I feel sorry for enigmatic though... watching demos making the sprogga frag vid, hes put a solid performance throughout the most of the season with some incredible aim, it's just a pity it never came out with some extreme fragging moments.

Merry Christmas everyone. A great season!
By: Gonzo on 25/Dec/07 05:25
Merry Xmas!
By: Admirable ( coolclan ) on 25/Dec/07 18:07
The Sprogga Movie - coming to a bargain bin near you!
By: bp on 31/Dec/07 14:21

By: lagga ( 9L ) on 01/Jan/08 21:53
Don't worry Ad i'm not making this one :P
By: Admirable ( coolclan ) on 04/Jan/08 22:28
lulz xD

Natural Domination is my favourite NS movie, don't tell esJ tho!

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