Week 5 Predictions

Admirable’s Division 1 Predictions

I have been living everyday to the fullest since my near miss with that toaster, and as such I decided to go with the last minute approach to this week’s predictions. So, I’m going to keep this short and sweet.

The Sproggalots vs CRAB BATTLE!!!

The Sproggalots will be entering this fixture looking to maximise points where the German War Machine could not. A very convincing four nil victory last week against nineLegends has surely laid the ghost of the LOLSTEAMROLL game to rest. Currently joint top of the league, Sprogga are looking in tiptop condition with excellent levels of activity within the roster and young Thomas “Tweadle” Eagle back to help George “Emo” Gibbons at the reins. This should be a no-brainer.

Those Crazy Crustaceans at CRAB BATTLE!!! are having a tough time fielding a team these days it would seem. If it’s not doogie out romancing his friend’s mothers, then it’s gobot’s exams, Daggah’s terrible cup and string internet connection or Sp3cT’s birthday (bonne aniversaire mon amis!). Don’t even get me started on that bojan guy, off studying in Lille for a Law Degree or something; priorities man! What is a poor Irish boy to do? Forfeit :D

Impact players:
sprogga ~ : sheep (Lerk), enigmatic (Marine)
(v)o_O(V) : doogie (MAAAD Version 2.0)

The Sproggalots 4 - 0 CRAB BATTLE!!!

Adz’ Final Thought: Not likely to be played this week, but that is unlikely to affect the outcome!

LOLSTEAMROLL vs nineLegends

It seems to me that Week 5 has become the traditional point in a season for everyone to get a little inactive. It could be time for exams or maybe things aren’t turning out as you hoped in the ENSL or perhaps you are looking at a fifteen to twenty stretch for Rape and Grievous Bodily Harm. Who knows? All I can say is that I haven’t seen much from these Fun-time Finns in the last week, and that is going to have an impact here. Oh and I just noticed NsN is not in the roster, WTF?!

Those “second rate legends” appear to be the only other active team in Division 1 this week. Whilst I have seen a few shakey PCW performances from nineLegends I am definitely seeing improvements in their game. RT Chewing is much improved taking a little pressure off the often inconsistent lifeforms. However, a reliance on Silence and a fast four Marine Pressure is starting to make things a little predictable for opponents.

Impact players:
?lol-? : Peacham (Comm), N@de (Lerk/Marine)
nineL * : frG (Lerk!!!)

LOLSTEAMROLL 2 - 2 nineLegends

Adz’ Final Thought: LOLSTEAMROLL could probably take this with some activity…

Snowrollers vs de-stroyer

Sexy Snowrollers managed to steal a round from the German War Machine last week. In all honesty I didn’t see the game and I didn’t watch the demos but from what I’ve heard it was a terrible Marine Round from Flatline-Ns rather than a strong performance from the Swedes; but this is what happens when you put Handschuh on your Pressure Team (Oh yes! I went there!). So in summary: Snowrollers you are still shit, must try harder! ;)

Hmmm. De-stroyers: inactive bad Germans looking increasingly likely to be ejected from the dizzy heights of ENSL Division 1. Enough said.

Impact players:
sR | : Action_IHOP (Lerk), atman (Fade/Marine)
de-stroyer | :

Snowrollers 4 - 0 de-stroyer

Adz’ Final Thought: If this game actually does get played Snowrollers are quite likely to fuck up at least one round, but a four nil prediction is much more exciting than a draw.

n.p. Eurythmics - Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves

Fag out.

Bacillus' Division 2 Predictions

Group A

Vital - NS~F

The last match of the season for NS~F is going to be a nasty one. Vital has been in devastating shape losing only one round this season. The only thing keeping vital from taking this 4-0 is Eon. Eclipse is a tricky map too, but Eon is the real trouble. Huge distances and excellent ambushing spots make it a real comm nightmare. Once again, I'd say Bigbanana's performance is important, since you'll need some heavy medding to get your marines going further into the map. Shotgunner must also be able to gun down skulkers before they can pick off the pressure one by one. So far Vital hasn't failed to slip any rounds because of the maps and I doubt this is going to be any different.

Biggest Impacts
Vital:Bigbanana (meds), Smoke (sg?)
NS~F:The Eon alien round, especially early skulkwork.

Vital 4 - 0 NS~F

Noname - bP

Two teams that should've won more this season. Both have a lot of good basic gameplay, but haven't had the last bit of something to win rounds from the more experienced teams. The maps of the week make this a very likely alien draw. Eon is going to be 1-1 aliens definitely, so its up to eclipse to decide the score. If a team can take advantage of the eclipse and cut the cc hive off its going to be a pain for the aliens to keep up with the marine tech. I still think that's not going to happen and its yet another alien tie.

Biggest Impact:
Eclipse marine tactics.

Noname 2 - 2 bP

Orchid.ns - Dom

Orchid is still a pain to predict, but I think the Domicide won't have much trouble dispatching them and finishing 2nd in the div. Once again the eon marine rounds are most likely the big problem. The lag might hurt here even more, since lone skulks can pick off the marines here and there and its a huge walk back from the marine start. Nevertheless, the Domicide should have the 4-0 vs the inactive (?) Orchid. The dom have proven themselves to be quite stable and consistent so a lot depends on what Orhid has got after a lot of forfeits.

Biggest Impacts:
Orchid: Eon aliens. Activity.
Dom: The Lag Effect, FREIGHT_TRAIN, Eon marine.

Dom 4 - 0 Orchid

Group B

TTS - Avalanche

Quite an interesting match. The main focus will be on Avalanche's ability to work as a team. Scale's fragging will do little good if they can't use their teamwork to see the TTS shotguns, baserushes and mass restowers early enough. I think TTS way of playing is quite optimal against a team like Avalanche, but whether that is enough to counter scale and co I don't know. My guess is that TTS will win both on Eclipse.

Biggest Impacts
Avalanche: Scale, teamwork.
TTS: The surprises.

TTS 3 - 1 Avalanche

RawR^ - Rm

The match of the week in Div2. Two teams playing entertaining ns and some skilled individuals on the field too. I'd say RawR has a bit of an upper hand when it comes to all around skill and teamwork, but both Eclipse and Eon are quite difficult maps. It's easy to get yourself stuck with 1 hive if you can't prevent the PGs from going up. Then again, both are also quite difficult to comm since the aliens have got many good routes to your base, quite a few nodes are difficult to cap as a lone marine and the aliens can pick anything from early silence to vent DCs or maybe even surprise with sc. The only thing sure is that its going to be interesting.

Biggest Impacts:
Rm: Marmotte (all-around)
RawR: Doctor (comm).
Both: PGs and map control. Chamber selection. Lifeforms avoiding Eon walls.

RawR 2 - 2 Rm.

jiriki on 25 May 08 20:01

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By: Manikstor on 25/May/08 21:10
first! the only reason smoke seems gud is because he's always baiting ppl
By: howdeh ( minions ) on 25/May/08 22:03
smoke just kill steals and says,


every 2 fucking minutes.

I love him for that.

Smoke I love you.
By: Cobi on 25/May/08 23:34
Germans are never bad ad. Think about it !
By: Admirable ( coolclan ) on 26/May/08 00:12
Man up and play some games!
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 26/May/08 00:42
Forfeit week.
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 26/May/08 00:43
"reliance on Silence and a fast four Marine Pressure" is probably the most inaccurate dissemination of my tactics I've ever seen. :D
By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 26/May/08 01:10

frG's pro alien strat.
By: qin on 26/May/08 01:10
Smoke is a terrific player, and a man.
By: Tweadle on 26/May/08 01:21
Bit shorter than usual but still nice preds and always appreciated.
By: Admirable ( coolclan ) on 26/May/08 03:28
"Sweeping Generalisations" is my middle name.
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 26/May/08 03:32
And I claim marine tactics. Fana's tactic involve us shotgun rushing hives with no upgrades :`(

By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 26/May/08 03:53
Most of the time we play marine lately, I'm the one doing the tactics, since dux is commanding.

By: d- on 26/May/08 07:23
lulz I drop teh medpax
By: Johs on 26/May/08 07:55
Your preds about our match would have been correct if I had been playing, Bacillus ;)
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 26/May/08 22:34
Your mum.
By: d- on 27/May/08 08:15
12/02/2007 - Joined nineLegends

nice pat
By: AltFrthz on 27/May/08 18:42
cow pat
By: ZiGGY on 27/May/08 21:22
alt... breast feed?
careful! that boy be packing what he be *laccing*
By: Altbst on 27/May/08 23:00
Yes because that was me you fucking Aphasia walrus.
By: Admirable ( coolclan ) on 27/May/08 23:15
Classic Frth
By: 360ms on 28/May/08 17:07
look whose trying to show their e-popularity, eouhhh I have someone using my name in comment boxes euouhhhhhh!
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 28/May/08 17:07
By: csm on 28/May/08 17:40
By: Tweadle on 28/May/08 18:51
no tom, alty just really is that popular
By: 360ms on 28/May/08 19:23
It was tweadle!
By: ZiGGY on 28/May/08 22:57
who cares who posted it, alt breast feed is pure gold, GOLD, let us mine it til we can no longer stand the weight of our own frail bodies!
By: Altbst on 29/May/08 07:14
comedy gold hardly more like you pulled up to fail central and stabbed a kid in the eye with a broken glass bottle. Then lump of shit arrived to euouhhhhhh! brownnose you.
By: Sanguin on 29/May/08 17:51
I think your post needs a little more punctuation Albst, then again maybe you're just speaking American :S
By: Tweadle on 29/May/08 20:38
i'll punctuate your face with my fist
By: Altbst on 29/May/08 21:49
I'll fullstop your face with my foot.
By: Merrick on 29/May/08 22:17
i'll comma your mum....i never was good at this whole insulting thing...
By: enigmatic ( 9L ) on 29/May/08 23:59
u never were, prefix
By: CraZyIvan on 30/May/08 00:28
since when was gaylord prefix? :>
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 30/May/08 03:46
actually prefix used to sign into merricks accounts just to get backup on the shoutbox... ahh good days.
By: Admirable ( coolclan ) on 30/May/08 19:35
Yeah GibbZ is right!
By: Admirable ( coolclan ) on 30/May/08 20:26
WTF? I didn't write that...

Fucking GibbZ!
By: 360ms on 30/May/08 20:31
insult thing??? it seems more like a penis-envy-fest.. Now now firthy maybe you need a pacifier to calm your over emotional hormonal tendencies down, or maybe just a hug from your mummy, mummy not hug you enough?? Awww, then while your at it you can steal my references to climbing up the shit rope through a shit tornado about 20 times a day whilst defending yourself about the size of your turd.

Any more?
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 30/May/08 20:57
Are you wandering around late-night Europe prick's oasis with studied nonchalance, casually attempting to make contacts and eventually worm your way into some kind of cushy overrated non-clan, all the while obstinately failing to notice that you may as well be standing waist-deep in a trench full of shit, watching sixteen hundred jackals fuck each other to death, while you tour the perimeter trying to catch a hot gobful of spurted wolfjuice in your greedy little mouth alty?
By: Jimmis on 30/May/08 21:00
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By: 360ms on 30/May/08 21:10
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By: Jimmis on 30/May/08 21:21
"dont you have some off's" :S ok your sounding more retarded than usual, i think your coming to terms that your so shit at this game, and how much your life sucks, but dont worrie lump im here for you, theres a free mental health clinic down the road i will drive you there, it will be ok xxxxxxxxxxxxxx <3
By: Sanguin on 30/May/08 21:58
Jimmis, you're almost as bad that prepositions as your are with ns :)
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 30/May/08 22:03
Yea well Sanguin! YOU CAP GOOD! OKAY!
capper bitch!
By: d- on 30/May/08 22:46
lol these comments
By: Altbst on 30/May/08 23:42
I've never seen someone be more wrong in a paragraph of utter bullshit. You sir are a grade A idiot, of the highest variety. I got them refrences from trailer park boys, not some lump of shit that smokes way too much pot to move, let alone insult,
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By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 30/May/08 23:56
wow, you sure do care.
By: GreeN ( cisequaltothree ) on 30/May/08 23:58
I'd give that essay a B-, some slight grammar mistakes
By: Altbst on 31/May/08 00:06
Aslong as Justice has been restored i will go fight crime elsewhere.
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 31/May/08 00:07
GreeN bit hard... for alty thats good. STICKER!
By: AltFrthz on 31/May/08 02:30
By: Altbst on 31/May/08 02:42
It'll never be as bad as your emo post Georgey.
By: vallanhaamu ( Anonym Anti Anti A. ) on 31/May/08 04:27
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 31/May/08 05:17
Hahah, Altbst just got trolled by SUBLIME. Jesus Christ, way to fail.
By: Altbst on 31/May/08 20:25
I think we'll leave that to the trolling judges, because Altbst Jesus Christ will never ever play fail.
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 01/Jun/08 00:43
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 01/Jun/08 07:31
LOL I actually thought your original troll was quite good but now you've shown your truly retarded colours.
By: Admirable ( coolclan ) on 01/Jun/08 17:55
Claiming to be a troll is just a cop out.

"I didn't mean those nasty things I said I was just trolling :((((("

Q fucking Q
By: 360ms on 01/Jun/08 20:15
ad! stop sitting on the fence you slimey bastard!
By: Altbst on 01/Jun/08 21:02
True but you responded to it so.
If zcone was a colour and not retarded i would be that colour for you. I gotta go i've got a scrabble contest to attend, then i'm off to pick up my Trollthy.
By: Merrick on 02/Jun/08 03:08
lol alty you just grabbed your sayings and shoved them other words ass...failoon teribadle lol im impressed normally you can barely draw inside the lines never mind make up new words! personal growth Adam im proud lol

and yeah prefix isnt real, i just made him up had 2 push to talk buttons on 2 seperate ventrillo clients and made a wB bot change its name in pcws!
By: 360ms on 02/Jun/08 06:32
you're missing a minor detail alty.. I didn't bring out the essay
By: Altbst on 02/Jun/08 22:12
L2Troll, Mr 298 posts.
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 02/Jun/08 22:48
NO, I've ACTUALLY had enough of your fucking sub par sub human trolling. Here's a suggestion, why don't you give up? Giving up is simple; open up a vein or two, let the pain flow out of you. Go on. Do it. Do it now. Go to the bathroom. Stare at the mirror for a minute or two. Then grab a blade and slash your arm open. Carve yourself to fucking ribbons. No-one cares. No-one fucking cares about you. Even YOU don't fucking care. YOU'RE AS BIG A SHIT AS YOU THINK YOU ARE.
By: Altbst on 03/Jun/08 00:15
I think you meant to write that in your DIARY, not to me.
By: Admirable ( coolclan ) on 03/Jun/08 00:47
By: Merrick on 03/Jun/08 20:42
well someone discovered how to use the caps lock button...congratulation i guess...
By: Prefix ( Anonym Anti Anti A. ) on 04/Jun/08 04:05
Alty is the new troll on the block tbh, Sublime, learn your place.
By: Merrick on 04/Jun/08 04:07
Yeah Prefix is right!
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 04/Jun/08 04:08
This young whipper-snapper needs to learn his place, fuck off back to america.
By: Merrick on 04/Jun/08 04:09
what i didnt write that ffs prefix...:P

and ill simplify it for you Sublime

Sublime < Alty

By: Prefix ( Anonym Anti Anti A. ) on 04/Jun/08 04:12
No, Sublime, No.

I . R . I . S . H

==1R3L4ND3D== ;)
By: 360ms on 04/Jun/08 06:34
So pointing out the number of posts someone has made is a troll now??

Wow, IMPRESSIVE.. Why don't you write a book with your abundance of trolling knowledge so that everyone can learn from the mighty alt beast. What do you do, beat off in the mirror thats covered in screenshots of your cl_showspeed personal bests. I mean I understand how important gaming and trolling is for someone who lives in a farm.
By: Altbst on 04/Jun/08 07:27
If half of this was true then you'd be eating out of a fucking trouth, then gathering your own shit for your failbucket, while quickly rushing back to smear the monitor with even more useless fucking posts.
By: Merrick on 04/Jun/08 20:21
Altbst | TomT
1 | 0
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 05/Jun/08 18:04
Altbst | TomT
0 | 1

By: Altbst on 05/Jun/08 18:25
TROUGH*, My mistake is small compared to the one your parents made!
By: 360ms on 06/Jun/08 20:54
Look mummy, I can use the word shit and fail repeatedly, can I suck your boobs again now please?
By: 360ms on 06/Jun/08 20:55
By: Altbst on 07/Jun/08 22:14
Oh look more mum jokes, you do not understand fail.
By: 360ms on 08/Jun/08 20:23
You brought parents into this, not me. lol
By: Altbst on 08/Jun/08 20:38
Cool we both don't read the shite you write.
By: 360ms on 09/Jun/08 04:43
By Altbst (sprogga ~), on 05/06/2008 @ 15:25 - Posts: 25
TROUGH*, My mistake is small compared to the one your parents made!

By: Altbst on 09/Jun/08 23:52
Are you retarded or do you have Alzheimer’s? I think it's a bit of both. Disconnect your broadband from your fucking toilet.
By: 360ms on 10/Jun/08 00:41
going on the evidence I think someone else is retarded here. lol
By: 360ms on 10/Jun/08 00:41
and no! my toilet gets the best frame rate!

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