Natural-Selection World Cup!

Announcing a new Natural-Selection tournament: The NS World Cup.

WW3 on a grand scale, this brand new tournament will take place over the Christmas period, featuring teams from around the world.

Countries currently signed up include United States East, United States West, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

Not only is this a chance to mix with the other NS communites and prove your worth as a true world-class player, but several matches will be as competitive as gaming can get (USA Vs. Canada; England Vs. Germany, anyone?)

I don't know about you guys, but I'll be playing NS over the Christmas period in an attempt to impress my country's captain! <- lol that's me! The lesser of 3 evils![/edit]

*Any* country can sign-up regardless of experience: you just need 6+ players and a leader.

Team captains get in touch with M\\ke to sign your country up:

PM: M\\ke on QuakeNet

Other players may also want to sign up to the WCNS Forums!

I'll be asking Santa for English victories over Germany and the other home nations!

sherpa on 19 November 05 11:47

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By: ben on 19/Nov/05 20:02
Didn't this idea die already?
By: crt on 19/Nov/05 23:25
Poland signed up :>
By: UnK- on 19/Nov/05 23:28
lol awesome :>
By: Raza on 20/Nov/05 01:46
You don't have to ask Santa as there is no active german national team. :/
By: Johs on 20/Nov/05 02:06

I think it could be nice... but I am conserned about the pings...
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 20/Nov/05 02:30
U.S/EU isn't a big problem but EU/Aus will be =o
By: frost on 20/Nov/05 03:03
get a petition to be routed to Aus through USA and not hongkong please. D:
By: B1 ( iMAGINE ) on 20/Nov/05 09:01
h e a d s h o t
By: Johs on 20/Nov/05 11:20
Aus is on the other side of the earth! monsterping!!! :)
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 20/Nov/05 12:49
Raza: If there's no German team then just get 5 other buddies to sign up with you.

And don't let anyone moan at you about who should or shouldn't be in the team: at the end of the day it is just a video game, so it's not like sticking two fingers up at national pride if it's not the strongest 6: any 6 is better than no 6.

BIGbanana: I'd take a guess at 250-300ms pings for EU/Aus. Thankfully, there's 2 maps on each team's server: so it kind of balances out in some sado-masochistic way!

Ben: Trollolololol.
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 20/Nov/05 12:50
By: xassidy on 20/Nov/05 22:47
gg :D
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 21/Nov/05 02:07
And well afaik, theres no active pro com in Finland atm. GG.
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 21/Nov/05 02:12
And oh, 50% of pro Fin players are playing wow, quited ns or inactive.
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 21/Nov/05 04:47
Don't worry guys, I'll make a surprise comeback and pull crazy sheeeet with my one man norwegian team.

Yeah also cross-continental tournaments never work, give it up already.
By: frost on 21/Nov/05 05:08
"I'd take a guess at 250-300ms pings for EU/Aus."

If your lucky, and get routed through USA, then it'll be roughly 150 - 200, if your not and get routed the other way round the world, it'll be 250 - 700.
By: Skyice on 21/Nov/05 07:56
looking at the amount of people signed up to the fourms (6) it looks like this will take a while to get going :O
By: C11H17NO3 on 21/Nov/05 09:05
i ping 400 to australia and 800 to new zeeland and i doubt you really can get any better ping from europe so you'll have to play on american servers :o?
By: weezer on 21/Nov/05 09:36
nail on the head

doing 2 maps vs aussie clans, 1 on our servers 1 on theirs, just doesnt work. if it's on american soil (so to speak) its roughly 200 ping for both teams which is something that hasnt been tried yet i think.
By: pSyCh0 on 21/Nov/05 17:58
@ skyice

people don't need to register for forums most of it is done through IRC

@ tmk

we'll find a way to make the pings half-decent for both teams, if it means using american servers, then it will be done
By: E on 21/Nov/05 23:21
Yeah time for me to build up my baltic team... lithuania will come and own? everyone
By: B1 ( iMAGINE ) on 21/Nov/05 23:47
UZBEKISTAN who's with me !?
By: FreeZe on 22/Nov/05 01:11
follow purple penis's light /o/
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 22/Nov/05 04:53
Uzbekistan has been done to death already.

Sierra Leone- that's where it's at.
By: TaH on 22/Nov/05 06:47
Team Uzbekistan is my team and it isn't dead!

World!!!prepare to get OWNED!!!
By: B1 ( iMAGINE ) on 22/Nov/05 10:45
your anus has been done to death already.
By: E on 23/Nov/05 05:31
kiddies -.-
By: aA on 23/Nov/05 08:37
team UZBEKISTAN will never die!
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 23/Nov/05 12:53
Quiet Mr. Pole.
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 23/Nov/05 19:51
lolz Fana: You still have StiMan, Limit and also Duke (if they get active :p)
By: CAssassin ( Saunamen ) on 23/Nov/05 20:00
Don't diss Fana . Hes showing real sportmanship by putting up 1 man team olol
By: weezer on 23/Nov/05 22:04
zamma what about castoors & ebnar -_-
By: frost on 23/Nov/05 22:54
:o tankefugl
By: Disqo on 23/Nov/05 23:33
Wtf? No flame about scripts yet? What WC is this?
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 24/Nov/05 01:27
We've been playing our tourneys for how long without scripts? I don't think it bothers us anymore.

We are more interested in an active tourney :x
By: B1 ( iMAGINE ) on 24/Nov/05 05:13
"Pistol and Jump Scripts are COMPLETELY allowed in any matches in the tournament. If however, the team decides to block scripts on THEIR server, then scripts cannot be used on THAT server. Another reason why alternating servers during matches is needed. "
By: weezer on 24/Nov/05 05:32
woot scripts
By: E on 24/Nov/05 23:31
fucking scripts... you guys should be able to hop without else you can start next round from div 5...

pistol scripts sucks, aliens should be able to damage with para 50 hp/armor
By: weezer on 25/Nov/05 02:05
do you use mousewheel =)
By: frost on 25/Nov/05 02:39
Does he even understand what he is on about?
By: weezer on 25/Nov/05 11:15
nah he doesnt hes just spewing out whatever misconceptions first come to mind oh no i script :(
By: ben on 25/Nov/05 11:23
By: pSyCh0 on 25/Nov/05 11:51
There's a great word I like to use called compromise. Europeans don't like scripts, North Americans do. Do they make a difference? Maybe. But, if I don't allow scripts, you can basically call this a Euro-only tourny because most Americans won't play.

It's not that they can't play, its just that, the motivation level of this game is so low, that people are SO lazy that they won't give any effort.

Therefore, I'm allowing scripts but you can block them, if its YOUR server. Half of the match you will be playing Americans, the other half, to be honest, they won't be playing their best without those scripts :/
By: weezer on 25/Nov/05 12:31
obviously they wont be able to play their best

if you script then mp_blockscripts 1 is like telling you to remap all your key binds and then get used to it in the 5-minute pre-game bunnyhop session
By: pSyCh0 on 26/Nov/05 21:00
Well then I'll work out a concrete decision if that's the case.

Personally I use pistol script only, I hate the jump script and I don't use any lerking scripts or crap like that. To unbind my script I just re-bind my Fire button to Mouse1, and if I want to turn it off I unbind my Mouse1 on Fire and I exec the config in the console manually.

Fairly simple for me.
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 27/Nov/05 04:14
I'll be wanting the UK home matches to be bs 0.

I don't use scripts myself, but I'm aware of one or two who use the pistol script; however it's always been my belief that scripts don't make the player.
By: mentalist on 27/Nov/05 04:34
scripts are causing impotence, hair loss and cancer.
By: E on 27/Nov/05 13:13


frost i understand... iam quite sure you also dont use scripts, if you do, i would call you a noob, because my opinion is, that scripts, dont show the real gamer experience.

well iam noobskilled yes, and also i dont care... maybe iam only because of i dont use em?
By: ben on 27/Nov/05 21:02
Yeh actually you are. You're obviously too much of a fucking idiot to be any good at anything. My 3jump script is clearly the most critical part of everything that makes me a player.
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 27/Nov/05 22:50


By: weezer on 27/Nov/05 23:41
"frost i understand... iam quite sure you also dont use scripts, if you do, i would call you a noob, because my opinion is, that scripts, dont show the real gamer experience."

youre absolutely right

"well iam noobskilled yes, and also i dont care... maybe iam only because of i dont use em?"

no. everyone here uses at most a few simple toggle scripts because guess what? mp_blockscripts is on. oh and if you want a reason why youre noobskilled its because of what ben kindly already pointed out.
By: weezer on 27/Nov/05 23:43
oh lol fana, these comment systems are restricted for the use of natural-slelection players only

gtfo punk
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 28/Nov/05 03:10
There are three types of people in this world:

NS players.

WoW players who spam "NS is dead" on IRC and forums.

People who have to totally quit all aspects of NS to enjoy something else, and spam "NS is dead" on IRC and forums.
By: Peacham ( Finland ) on 28/Nov/05 03:18
By: email on 28/Nov/05 04:04
i spam whatever i want fags
By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 28/Nov/05 04:20
and i delete whatever i want !
By: pSyCh0 on 28/Nov/05 08:30
Whether scripts are moral to use, the bottom line is that Americans need scripts to play there best.

In this case you have two choices:

1) allow the scripts and play americans at their fullest

2) don't allow scripts and win an empty victory, even if you win without the scripts americans obviously aren't going to play their best

The only reason you wouldn't want scripts is because your afraid of em. If you don't use scripts, great. But you should allow them to be used by others. Really its just freedom of choice.
By: ben on 28/Nov/05 08:39
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 28/Nov/05 22:10
"oh lol fana, these comment systems are restricted for the use of natural-slelection players only"

Stop lying you fat finnish noob!

"People who have to totally quit all aspects of NS to enjoy something else, and spam "NS is dead" on IRC and forums."

I think you fail to realize that spamming IRC and forums and creating drama is an integral part of playing NS, even so much that people that quit playing NS ingame, still participate in playing NS on IRC and on forums!
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 29/Nov/05 13:33
He's got me there.
By: aA on 01/Dec/05 00:25
By: E on 02/Dec/05 06:04
all people are equal, but some are more pro -.-


if i would be admin i would ban you for that flame attack... you should thank god that iam not.

your social beeing sucks ( dunno how to say that else )
By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 02/Dec/05 06:11
i whonder why you are not a admin ?

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