ENSL Weekly: September 11th

Hi guys!

Another week has passed and we've got another set of awesome news for you!

First of all, we've got new ENSL staff. Say hi to our new referee squad: Vision, Pyromatic, noway and Chibi! We are still looking for more voluntary referees - if you're interested, contact us.

Forums beware! Fana has been given admin status there!

In other news, the website has received more fixes. For example the community bar looks great now.


The Ladder

We are planning to readjust the ladder scoring system. By changing the "weight" in the point calculation, we should be able to make point scoring through ties more viable. The lighter weight also encourages challenging teams above you or close behind you as the point gain diminishes quicker when the rank difference grows. Beating teams way higher than you on the other hand gives you a lot of points. To see the difference, see the old scoring here and the new one here. There's most likely going to be some fine tuning on the score specific moduluses also, but the effect isn't as dramatic as it is with the weighting change.

We like to hear your opinion about the ladder scoring, so make sure you vote for your favourite system on the poll.

Another important ladder change is the clan leader's ability to call HLTV into the server. This happens through the Scoring and Lineup menu. Check that the IP and port are correct and hit "Send the HLTV for recording" to get things started. Remember to stop the HLTV after you've played. Nobody enjoys watching those 5 hour demos with 40 minutes of actual gameplay.


During the week there were three matches played in the ladder:

Demonic Soul vs. Quaxy

Puschelmacht! vs. Hydra

Puschelmacht! vs. No Reg

See the match links for HLTV demos.

Bacillus on 11 September 09 20:31

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By: Vision ( Quaxy ) on 12/Sep/09 18:48
Hurrah, ensl weekly! These things are fun to read even though I already knew what happened during the week :P
By: Elvisq ( Team Four ) on 12/Sep/09 19:35

are you sure you have known EVERYTHING?

By: Vision ( Quaxy ) on 12/Sep/09 19:59
I have Visions! I know EVERYTHING!
By: Voodo ( Two Team Squad ) on 13/Sep/09 02:46
visions are about the future retard, not past :)
By: Bacillus ( Quaxy ) on 13/Sep/09 17:14
His visions lag so badly that they're from the past.
By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 16/Sep/09 02:25
Voodo wrote:
visions are about the future retard, not past :)

Hahaha, try reading that again, and then think about it.

By: Arj ( Ant ) on 16/Sep/09 19:38
lol.. Voodo down :P

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