ENSL weekly, 4th Septemeber

Hello Guys!

Today I'm going to introduce you a new custom on the ENSL site. Each friday we'll post a short piece of info about last week's events. Stay tuned and follow it so that you won't miss anything!


NS1 Ladder

Last week was the first week in our new NS1 ladder. We already got 8 teams signed in but just two matches played. Both of them were played between Saunamen and Quaxy and both of them finished with same 4-0 for Sauna (#1 #2). We are looking forward for some greater activity next week.


The Website

Last week we started a new project of co-operation with other NS communities and we are looking forward to implement it soon. You probably already noticed our beta linkbar on the top of the site. Also, jiriki is working hard to get rid off few annoying bugs on the website and if you notice any new ones, please use contact box to let us know!

On the other news, you can see two new and awesome interviews in our articles section. The first victim of MaaaD was Zaiko, but he seemed to survive it. The second interview is just a quote of interview with Max from UWE posted on natural-selection.pl and was made by me. If you missed it, don't wait any longer, read it now!

In the article section you can find two hot new articles (#1 #2) with attitude translated from Finnish by qin.

From this week you can also comment the twitter news on our site!

Also the movie section was updated, each of them got their own picture and most  of them are avavaible to watch on the site. We still recommend to download them and watch with VLC software for better movie experience!

There's also ENSL Banner for you (resize it if need), feel free to use it in signatures on other forums!


The Staff

You probably also noticed that our staff is bigger. We are glad to welcome our new members:

  • Bacillus as an admin
  • Oma as a graphic designer (again!)
  • Logan aka MaaaD as an interviewer

Too many Finns around right?

We are also looking for the new referees for NS1. Please use contact tool or contact us on irc if you would like to become one!


ENSL staff

Elvisq on 04 September 09 09:41

History | Comments: 21


By: Arj ( Ant ) on 04/Sep/09 19:18
Nobody responed yet? zomg
By: Arj ( Ant ) on 04/Sep/09 19:18
responded even :P
By: Elvisq ( Team Four ) on 04/Sep/09 19:30
the article wasn't published in the morning.. it was just written then ;]
By: oma ( vetus ) on 04/Sep/09 22:59
lol that ensl banner is terrible :)
By: atman on 05/Sep/09 11:22
not to get involved in the pseudo-racism but you're gonna have a hard time finding a whiter people than finns!
By: Tane ( Saunamen ) on 05/Sep/09 11:45
Great idea and it sure was nostalgic to read Tibe's old "article" in english.
By: mu on 05/Sep/09 12:05

ENSL needs a brand new admin team that will actually deal with all the stupid kiddy bullshit you guys spout if you want people to interested in competitive play for NS2. Especially all the ironic racism and all the clique-ish banter and in general just crack down on spacks. See: "niggerocracy", Jimmis in general and aA. It just needs a general air of respect or at least for the admin team to condone an air of respect or else every new person who isnt an impressionable 14year old will be turned off and not bother trying to play unless they've got some pals to play with.


There's a reason I've only ever managed to stay in a few clans and they all had pretty much the same people in and stayed pretty fucking separate from the rest of you retards.

By: dugi on 05/Sep/09 12:17
By: mu on 05/Sep/09 12:40
ban doogie
By: dugi on 05/Sep/09 13:29
sup mu
By: Miglecz++ on 05/Sep/09 16:55
mu u take too serious all this crap going on (drink more)
By: mu on 05/Sep/09 20:10

if you dont want a healthy growing competitive community in ns2 then fuck off elsewhere? or do you actually want a limp piece of shit like we have now

By: Voodo ( Two Team Squad ) on 05/Sep/09 20:15
mu, how is that non offensive?
By: mu on 05/Sep/09 20:20
i dont think you "get" it
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 06/Sep/09 01:54
What, your only allowed to be rash and offensive when you mean it to someone :p?
By: 360ms on 06/Sep/09 04:49
ban mu for facism
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 06/Sep/09 14:15

Yes, ban the bastard for his face-ist politics.


Aren't you meant to be teaching English Tom?

By: 360ms on 06/Sep/09 18:34
they never said i should teach engrish well!
By: Voodo ( Two Team Squad ) on 06/Sep/09 18:39
poor kids, i imagine lump teaching "mmm okay, so weed is good mmkaaay"
By: dugi on 06/Sep/09 19:50
aaah come on why did you delete my post : ( 
By: oma ( vetus ) on 07/Sep/09 15:55
the less ppl playing ns2 competive the better chances of being progaymer

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