S13 Winners: Saunamen

Season Champions: Saunamen

Congratulations to Saunamen for winning the 13th ENSL Season and thanks for the great game guys. Go watch the demo of the match if you haven't seen it yet. Icons will be handed out aswell, which most of the players had already anyway. Also congratulations to Stray Dogs for winning Tier2 Finals.

I'd like to thank the following people making this possible:

  • Donators for paying for the servers
  • ENSL Team Leaders
  • Whole staff (esp. x-man)
  • Predictors (TrC and Bacillus)

If NS2 doesn't come out in January and there are willing teams to participate, there will be a new season next year. Actually for past 2 months there has been about 500-600 unique visits every day, twice as half a year before.

Meanwhile, keep pcwing, gathering and moreover enjoy christmas and upcoming New Year.


ENSL Staff

jiriki on 20 December 09 23:46

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By: dugi on 21/Dec/09 00:16
By: rapsu ( Quaxy ) on 21/Dec/09 00:25
I might be just home by then!!!111
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 21/Dec/09 00:43
Good season, shame 9L wasn't able to stay active.

Kind of lame to announce another season when this season was advertised as the last ever. Do night cups instead, IMO.

NS2 alpha probably won't be released in January, My wild guess is March.
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 21/Dec/09 00:48
yeah well... I kind of agree... although this "last" season of NS has boosted activity. Why not use this activity to make an either better next season?
By: Maxx on 21/Dec/09 00:56
Well, concidering NS2 was supposed to be out by the time this season wraped up Id say the "last season" statement died allong with the fall relese date.
By: Danny ( Perfect Peckers ) on 21/Dec/09 02:23
As long as there is activity there will be seasons.
By: gobot ( Stray Dogs ) on 21/Dec/09 11:42
thanks for the nice website jiriki

Yeah NC will be the best idea.
By: Vision ( Quaxy ) on 21/Dec/09 11:44
The finals last night had 80 persons on average watching. That's pretty damn good.
By: Nec0 on 21/Dec/09 11:44
By: dugi on 21/Dec/09 11:46
It's because I was playing vision ; )
By: TrC ( Exertus ) on 21/Dec/09 12:09
Yep but doogie failing isnt new any more why would they still bother :<
By: Elvisq ( Team Four ) on 21/Dec/09 12:22
Nec0 ?
By: macpersil ( Team Two ) on 21/Dec/09 14:40
By: Nec0 on 22/Dec/09 01:54
By: Bacillus ( Quaxy ) on 22/Dec/09 16:03
Wohoo, just got back from the airport mess. Starting to work on some season recap coverage tomorrow.
By: macpersil ( Team Two ) on 23/Dec/09 20:53
where are the special thanks to the Dramaqueen of the league without the league would be half fun -> MP!°!!!!=)!)!=)!!
By: Nerdish ( NewStyleD Return ) on 23/Dec/09 21:19
x-man carried you tbh :p
By: Elvisq ( Team Four ) on 24/Dec/09 08:53
as always ;]
By: dugi on 24/Dec/09 18:16
love the christmas spirit
By: Citrus on 11/Jan/10 13:00
Well done peach!

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