Forum administration changes

Having accomplished what I set out to do eight months ago, I've decided to step down as forum admin. I informed jiriki I was resigning about three weeks ago and a replacement has already been found. I'm sure there'll be an announcement about that in the near future.


In 2009 the forums were a mess -- several players I spoke to told me flat out they didn't participate because there was no moderation. It was an embarrassment to the ENSL and may even have put some new players off trying out competitive play. I decided I wanted to try to fix this, so I contacted jiriki about setting up new forums together with the new website. After what I can only imagine were intense months of coding, the new forums were a fact. That was only the start, however. A set of strict rules and no-nonsense enforcement was needed to prevent a return to the old.


While many have criticized my moderation policies, you can't argue with the results.


When I sat down to create the rules during September 2009, I decided I needed a set of rules that would clean out all the garbage at a minimum amount of time spent. Now that the forums are functioning nicely, new rules might be in order. I'm sure my replacement already has his own plans to improve the forums.


I wish my replacement the best of luck and I hope that the work I put in will make a difference in the long run as well.


I should also note that I won't be active on the ENSL website in the future. Talk to me on IRC or drop a comment on if you have any questions.

Fana on 27 April 10 11:32

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By: dugi on 27/Apr/10 16:57
By: Miglecz++ on 27/Apr/10 17:11
hip hip hurray? :D
being strict and ignoring everybody are 2 different things
By: doctor ( Team Four ) on 27/Apr/10 18:45
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 27/Apr/10 19:01
All results due to Jiriki's gather system.
By: qin on 27/Apr/10 20:13
6 Months and Pictures of Lifeless Nerds thread is still going. Good job with everything else.
By: aA on 27/Apr/10 21:02
good job on coding forum but i wouldnt say you're a correct person to moderate forums being opened minded person and ignorant one are two very diffrent things and no i'm not saying this cause i want to attack you as you may think ; p i still wish you lots of good luck in what ever project you will do in the future fana ; )
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 27/Apr/10 21:43
Stop being dicks, Fana's policy was nothing abnormal. UWE forums, Steam Forums, basically any other forums have much more stricter rules. You're all just used to way too much lack of discipline!

Thanks for moderating Øivind.

ps. I coded the forums, not Fana. :p
By: aA on 27/Apr/10 22:28
oke ; p
By: atman on 27/Apr/10 23:56
sad to see you go, you did a great job moderating imo.

if people feel a need to spam shit and insults etc they ought to host a separate forum somewhere, but not on the fucking official site of the only league left
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 28/Apr/10 00:11
I dunno, there's a fine line between community banter and flaming. Fana can't distinguish between the two. While community banter is good as it makes us look stronger as a scene, if you take that as flame (and delete the posts) everytime then people will get annoyed. Still he did more good than bad for the forums fo' sure.
By: psyc0mus ( minions ) on 28/Apr/10 00:25
you will be missed fana just remember fana no matter what you do and where you go i will always be a fan of your fade!
By: psyc0mus ( minions ) on 28/Apr/10 00:40
biggest fan* sorry it would'nt let me edit my post
By: ret ( Ant ) on 28/Apr/10 02:53
Dugi is dugi to the fucking end
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 28/Apr/10 03:31
Of course me and Dugi are going to stick the knife in - we were the biggest victims of Fana's aggressive moderation.

That being said, it was almost more fun trolling the forums with him around because it required a degree of subtlety that eludes Dugi.

More than enough people here appreciate what he's done for the community but it doesn't mean that everyone has to ascribe to that point of view.

There has to be opposition to everyone, otherwise you end up like... well... Fana
By: dugi on 28/Apr/10 03:42
Not just the aggressive moderation, but also the "trap" he set by kicking me and frg out of ninelegends and leaving us clanless when sign-ups were closed.
By: naduli ( Exertus ) on 28/Apr/10 04:12
: D internet drama : D
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 28/Apr/10 04:23
...trap? What kind of drugs are you on?

First of all: frG and I were talking about the condition of the team and we both agreed that things weren't working out and that it would be better if you two made your own team.

Second of all: If I had kicked you, it would've been for one reason, and one reason alone: you're obnoxious. Every PCW we played you'd get into an argument with someone and create a bad atmosphere in the team.

I'm not interested in starting a debate about this. If you think that somehow I created some big conspiracy against you and frG -- go ahead. My issue is with you spreading lies and disinformation.

As for the comments on the heavy handed moderation: I made my reasons for this clear in the post: I wanted rules that would completely clean up the forums at a minimum cost of time spent doing it. Now that the forums are clean, more relaxed moderation policies might be in order.
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 28/Apr/10 04:36
By: aA on 28/Apr/10 04:48
atmosphere in nl? what are you talking about now fana? you never liked any induvality in your team, no argumenting or anything simmilar to those, there are reason why ppl dont like to play with you, if you would get off your high horse maybe ppl would treat you in a cooler way but you havent changed even a slight after all these years, sitting in the past in your glory and treating ppl they way you just do.
By: huhuh ( Danny Est Gros ) on 28/Apr/10 05:03
@aA's post right above :
lol, it sounds like you're describing 3/4 of the old French scene :D
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 28/Apr/10 05:15
As nothing you say is even remotely true, aA, I'm going to limit myself to saying this: Considering I've had to kick you from 9L twice because you made everyone miserable (to the point where wltrs muted you on vent permanently), you really shouldn't be the one talking.

I'm not going to waste my time posting further comments. I trust the intelligent players will be able to see the bullshit you and dugi spew out on a daily basis for what it is without me having to type it out.
By: king_yo ( Legendary Snails ) on 28/Apr/10 05:25
Fana is actually a cool guy on vent or ingame and I like to play with him.
By: dugi on 28/Apr/10 05:41
Yeah well, I liked it when I played with thim but then BAM, kicked out.
By: vartija ( Ant ) on 28/Apr/10 05:48
Good luck to Fana what ever he's going to do in the future. Must have been pain in the ass to delete all those Dugi's posts. :p

And I can actually understand why someone would kick Dugi or Aa from a clan. They can rambo like hell but you can't deny their skill. Plus their actually quite nice guys.

Just my point of view of things :p

EDIT: Oh yeah. My first thoughts of 2 balls was: "Jiriki, good luck trying to command that pack of monkeys" :)
By: sonder ( The Team ) on 28/Apr/10 05:49
Fana: Second of all: If I had kicked you, it would've been for one reason, and one reason alone: you're obnoxious. Every PCW we played you'd get into an argument with someone and create a bad atmosphere in the team.
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 28/Apr/10 06:09
dugi... skill? Wuuuuuut.
By: aA on 28/Apr/10 06:14
how about you stop sitting in the past fana and actaully focus on what is here and now(well that's your mud, hf diging in it and sitting in it, the more you move the deeper you are in and please dont drag me into your shit ; ))? i know you wont admit certain things cause you have to defend your ego either way.
and no i'm not "spewing" anything neither is dugi nor frg or sub that's just your movie a dramatic one, the only one who's "spewing" all about yourself is just you.
By: psyc0mus ( minions ) on 28/Apr/10 06:28
ahh i love drama gets things goin!! am i the only one that finds drama fun? i must be weird guess its back to fabbing to midgets for me, over and out!
By: Miglecz++ on 28/Apr/10 07:36
they fell into the trap :D
i must say thank you for not banning me
By: doctor ( Team Four ) on 28/Apr/10 08:08
everyone will be back - NS has such diverse backgrounds it makes the community unique :D - <3 Drama , and whatever you do fana GL! you'll be back :D
By: dugi on 28/Apr/10 08:22
By: mu on 28/Apr/10 09:28
fanas pretty good to play with. sometimes you need to tell him to hush up but then, who doesn't need that?

well... wltrs. and mop. bloody mutes
By: NecRos_aka_Orgad ( Team Three ) on 28/Apr/10 10:53
wow drama.

i have one thing to say: internet arguments are like the special olympics. even if you actually try hard and win, you are still retarded.
By: dugi on 28/Apr/10 18:34
internet arguments are as valid as the real life ones. retarded would be if one of the points you want to prove is ACTUALLY retarded. but if i fuck up, i just say omg sorry, and nothing else. if someone else fucks up and he has the balls to deny he fucked up, then HERE COMES THE RAGE.
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 28/Apr/10 20:14
Orgad, you have something against disabled people? :(

Seriously, that quote is getting ooold.
By: dugi on 28/Apr/10 20:25
how about this:

By: Nerdish ( NewStyleD Return ) on 28/Apr/10 20:30
Jiriki, what NecRos is trying to say is he wants to join the special division next season.
By: Miglecz++ on 28/Apr/10 20:54
here comes the 3rd last season :D
By: qin on 28/Apr/10 21:00
Last ENSL season ever. No, really.
By: EisTeeAT on 28/Apr/10 22:38
How can u not love dugi .. his rage is rallying ppl all over NS ! <3 !
By: psyc0mus ( minions ) on 28/Apr/10 22:41
EisTee always the lover not the fighter <3
By: NecRos_aka_Orgad ( Team Three ) on 28/Apr/10 22:44
hmm alpha in 2 months, beta in 5 and game in 8... seems realistic.

i guess ensl 16 will be the last one.
By: bHack ( UK ) on 28/Apr/10 23:09
my offtopic posts in recruitment section where deleted everytimel =( Whilst I've seen others did the same and their posts were untouched. =(
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 28/Apr/10 23:21


By: dugi on 29/Apr/10 00:04
By: Arj ( Ant ) on 29/Apr/10 00:43
Gibbz: I dunno, there's a fine line between community banter and flaming. Fana can't distinguish between the two.

It's because you ARE flaming banter boy Gibbz.. nobody can distinguish that
By: Thrillseeker on 29/Apr/10 01:21
Yeah, that's why I've been staying off forum. Too much BS. A pic Tweadle with a ... in his mouth. ENSL is not serious to me any more, sadly. Too much rage and crying in the competitive scene too. NSTalent drama is 1% of the drama going on here.
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 29/Apr/10 01:45
Fuck off arj please with your subjective remarks. Just because you don't like me doesn't mean you should be so one sided.

I'm more thinking of recent events when Tonee had made a recruitment post and people were giving him hints and tips. A few guys mentioned "never listen to dugi!" and other jokes (banter) relating to dugi being bad, and Fana delted them ALL. Jokes like this in my eyes are a good thing as they show community spirit. Obviously when dugi and sublime think they are cool spamming capslock "NIGGERPAKILOL", they do ruin this spirit alot.

So yea, basically, shut up Arj.
By: dugi on 29/Apr/10 02:02
Lately I just go niggerpakilol on sublime. And most of the time, with newcomers (NUBS) in vent I tend to make them pay attention to some strong points in the game and that stuff.

I don't go over niggerniggernigger on them. Example of this is necros, he respected me as a super epic player, I try to give him advice (on how to rambo of course) as much as I can.

Then we have the opposite situation, when I get disrespected, they fear my wrath ;D.
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 29/Apr/10 03:28
LOL thats rich coming from you George, considering you hang out with Jimmis. And who started that whole HILARIOUS paki joke?

By: LITERALLY_GAY ( 3D happy land ) on 29/Apr/10 05:42
I am actually a nigger and I would appreciate it if you guys kept the racist, homophobic (i'm also gay [and a muslim]) comments to yourself, thanks.
By: dugi on 29/Apr/10 05:43
That was WAY out of line gay.
By: huhuh ( Danny Est Gros ) on 29/Apr/10 05:46
Lol at worthless drama.
By: NecRos_aka_Orgad ( Team Three ) on 29/Apr/10 05:52
the gayman is the best troll ever.
By: aA on 29/Apr/10 06:13
gibbz i'm not sure if you should be a guy that says something about others "childish" bahavious when your recent gather event with tweadle was way beyond any border of mature person not to mention you're not a prove of your mature words at all. if you want to point out others some not cool things be a good example of yourself to them, i'm surely they will learn a lot that way ; )
anyway as long as you have a distance to things and to yourself then i'm sure you will laught when you want to.
By: psyc0mus ( minions ) on 29/Apr/10 06:16
are you a muslim as a religious believer? because im pretty sure that muslims teach that homosexuality is wrong or am i?
By: aA on 29/Apr/10 06:17
no man ; D but gl ; p
By: 360ms on 29/Apr/10 06:36
I'm under-aged, why did Fana let me view this :( now my mind is filled with devastating words such as 'obnoxious' and 'flaming'.. ARHH IT HURTS MY EYES

By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 29/Apr/10 06:38
I hang out with Jimmis? You mean I play HoN with Jimmis. How does this change anything? The paki joke was actually started by esJ anyway. So please explain how it's "rich". I don't like Jimmis' attitude as much as the next?

aA, what was immature about that? I wanted to play with Tweadle, we agreed to change teams by switching Multi with me. It was fair trade, the teams would have been fair. YOU didn't want this however; YOU wanted a gain from the switch and wanted to place me and tweadle with a set of weaker players. Multi and you are both better than I and tweadle in our current state of activity. I'm not going to play a stacked gather; so refused to play.

Also aA, I don't even know why I'm responding to you. While I agree Fana wasn't the best moderator, you took it completely OTT. You practically flamed him for doing a voluntary job which did more good then bad. Fana's done 100x more for this scene then you've ever done. Half the scene won't even play with you because of your whiney attitude and your "childish" behaviour. I actually think your not a bad guy underneath and think you've matured alot. But please... you're in no position to tell me about hypocricy or what I'm doing wrong.
By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 29/Apr/10 07:09
GibbZ, please dont act like a fucking angel, you've done your shit now dont get upset when people remember that.

Your whole english "crew" is full of flamers and other "personalities".
By: aA on 29/Apr/10 07:11
the deal was: you play together and i switch with tweadle to play with multi tweadle as captain picks whoever multi wants then we play. then you turn everything on your faivour, if you can't be trust worthy on such simple things then i dunno about the rest... i didnt flame anyone not a single insult here man and i did not say he did bad work, read correctly thank you ; )
also i agree with frg that you should stop playing an angel role ; p
By: qin on 29/Apr/10 07:37
Clearly everyone is innocent here like always and it's all just issues fighting each other. Screw those issues.
By: aA on 29/Apr/10 07:41
sorry man! you're in no possition! ; D
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 29/Apr/10 08:18
Erm excuse me, that's your side of the story. You say we made a deal a different way to how tweadle and me said we made that deal. Take that as you will.

Please explain what "shit" I've done. Sure in the past I've been a twat, but I generally put that down to age. aA's named one susposed immature thing I've done recently (ofcourse conflicting arguments) and fair enough, I still disagree. I'm not claiming to be an angel; I never did claim or will claim this. No one in this scene's an angel apart from perhaps lump (and danny), who actually gets a surprising ammount of shit! I was merely saying; to stop giving fana shit, my opinions on what is banter and flaming (or good banter and bad banter), and how jokes can be a good thing for the scene (when portraying how close we actually are). I merely used dugi as an example and you get on your high-horse like I'm claiming I'm god and your bumchum dugi is a complete dickhead.

Please don't insult any of my english "crew". The only person you could perhaps talk about (who actually warrants a dick-medal/award) is sheep. That's who sheep is. He doesn't take shit. Don't generalise when people like GreeN, Tweadle and Alty (who I'm also presuming you put in this catergory) are pretty well damn "behaved" in comparison to the rest of this scene. Once again you're either blowing something up and exaggerating or making out I'm portaying myself as something I'm not.
By: d- on 29/Apr/10 08:31
Well this is degenerating rather rapidly!
By: aA on 29/Apr/10 09:41
everything is just your interpratation gibbz your movie and projection, you can always ask tweadle what was the deal cause he was the one multi was making it with ; p no hard deal(if he's your friend he will surely tell you the truth) ; p maybe you've been just dragged in if you were than you will hear my appologizes ; p althought i just saw how silly this is ; D, i'd rather play with you and have fun ; D
it's funny how all this started as one person took everything so serious that he brought out all his heavy cannons of the past and counter attacked and then ran away ; p and how simply he found so many defenders, reminds me of some very recent polish president who died in plain crash and how suddenly ppl started to say how awesome the president was and how patriotic he was, and how much he made for nation which is total bs ; p althought a week before the accident most of nation was very critise to his actions as a head of nation all you had to do was just to listen to what he says and does. now that guy lies between some really brave and patriotic heroes, which really made a lot for this country(poland ;p) and nation.
By: hammy on 29/Apr/10 09:50
Go to bed!
By: Tweadle on 29/Apr/10 09:53
You have no idea how nice I am guys. I just take NS seriously, that's all.
By: NecRos_aka_Orgad ( Team Three ) on 29/Apr/10 10:00
NS is serious business.

A dot makes it serious.
By: aA on 29/Apr/10 10:39
well there is still person behind that monitor ; )
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 29/Apr/10 11:32
Well that's something we can agree on. We both see the story from different sides. I told tweadle to do our deal, he came back to me and said it was a done deal only for us to find out later that you wanted another deal, so stuff happened. It was hardly a big thing anyway. We both saw it from different sides (both argueing each was right).

Also, I don't know who deleted frG's and dugi's comments but I read them, and if you want to continue this argument on steam, I've got solid experimental evidence against that.
By: Nec0 on 29/Apr/10 12:47
:( sad
By: ret ( Ant ) on 29/Apr/10 15:12
Well this was fun reading befor i go to work :D now im off to work with a :) face
By: Tane ( Saunamen ) on 29/Apr/10 18:20
You know Gibbz, you have hurt me very deeply with your sharp flame! I cry myself to sleep every night only hoping that you would stop bullying me! He has flamed me even in shoutcast, the most public forum you can get! Is this the maturity he is referring to?
By: dugi on 29/Apr/10 18:27
By: dugi on 29/Apr/10 18:27
You can guess who did gibbz ;DDDDD
By: Nerdish ( NewStyleD Return ) on 29/Apr/10 19:23
Oh cool, finally all the drama, this season was lacking of, directed into one place easy to find for all the drama queens.
Where can I donate?
By: dugi on 29/Apr/10 19:35 nerdish, go ahead. i'm the king of the drama ;D
By: SaperioN ( Flatline-Ns ) on 29/Apr/10 21:11
on the occasion of your personal description u should join dugis team..
By: blind ( Gorge Casting Couch ) on 29/Apr/10 21:44
A shame to see the main news on ENSL page full of drama. We might need a Fana clone to delete every comment =)
By: aA on 29/Apr/10 21:57
he'd ran away straight away same as his main form ; p
By: SyntaxOfLimbo ( Stray Dogs ) on 29/Apr/10 22:26
I'm just imaging how this would look if you all were arguing in real life. I'd pay 50 euros to see that.
By: atman on 29/Apr/10 23:06
complete silence, a bunch of guys staring awkwardly at the floor =)
By: aA on 29/Apr/10 23:20
sorry but not me ; p
By: psyc0mus ( minions ) on 29/Apr/10 23:38
vote yes, on geek violence.

awkward trash talk included
By: ret ( Ant ) on 30/Apr/10 00:02
Syntax has the right idea , and atman has hit the nail on the head half these people irl wouldnt even talk to another person in this way/manner but its easy behind a screen :D
By: dugi on 30/Apr/10 00:10
get some balls to go to the finnish meeting and you'll meet the rage machine.

you too ret.
By: doctor ( Team Four ) on 30/Apr/10 00:16
Dugi would get spawncamped irl.
By: dugi on 30/Apr/10 00:31
no, because I won't spawn since I won't die. UNLUCKY.
By: ret ( Ant ) on 30/Apr/10 03:15
dugi if i went to the fin meeting il'd be happy to kick the shit out of you :D
By: psyc0mus ( minions ) on 30/Apr/10 03:21
could you please record that? id looove to see that :D
By: dugi on 30/Apr/10 03:37
well ret, you'll be milking your little kid and becoming a FAG and i'll be laughing at that because I WILL BE THERE and you won't.
By: Nerdish ( NewStyleD Return ) on 30/Apr/10 03:48
Don't underestimate ret, he punches cassie all day.
By: dugi on 30/Apr/10 04:07
well, it's just the opposite. cassie punches ret all day.
By: LITERALLY_GAY ( 3D happy land ) on 30/Apr/10 04:35
children are gay, finland is gay.
By: LITERALLY_GAY ( 3D happy land ) on 30/Apr/10 04:36
"Well that settles it... we'll call it Finland" - some idiot in whatever century
By: LITERALLY_GAY ( 3D happy land ) on 30/Apr/10 04:37
"Well that settles it... I'll work a 20 hour day and we'll have a kid" - some idiot this century
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 30/Apr/10 05:10
I'm the king of argument you fucking spastics. If we do meet in Finland you will all cower before my might.

Dugi pales in comparison - he says he doesn't flame irl!? LOL? HOMO
By: SyntaxOfLimbo ( Stray Dogs ) on 30/Apr/10 05:20
What the shit is this? Is everyone coming to the meeting now? Then we have to rent 2 cottages.
By: Nec0 on 30/Apr/10 06:08
By: ret ( Ant ) on 30/Apr/10 07:19
cassie always beats me up shes not coming to the meeting or she will own all of us dugi
By: dugi on 30/Apr/10 07:59
she can't beat my sexist brutality
By: mu on 01/May/10 18:57
ns could never have a lan, too many broken pairs of glasses ;(
By: mu on 01/May/10 18:58
and awkward angry stares
By: Peckerwoodz on 03/May/10 00:08
Who is this fana kid and why is he allowed to post in the news section.
By: Peckerwoodz on 03/May/10 00:08
Who is this fana kid and why is he allowed to post in the news section.
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 03/May/10 03:23
Who is this peckerwoodz kid and why is he allowed to breathe oxygen?
By: ret ( Ant ) on 03/May/10 04:18
hes not , shoot him
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 03/May/10 09:44
Maybe you should put some of your OG friends on him. Is that how you're going to raise your child incidentally? GOOD GAME
By: Arj ( Ant ) on 03/May/10 18:29
Gibbz: I'm not claiming to be an angel; I never did claim or will claim this. No one in this scene's an angel apart from perhaps lump (and danny)

you forgot to mention me Gibbz.
By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 04/May/10 02:01

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