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frG on 03 March 06 01:48

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By: weezer on 03/Mar/06 14:55
the team rosters are empty :x
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 03/Mar/06 15:54
Oh my god, you killed my team! You bastard!
By: B1 ( iMAGINE ) on 03/Mar/06 16:09
knife still has -1 points, not very relevant though since the season is already over.
By: weezer on 03/Mar/06 17:51
no it is not sir.
By: csm on 03/Mar/06 18:27
nice one! but fix the team rosters ;f
By: csm on 03/Mar/06 18:28
oh and, steam id's not showing on the history pages ;f
By: Pulsar132 on 03/Mar/06 18:32
:S temalist still down, and at first i thought the teams where wiped and i had to get all my team to reapply lol
By: Skyice on 03/Mar/06 18:48
fair play frG.

The season is basicly finished now anyway guys, just wait and im sure things will be back to normal in no time.
By: csm on 03/Mar/06 18:49
we still have 2 matches... drawing them puts us 1st place tied...
By: Skyice on 03/Mar/06 18:52
the league Should of ended ages ago. If your that far behind then u shouldnt desirve to come 1st
By: csm on 03/Mar/06 18:57
hello? weve been able to play ALL of our matches on time, flatline couldnt play us last week, or the week before, or the week before, because of our match schedule and them just not being able to play.
We dont deserve it eh? :<
By: weezer on 03/Mar/06 19:15
how about you just stfu skyice, youre not involved in this league in any way
By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 03/Mar/06 19:23
i asked mike to not redirect the domain yet, apparantly it happened already, there is a major performance bug including steamid's, since the team table is linked to the steamID's they are offline for the moment.
By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 03/Mar/06 19:35
also scheduling works again, you can now schedule your last match, if there are any problems , contact me!
By: Pulsar132 on 03/Mar/06 19:56
yay the site looks ok now :D
By: csm on 03/Mar/06 20:24
n1 frG
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 03/Mar/06 20:27
Yeah finnally it displays in 1 second instead of the usual 20.


As for skyice. Your completely wrong. How is it our fault that our opposing teams cant play us?

Yes we really deserve to loose because they arent active.

as for frG thanks for hostingyea.
By: Skyice on 03/Mar/06 20:48
lol @ tmk u always make me luagh.
Zamma and who ever Xeo is (csm?) im just saying it as i see it, no need to rage.
By: Skyice on 03/Mar/06 20:50
If the admin would pic up on theese problems and forfiet the inactive clans, then there wouldnt be a problem.
By: csm on 03/Mar/06 20:52
... ?
By: Skyice on 03/Mar/06 20:53
and saying that im not invloved in this league in anyway is the biggest amount of bullshit ive herd tmk. Ns is a community, the league is the only thing european ns has left, and your telling me im nto alowed to state a opinion because im not in a clan and im not a predictor anymore? grow up and get a fucking life.
By: pimppy on 03/Mar/06 21:16
ownt.. in face
By: Xur ( Netherlands ) on 03/Mar/06 21:16
still season 2 according to the banner ;p hihi
By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 03/Mar/06 21:32
@ Xur, haha your right , ill get some designer to work on it ;)
By: B1 ( iMAGINE ) on 04/Mar/06 02:14
get a cooler logo please :P
By: weezer on 04/Mar/06 02:17
hey skyice, saying things the way you see it isnt a very good idea if you have no idea whats going on, i mean youve had your exam weeks and all? maybe its best you get "back into the scene" before making statements like your first two comments.

also, ensl is not the only thing european ns has left, youre just making up stuff again. which brings me nicely to my second point: stating opinions is fine, however yours was no opinion but merely an arbitrary comment from a misinformed individual.

ps: that is the most spelling mistakes ive ever seen in a comment, did you fail your english exam or do they not teach you that at school yet
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 04/Mar/06 03:47

By: Skyice on 04/Mar/06 16:43
1. please show me another large community that almost the whole of competitive eu ns is active and involved with.
2. saying i cant spell is old school, get with it.
3. my arbitary comment was misinformed and wasnt aimed at you so i dont know why were even having this arguement.
By: tjo on 04/Mar/06 17:16
Argue something useful please. That goes for everyone.
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 04/Mar/06 17:58
By: weezer on 04/Mar/06 20:56
1. please show me where i claimed there was one
2. saying theres something "old school" about you makes me laugh. however, you didnt answer my question
3. the "argument" is way past that, however its pretty hypocritical to start talking about something youve got no clue about and then attack the first guy to tell you to shut up because its "not their business"
By: tjo on 04/Mar/06 22:53
Tomekki continued the useless arguement-> Skyice takes the def win.
By: cream on 05/Mar/06 00:56
tjosan points that out , tjosan loses
By: B1 ( iMAGINE ) on 05/Mar/06 01:08
here's something oldschool for you,
By: B1 ( iMAGINE ) on 05/Mar/06 04:37
the NS-POLICE removed my pic :[
By: Skyice on 05/Mar/06 12:00
lets move the discussion on. hmmm, lets talk about sex. Everyone likes sex. right?
By: ben on 05/Mar/06 12:46
What would you know about sex you fricking geek.
By: tjo on 05/Mar/06 13:31
Rightie, let's abuse some admin powers!

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