3hives is wicked

Hi guys,

As you all may have noticed there is a public server available for the ns community named "jarHedz :: 3 Hives NS", its doing pretty good, but not quite good enough. The community hangs out in #3hives on quakenet, stop by and say hello.

I would like to ask everyone that can and will support this public server to do so. The server has a lot of ENSL members on the admin team, so it is very much focused on the needs of competitive players.

If you want to make suggestions about the new server you can leave a comment here.


IP : jarHedz :: 3 Hives NS 3.1.2

frG on 08 March 06 14:00

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By: mu on 08/Mar/06 15:17
its got shit reg
By: 360ms on 08/Mar/06 15:25
:D thanks for the pimp froggy
By: B1 ( iMAGINE ) on 08/Mar/06 18:29
its your aim lol
By: 360ms on 08/Mar/06 20:33
it's bobbi's hitbox lol
By: ben on 09/Mar/06 06:15
It doesn't have extra levels and hordes of newbs to kill with a uranium shotgun and thus is not what I look for in my public gaming experience.
By: d- on 09/Mar/06 12:28
and 10 second spawn protection.
By: Pulsar132 on 09/Mar/06 12:52
wootloops i hate that spawn protection as when ur in the hive you have to like run from the alien while they have protection it like them having Invul
By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 09/Mar/06 13:19
sarcasm ftw
By: csm on 09/Mar/06 13:53
By: Skyice on 09/Mar/06 14:24
By: aA on 09/Mar/06 17:28
By: vara on 09/Mar/06 19:44
lol plz where is the reg?

ohno, im spanish...
By: aA on 09/Mar/06 19:53
By: tjo on 10/Mar/06 08:55
I'm 2 good 4 you.
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 11/Mar/06 22:01
There's no doubt you're a skilled skulk, a.A, you have some cool moves going on for sure. There's unfortunately also no doubt you're lagging a lot. Your connection, or whatever the problem is, is horrible and inflicting damage on you is sometimes downright impossible because shots don't register on your laggy skulk. While I'm sure it's annoying for you as well, fact is that we have good reason to be pissed off at you when it happens.
By: tjo on 12/Mar/06 08:47
Nah, not to be pissed off at aA. I get pissed off at his ISP and the bad intraeuropean connections.
By: Hammond ( coolclan ) on 12/Mar/06 10:36
concrete curb
By: tjo on 12/Mar/06 12:47
Nah, polish curbs are made of the normal stone thingies (you know they ones you throw at the police?).
By: Nephotep ( New Team ) on 12/Mar/06 13:59
but whats the IP :o
By: Nephotep ( New Team ) on 12/Mar/06 14:00
and no i wont join 3hives irc channel and i wont look for it anywhere else....a post is made here about the server so play tell me the ip ! :DD
By: Skyice on 12/Mar/06 18:41
By: weezer on 12/Mar/06 19:11
the ip is in the original post you, you
By: tjo on 13/Mar/06 07:31
The original post was edited you, you
By: weezer on 13/Mar/06 10:32
By: 360ms on 13/Mar/06 10:50
Res slotters can now make map votes, should help when you need co_ for small numbers.

more info at http://www.jarhedz.com/viewforum.php?f=82
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 13/Mar/06 11:47
What an asshole tomekki is! He tried to trick us into thinking neph is a moron.... oh wait! LOL
By: aA on 13/Mar/06 11:51
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 13/Mar/06 12:59
Psst UK people:

Tribes:Vengeance on sale for £3 \o\

By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 13/Mar/06 13:00
I broke the website again with my long links.

Just type "Tribes" into the PC games search box at play.com
By: bp on 14/Mar/06 19:47
G_G sherpa you FUCKING IDI DOT

punch the keys for god sake

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