Knife, ENSL Season 3 Champions!

In an exciting final game sunday night, Knife took home the title of Season 3 ENSL champions; the game was played on ns_veil and ns_origin.

Congratulations to Knife, and well played Levitacus!


The match ended 3-1.

Demos can be found in the newly made "Demos" section found on the left side menu, along with demos of other ENSL matches. Have fun watching!

tjo on 13 March 06 18:55

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By: Nephotep ( New Team ) on 13/Mar/06 19:06
little late with this, but gg :)
By: Nephotep ( New Team ) on 13/Mar/06 19:06
when is the new season going to start ?
By: Skyice on 13/Mar/06 19:12
nice. only took u 24 hours to post.
By: tjo on 13/Mar/06 19:21
I love you too Skyice!
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 13/Mar/06 20:21
[Waits for the obligatory aA "LOL HI" comment before this post becomes official EU talk]
By: 360ms on 13/Mar/06 20:35
we couldn't exactly post it before you saw the result with your own eyes now could we. It was still under 24 hours man.
By: vara on 14/Mar/06 10:25
hi lol
By: C11H17NO3 on 14/Mar/06 11:42
demo's :o?
By: C11H17NO3 on 14/Mar/06 11:46
nm its on D:
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 14/Mar/06 12:29
By: Iots ( el'pheer ) on 14/Mar/06 12:42
By: weezer on 14/Mar/06 12:49
everyone should use these demos as a reference on how ns is really played
By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 14/Mar/06 13:19
As you may have noticed there is a new demo section, available from the menu displayed on the left side of your screen, the final demo can be found there.
By: C11H17NO3 on 15/Mar/06 07:10
thats nice
By: pimppy on 15/Mar/06 09:28
"everyone should use these demos as a reference on how ns is really played"

By: Hammond ( coolclan ) on 15/Mar/06 09:50
The final was pretty good imo, at least compared to the season :(
By: tjo on 15/Mar/06 09:59
By: anderval on 15/Mar/06 11:45
congrats to knife, nice game, and yes tomekki this is clearly the only match to show a good standard of play over the last 4 years
By: weezer on 15/Mar/06 11:47
i agree, with this match i think its safe to say the strategics and skills in natural selection have finally been refined to their absolute peak
By: anderval on 15/Mar/06 11:50
except for you, way to let the team down finak
By: aA on 15/Mar/06 13:01
By: Cheese on 15/Mar/06 13:36
uhm yes..."everyone should use these demos as a reference on how ns is really played"

if you watch morphz...yes...his fading ins incredible. especially on ns_origin. i was like "omgz" and watched the demos with an open mouth...

but if you look at the this how ns is really played? gunned down after the first contact with enemies (pipeline? ore extraction?) really not sure about that...

however...good games. i really liked how knife did everything they could to win that first round on ns_origin. It was really a nice round to watch
By: d- on 15/Mar/06 14:28
loler pheer the fana lerk.
By: weezer on 15/Mar/06 15:16
i didnt even play, andrew, so im gonna have to take that as a compliment <3

and cheese, shut up. you dont know anything about real ns
By: lagga ( 9L ) on 15/Mar/06 15:46
lol tommi got cut D:?
By: aA on 15/Mar/06 16:16
nice try to pancake fana ;d
By: Iots ( el'pheer ) on 15/Mar/06 18:16
tmk is too pro for ns, he only plays quake
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 15/Mar/06 18:20
Lerking is interesting when you have 1-10 loss to the server and suddenly find yourself stuck to crates in an instant while some guy is shooting at you.
By: tjo on 15/Mar/06 18:48
Loss is overrated.
By: Hammond ( coolclan ) on 16/Mar/06 05:07
I think some specialized shops lack the variety of products people expect them to have.
By: tjo on 16/Mar/06 06:18
Indeed. Just the other day I was looking for beans of a certain kind, as well as maize tortillas, in large quantities. Chocklingly, they only had them in small "luxury" sized packages.

By: weezer on 16/Mar/06 06:38
you shouldve sued their asses
By: anderval on 16/Mar/06 07:54
chocking indeed, no seriously
By: tjo on 16/Mar/06 09:24
Plz, my grammar you correct can, such a way I understand? KK?
By: anderval on 16/Mar/06 10:25
me sell 100 gold super cheap price! wow wow! deliver fast!
By: oma ( vetus ) on 16/Mar/06 11:58
Everyone is speaking how good alien 'u should be but thats not the thing. I think the reason why lerks, fades are dying more easily now days is because we have uber high skill in aiming, shooting and communicating with teammates. Am i right?
By: Cheese on 16/Mar/06 12:50
yes i think so too. However I wonder why these Lerks go down if they know they have to be very careful because of the good aiming/communications.

oh and are teh pwns0r :D muahaha
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 16/Mar/06 13:16
I've never had uber aim.
By: oma ( vetus ) on 16/Mar/06 14:21
because u are newbie arent u ?!?!?!?
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 16/Mar/06 16:30

Too much C-S.
By: Disqo on 17/Mar/06 14:57
Stop pretending this scene is not dead.
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 17/Mar/06 15:10
Stop pretending we care about your opinion Disqo.

oma: uh neg. too many good players have left and the ones that are left don't practice enough. Some are still amazing though (wltrs, mop)<3.
By: Tweadle on 17/Mar/06 20:18
The general skill level has definitely increased, oma's right. Kills are are alot more common now as fading takes alot more concentration to accomodate for the marines' potential to murk you silly.
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 17/Mar/06 20:34
No the top players are nowhere near as good as they were, skill level hasnt increased it has decreased
By: Tweadle on 17/Mar/06 21:49
That doesn't mean that the newer(ish) players haven't gotten better. I guess it's difficult to determine whether the player-base has improved or worsened as it's all relative. Whatever's happened, the skill-gap has become much smaller and besides, this has been happening throughout the community, not just in top division clans so saying top players aren't as good as they were is a very isolated viewpoint.
By: weezer on 17/Mar/06 22:26
but it is true
By: B1 ( iMAGINE ) on 17/Mar/06 22:36
right now, there isn't much point for higher teams to practice and achieve the same level they once were on, since they still beat their opponents. Maybe s4 will give prem div some challenge.
By: C11H17NO3 on 17/Mar/06 23:02
go <3 go!

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