Nightcup the 20th !



The ENSL will hold the 20th NightCup on the weekend of the 10th of April !

I guess we will be playing on the 10th of April again, start time 19:00.

As Always you can leave comments if you would prefer to play on saturday or about the start time.

So go and tell your Friends and Family about it so we get a decent number of Teams.

And Yes we will have LoserBrackets so everyone gets to play more than one match!

The Contest can be found here.


This NightCup is mostly to do two things:

1.) Promote the Season(or GatherCup) which will follow shortly after the Cup !

2.) Give the Teams a chance to become a Team again .. remind the "all-Stars" to

     join their Team again, maybe have some New Teams forming and for you guys to

     check if the chemistry in your team is still working or if you need to get it going

     again !


Basically this should be a Fun little event to set you all in a Seasony mood ;D !


Any question pls fell free to ask in comments or per Steamfriends.

If i haave forgotten anything important pls forgive me... atm i am vomitting blood so.. I am not very well !


Greetings !

EisTeeAT on 28 March 11 15:17

History | Comments: 20


By: qtm ( Flatline-Ns ) on 28/Mar/11 21:07
I demand a ban for everyone.
By: LITERALLY_GAY ( 3D happy land ) on 28/Mar/11 21:07
So you're starting with the overwhelmingly least popular option followed by the next least popular option. gg, enjoy your ban.
By: LITERALLY_GAY ( 3D happy land ) on 28/Mar/11 21:08
kuitmo you don't know how to handle bans. leave this to me.
By: EisTeeAT on 28/Mar/11 21:29
As i was trying to say .. it is mainly a warmup thing 8) !
By: LITERALLY_GAY ( 3D happy land ) on 28/Mar/11 21:43
nice griefing, enjoy your ban.
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 28/Mar/11 23:18
I demand the vomiting of blood for everyone, with proof required before admittance to the Cup.

Screenshots to be submitted within 7 days for this one s4, you aren't getting away with it this time!
By: Saebelzahnelefant ( Team Four ) on 30/Mar/11 13:09
eistee. youre supposed to use tomatojuice, not the blood of a cute lil baby that got born at fullmoon for you bloody mary.
seriously, you fail at getting drunk!
By: Saebelzahnelefant ( Team Four ) on 30/Mar/11 13:11
remember my request now XD

By: blind ( onFire ) on 30/Mar/11 13:27
when jiriki sets up the stream, this should work way better as with lump :D
By: EisTeeAT on 30/Mar/11 14:56
Would you do us the honors of Shoutcasting blind? !
By: blind ( onFire ) on 30/Mar/11 17:18
if someone can set up the stream, sure
By: lump on 30/Mar/11 23:14
'Saebelzahnelefant'eistee. youre supposed to use tomatojuice

seriously saebel, leave my penis alone!
By: lump on 30/Mar/11 23:18
LOL blind! I dunno what you're talking about, my stream was seamless and beautiful! I'm sure people were even connecting from africa!
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 30/Mar/11 23:34
NS is dead, let it go.
By: lump on 31/Mar/11 00:22
Yeh whatever FANA, go and watch babylon 5 or something
By: d- on 31/Mar/11 02:18
You said that every time you resurrected 9L, oivind.
By: blind ( onFire ) on 31/Mar/11 06:20
haha lump. no, we screwed that one up hard
By: lump on 31/Mar/11 11:11
i was quite impressed with my ability to record from the speakers of my PC to the stream on my laptop ^_^ Admit it, your voice has never sounded so sexy
By: rapsu ( Quaxy ) on 31/Mar/11 11:16
Jiihhaaa nigt kup!
By: Vision ( Quaxy ) on 31/Mar/11 13:45
I like Babylon 5.

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[03:02] bHack: fu tom <3
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[01:59] Iots: this scene is greatly missing your packetlossgracious gameplay, tom
[01:50] lump: Iots yes... have I returned? Which uk isp isn't being eaten by worms??
[01:48] lump: Haha Hi Paskie?!
[20:42] zebroe: join da gather for orgy fun
[17:21] unrendered: swag
[15:30] Paskie: one more for gather

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