Go SignUp !

Hello beloved Community !


As you hopefully know by now we are planning to have a fun little NightCup this Weekend !


Sadly though only one Team has signed up so far.


But if we check the Forum we see there are a couple of ppl actually wanting to play the Cup. So ppl go ahead and build a new Team and join that one up!


And as far as i know we could have a nice German Team, a Polish Team(Jaros), a American Team... and we alrdy have one Team full of Fins 8)!

So maybe we can form that into a little NationsCup, but you have to actually have the guts ppl!


Further i would like to tell you ppl that if we only manage to get four teams i alrdy have a nice Idea so we can still play that night and everyone gets to play at least 3 matches !!


So Go Ahead guys Form your Teams and SignUp i promise it will be a fun and cudly little event!

Oh and as little motivation we will give the Winners a ChampIcon !


Greetings EisTee.at


P.S.: Sry this did not come a bit sooner .. but i ve been pretty busy and frankly i blame all the sunny days lately ;D !

EisTeeAT on 06 April 11 05:00

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By: noway ( The Team ) on 06/Apr/11 10:01
let's make it next weekend
By: d- on 06/Apr/11 12:21
No one can play this weekend and no one wanted this type of competition. The poll for GatherCup won.
By: actinium on 06/Apr/11 13:30
Bad timing putting this in April.
By: 360ms on 06/Apr/11 16:59
The poll box is the REAL boss here!

By: vartija ( Ant ) on 07/Apr/11 02:34
Still, NC got 2,9% of votes... (tom's and eistee's)
But seriously. This seems to be quite busy season now. Maybe something as pathetic as gathercup might success.
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 07/Apr/11 04:58
Bad timing putting this on Natural Selection.
By: aA on 07/Apr/11 05:14
oh lol, what a trolololo
By: Vision ( Quaxy ) on 08/Apr/11 02:29
Yeah! Let's move the Nightcup to Black Ops!!
By: homik on 08/Apr/11 05:10
racist, ban.
By: hex ( Team Three ) on 08/Apr/11 15:55
Yeah these two weekends are bad for me
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 09/Apr/11 04:50
3 team nightcup :D

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