GatherCup Summary

Hello beloved Community!


We just finished our GatherCUP!


First off i want to apologize for underestimating Jaros Impact .. i did not expect him to drag his Team down so bad!

I am very sorry! I promise he will never be captain again ! .. if we ever do this again 8) !


Further i am also sorry that two other polish ppl had to go to bed so early they could not play the Finals! 8**( !


So the Winner of our GatherCup is Team Three which is:

ykarus (captain), king_yo, Necros, Co-il, pyro, SHoe and hex

Congratulations to those Players !

You can find the Contest, Teams and Games here

Thank you to anyone who played i hope you all enjoyed it at least a bit 8) !

Also thank you to Danny, Doctor, Jiriki and the rest of the AdminTeam for their help and suggestions !


Stay tuned for further Events

Greetings Urs truly !

P.S.: If we do this again the organization will be better cause the Teampicking will go over the Page .. i am sure we(Jiriki) will be able to implement that 8) !

EisTeeAT on 08 May 11 22:06

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By: Tweadle on 08/May/11 22:30
Was it a battle of the bottom feeders?
By: EisTeeAT on 08/May/11 22:44
No i think it s been some nice games !
By: Elvisq ( Team Four ) on 09/May/11 00:47
having a danny in team = 100% of alien ties guaranteed
By: beefcake on 09/May/11 09:48
Winners my ass!! You wouldn't let me play with mercs. Would have dominated them!
By: beefcake on 09/May/11 10:14
nice spam I make. The schools internet sucks
By: Ykarus ( The Team ) on 09/May/11 10:15
I said go get dugi, danny or jiriki for aA!
But for some reason you didn't.
Amazing how one single country can ruin a WORLDWIDE event of joy and happyness - gz poland
By: JarO ( Team One ) on 09/May/11 10:23
Yeaaa my fault.

Thanks for two last players which were not picked, which they had to play.

You made very good gather cup!

I hope that we will it soon again !
By: bHack ( UK ) on 09/May/11 12:45
yea, we will it soon ...
By: dugi on 09/May/11 13:22
Tell me jaro got first pick and he picked me first Yka. Otherwise I'm gonna kill you if I ever get to germany.
By: Ykarus ( The Team ) on 09/May/11 13:59
well well well dugi... mi amigo
it was like this: I had the first vote and picked king yo because I love his accent, you know that. Then my 2nd vote was hex, I don't like him and he's a baddy but he's from a developing country and I really want to give these guys a chance. And then jaro picked you. sorry for that!
By: qtm ( Flatline-Ns ) on 09/May/11 14:04
teribul troll cup
By: SaperioN ( Flatline-Ns ) on 09/May/11 16:32
your luck i had no time
By: BerglunD ( Snowrollers ) on 09/May/11 17:16
did Ykarus sell?
By: LITERALLY_GAY ( 3D happy land ) on 09/May/11 17:44
Yeah tbh it sounds like you kind of fucked jaro over with his pick order
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 09/May/11 17:46
It was actually nice. Thanks to Doctor, Eistee and Danny for doing it.
By: vartija ( Ant ) on 09/May/11 17:56
gg. Playing 3 games with newborn team is actually pretty tiring so I was also up to finals only if rest of the team was playing as a whole.
By: pyro on 09/May/11 18:39
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 09/May/11 20:58
tbh it sounds like I carried
By: hex ( Team Three ) on 09/May/11 21:54
thanks for organizing it
By: huhuh ( Danny Est Gros ) on 10/May/11 07:17
Numbers of Frenchies in the winning team and in the losing team ... check!
By: beefcake on 10/May/11 15:31
Jaro had the first pick, then me, then yka and then 2 picks for last(who was the last comm?). Then yka again, then me, then 2 picks for jaro. and he picked dugi first, then dux and blind. I feel sad, my second picked only played 1 round and then go get laid. Ban for having a live MP!
By: beefcake on 10/May/11 15:31
By: beefcake on 10/May/11 15:32
and Yka, I did ask, but admins wouldn't allow the match because only 4 of the original team2 left :(
By: LITERALLY_GAY ( 3D happy land ) on 10/May/11 18:20
Who was Jaro's tier 4 pick?
By: Saebelzahnelefant ( Team Four ) on 10/May/11 19:02
i think its rather nice of us as a community to lose on purpose, so necros wins something in his miserable live!

go us!
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 14/May/11 18:59
Oh my god.

North American won something in European League. And even canadian, jebus!

This is a disgrace, you should be ashamed!
By: sancezz ( NewStyleD Return ) on 26/May/11 13:16
Eistee Admin again? :D

and why Eistee play in all teams? Clanhopper banhim pls :P
By: EisTeeAT on 26/May/11 14:48
I deleted myself from all the teams but someone had to create the teams !

And when you create one you are a member automatically .. i actually did not play at all °!
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 27/May/11 23:07
What sort of fucking idiot spends this much time organising shit for something he doesn't even play?!
By: EisTeeAT on 27/May/11 23:16
that would be me !
By: hex ( Team Three ) on 04/Jun/11 21:00
where's my icon?
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 04/Jun/11 23:35
No icons for cups.
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 04/Jun/11 23:35
Or canadians.
By: EisTeeAT on 05/Jun/11 00:07
srsly hex .. it is EUROPEAN nsl ... you think we give anything for ppl from the kingdom far far away !
By: Saebelzahnelefant ( Team Four ) on 07/Jun/11 16:52
oh! hex is an unkissed frog who is waiting to turn into a beatuiful prince?
well im sure winning ensl-gathercups is the right way to get kissed in the long term...

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