NCT 17 EARLY Teamseeding/Brackets

We made these Seedings based on these Signups:



Please POST if you're fine with our assignments in this thread:


If think there need to be any changes made for better balance or any other reason let us know!

We still require some Commanders so if you're able to command please post it there as well.


In case you're missing from the list or have any other problems contact an admin:

write us on Discord:

write us on Steam (add people here):

You can also contact admins directly using the Contact Button on the webpage.




Matchtimes and Bracket:


Mega on 03 February 17 20:01



Blank Resistor

Damn. Looks like Mega really knows what he is doing. All necessary info in one post.

4 February 2017, 14:46


Blank artem | His Majesty's Ship


4 February 2017, 22:20


Blank Tyr | DEFORMED


4 February 2017, 23:30


Blank Nauti2 | 123

Winners should face the ENSL Div1 champions as a bonus! x)

5 February 2017, 00:08


Blank Bicsum | Heidis Bergziegen

I'm actually really surprised about the amount of people that signed up. Gj

5 February 2017, 00:23



where is my badge? :(

13 February 2017, 01:59


Blank Absurdon | placeholder

badges have been handed out. you should find it in you natural selection 2 steam inventory. if you have problems activating it try doing it while on a server. If there is still issues contact the admins on steam or discord.

13 February 2017, 11:34

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