Season 11 Status Update

The ENSL is by the Community for the Community.


Season 11 Status Update

We still have a few Season 11 group phase matches to finish.

The playoffs will be scheduled when all games are played or after the season group play ends on the 4 June 2017.


The rosters are now locked 1 week before conclusion of the season (what was 29 may 2017), which is today. So, players are unable to change teams at this point.


The top 4 teams from each division will face each other in the playoffs.

Seeded team 1 plays seeded team 4, and seeded team 2 plays seeded team 3.

Winners of each match play each other in the finals.


The winners of the Div1 and Div2 playoffs receive a badge and all finalists of Div1 and Div2 will receive an entry in the Hall of Fame.

The first round of the playoffs will be best of 5.

Teams in the finals will decide if they want to play best of 5 or best of 7.


Draft Tournament + (Custom maps ?)

We would like to do a Draft Tournament 17th of June 2017 at 18 CEST.

This works like a Gather. You vote for Captains and they pick from a player pool to assemble teams of 6-8 players.

All matches will be played in 1 evening, best of 1-2 rounds (maybe more rounds/maps depending on many sign up).


Please sign up here: AND CLICK REQUEST TO JOIN

(don't panic if you don't show up instantly in that Team we update it daily)


You can also come online on the 17th June 18 CEST short notice and play.

NSL mod

We have good news. The getting lifeform/res back in the nsl mod has been enabled again.

(It works for all lifeforms and Marines on the field but you have to relog as a commander.)

Reinforcements needed:

ref.png  cast.png

We always need active reinforcements.

(There are the Requirements/Duties listed)




Gather Moderator:

Apply here:



Apply here:



Apply here:

Spawns for this Season 11 Playoffs

are executed exactly like in the Group Stages.


1) ns2_tram (Alien Warehouse Spawn both Rounds)

2) ns2_summit (Randomize First Round, NO Alien North, then repeat same Positions)

3) All other Maps (Randomize First Round then repeat same Alien/Marine Positions)

Your team disbanded / You want to change your team for PCWs and more ENSL events?

We created a Google form to effectively seed you on a team or to create one with your help:


Who has filled it out already?:


If you’d prefer to do this the old fashioned way, the recruitment forum is here:

You can reach us here:

-post on the Forums (public)

-write us on Discord: (public/private chat)

-write us on Steam: (private)

-contact the admins by clicking [Users]>> Contact on the top right of the frontpage. (private)



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