Thank you everyone for your participation by, casting, reffing or viewing and cheering for the teams in the Newcomer Tournament Late 2017. (Badges are in the work don't worry)
The results of the teams’ matches can be seen here:



If you have enjoyed participating or spectating the tournament we recommend you to sign up for the next season that is just around the corner! Season 12 is planned to begin on october the 8th 2017.


How to create a team/join a contest (Season 12/Tournament):

How to find a team:

To see which teams have signed up for Season 12:

Also please do provide constructive feedback (through pcw-results, opinions, etc) for the seeding here:


You can vote and give feedback here about maps:

What additional map you like to play in Season 12


Rule rework for S12 is still on its way:

The opinions of the community are marked in RED and the ideas that the admins have provided are marked in GREEN.Use the comment function of google docs to suggest add, change, or correct on it Here

We will hold a Nightcup Tournament if we have at least 4 Signed up Teams.


Signups are open here now:

How to create a Team/Join a contest (Season/Tournament): (Select Nightcup and join)


  • The rules for this 1-2 evening tournament are:

  • Open for Teams with at least 6 People, with 1 merc per team allowed.

  • Round robin format with 1-2 maps on each match.

  • The 2 strongest teams will go to the to the Finals.

(On case of a draw for the place 3rd we have a bo2 matches with 2 rounds till we got a 3rd place)

Maps: Tram, Veil, Summit, Biodome, Descent, Mineral, Jambi

Mega on 04 October 17 18:38


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