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Season 14 Signups are OPEN


Looking to ABUSE potentially COMP MOD CHANGES?? well test your luck, skill and BRAIN in ENSL's SEASON 14.


How to create a team/join a contest (Season 14/Tournament):

How to find a team:

To see which teams have signed up for Season 14:


We're looking to CHANGE things up regarding the season format, in the past we've had a lot of LONG drawn out seasons where teams reschedule matches and delay them. Here we're looking for a FACE paced season to MATCH the comp mod changes which push for FASTER gameplay. Our projected season length will be from the 9th of November to the 16th December, leaving us with a 6 week tournament, wrapping up the group stage before the christmas holidays.


After the holidays we are going to be scheduling the playoffs between the top 4 teams during the early Weeks of January. These times are not yet set in stone because we want to be flexible regarding the New Years and the vacation time we anticipate people will want to take. As the season unfolds we will have a better idea of these exact times.


Details about the Season 14 Formats here:

Comp mod updates:

  • Comp Mod testing will begin when an updated version is released (soon) as a lead up to season 14.

  • We will keep all updates in one thread so people can see the comp mod history for this season.
  • There will be additional discussion threads opened when new updates are made after the first testing version is released.
  • When Comp Mod is updated, we will note on: shoutbox, NSL discord, and on the NSL forums.
  • Comp Mod changes are decided by the admin team. The admin team welcomes feedback on all changes. The goal is to create a 6v6 version of NS2 that works for the whole competitive community. We want things like player movement to remain consistent from vanilla to comp mod, but we also want the game-play to be balanced and fun in a competitive environment. 
  • Please share any feedback in the comp mod forum threads:
  • The admin team members:
  • The version of comp mod that is being tested/used for the upcoming season will have all listed changes here:





Past Things:



UPDATE: Spooky Draft Halloween Tournament maybe will be rescheduled to a other Date sorry for late update.


Spooky Draft Halloween Tournament

Tired of not have a competitive environment to test your serious ns2 team? Or do you just want to have some fun games with some friends? Looking for your CHANCE to be on the ENSL's HALL OF PHAME?? Well this SpOoKy TourNaMent is For YOU!!!! Here we will be Testing the new COMP MOD which will revolutionize how the game is played.


Scheduled for the 2-3 November 2018 this tournament is open to all teams and individuals

Will probably be held in the Draft Tournament Style.





Newcomer / Comp novice tournament

A new tournament for players seeking a Competitive Environment is here! We are scheduling this Round Robin Tournament on October 13th 19 CEST. This tournament is geared for new and inexperienced competitive players who have NOT played above the lowest division of a season and didn't reach the playoff phase of that lowest division. Signups are in the link below! Schedule them fast and early!! If you do not have a team or friend to play with we will make teams for you

Signup till 12 October 2018 . 22:00 CEST / 16 EST

1) Register an account at (This video explains the process till 2:32) or recover your password  like this.

2) Click here and click [Request to join]


3) Introduce yourself and say if you want to play with Friends in a Team in here:

(otherwise we will assemble teams for you as good as we can)


Mega on 02 October 18 19:40




Mega on 02 October 18 19:40

mega did you include bad english on purpose or

3 October 2018, 15:57


Blank Deck | Team Awesome

You know you love the random capitalization

3 October 2018, 19:16


Blank phone

FACE paced season

3 October 2018, 19:49



im so glad we beat hera last season so now i can sit proudly in the hall of phame

3 October 2018, 20:56



YOU definitely deserved it

3 October 2018, 22:51


Blank Ypsi | Patphat

LOL they really put you in hall of fame after that disastrous season. i'm literally shaking rn.

7 October 2018, 08:41


Blank g33kz0rd | ProvoletaTactSquad

why such short notice on the newcomers tournament?

9 October 2018, 03:38


Blank medi0crates

I don't UNDERSTAND, is this a COMPETITIVE ENVIRONMENT for my SERIOUS ns2 team, or just for some FUN games with some FRIENDS?

24 October 2018, 03:04


Blank Aazu | Saunabois

yes it is )

24 October 2018, 22:12


Blank Deck | Team Awesome

^Medi - Comp NS2 is fun for the whole family

3 November 2018, 14:44


Blank Grissi | GoĆ°ar

Why not start with 5-8 nights cups, have them every weekend to get new stable teams up and running before doing a big season?

18 November 2018, 02:56


Blank Mega | pubstars

the season has the possibility to still join up with a team or you can still join a team.

Just organise some ppl or join a team and play from monday on HF

18 November 2018, 16:58

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