Tournaments, Badges and Performance Feedback

Intermediate Tournament

Congratulations to loMe’s team for winning the seventh NSL Draft Tournament! There were many hard-fought games, and replays can be found on Barns’ stream, which can be seen here. Additional FPOVs can be found on Noky and loMe’s streams. Now that the draft tournament has concluded, we can look forward to our next events! See below for more details.


Upcoming Events


Intermediate Tournament

There is less than a week to sign up for the NSL Intermediate Tournament! If you are new to the NSL you should not miss out on this tournament, as it is geared towards those with less experienced. There is an ELO restriction of <3100, so if you are below this limit feel free to sign up! We encourage players to make their own teams; however, we recognize that all players may not be matched on a team this way. To this, we have created a form for any players without a team to sign up with, and we will place these players on a team.

  • Find how to create a team on the NSL website here
  • Find the sign up form for single players here
  • Tournament start time: 17:00 CEST / 15:00 GMT / 11:00AM EDT / 8:00AM PDT


Open Tournament

The sixth NSL Open Tournament is right around the corner, and signups are now open! This event will take place one week after the Intermediate Tournament, so mark your calendar for October 5-6. This tournament is free of restrictions, so prepare for some tough games! In addition, the top 3 teams of the Open Tournaments will gain the skill tier badge rewards. These badges are gained and lost depending on who wins the Open Tournaments, so it’s a fierce battle to see who will stay on top!

If you don’t have a team for this tournament, utilize the #recruitment channel on our Discord to find other players!


Grand Open Tournament

Don’t forget about the Grand Open Tournament which will take place December 7-8, and feature a prize of $600 for first place winners and t-shirts for the runner-ups! We strongly encourage members of the community to make teams and compete, for this tournament will show which team is truly the strongest in 2019.


General Items


Team badges and logos

If you are making a team and would like to show off your team logo in-game as a badge, we will be moving towards using Badges+ for this purpose. You will need to submit a 32x32 DDS image of your badge to Pelargir, and he will incorporate it into the mod. You will also need to ensure that the team you wish to display the badge for is selected as your primary team on the website. If you have any questions about this, please contact any staff member.

Additionally, we can have team logos visible from the spectator view via the NSL mod now! You will need to submit a 256x256 DDS image of your logo to Pelargir, the same process as with the badges.


Increased rate feedback

We have noticed quite a few people testing games on the increased rate servers. If you have any feedback about them, please post it on the forums or on our Discord server in the #technical-issues channel. Ideally, we would like to start using them for tournaments, but must be sure they work properly to do so, so your feedback is critical!


Casters and Referees needed

We are still in need of additional casters are referees for upcoming tournaments and matches. If would wish to perform either function, please message Pelargir or infamous.

infamous on 23 September 19 17:47


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