Open Tournament, Seasons and Comp Mod

Update Congratulations to the winners of the fist NSL Intermediate Tournament, Keyboard Warriors! Closely following up in second place was the Russian team эло! There were some great games played, and you can watch the replays on Jackson's stream and NSLTV! With that said, there are more tournaments to look forward to.


Open Tournament #6

Don’t forget about the Open Tournament this coming weekend on Saturday, October 5 and Sunday, October 6 at 08:00 PDT / 11:00 EDT / 15:00 GMT / 17:00 CEST! Unlike the Intermediate Tournament, the Open Tournament has no restrictions and thus everyone can sign up. Prepare your teams, because this tournament should feature some fierce competition! Rules for this tournament should remain relatively the same as Open Tournament #5, with the map pool being slightly adjusted to substitute Derelict with the newly released Origin. Please see below for the full map pool and map round rotations:

  • R1 (Winners R1): tram, mineral, origin
  • R2 (Winners R2): jambi, biodome, unearthed
  • R3 (Losers R1): summit, veil, caged
  • R4 (Losers R2): jambi, veil, nexus

Map Pool

  • biodome
  • descent
  • eclipse
  • jambi
  • mineral
  • nexus
  • origin
  • caged
  • summit
  • tram
  • unearthed
  • veil


Future Tournaments

After the next future tournament, we are considering running a short season (maximal 4 weeks) and see how it plays out. We would be able to properly seed teams into divisions this way, so it may allow for more balanced games between opponents. This would take us through October and into early November. Details are still be ironed out by the event team, and if you have any feedback please post it in our #general channel on the NSL Discord!


Grand Open Tournament

Another reminder that the Grand Open Tournament is coming up, scheduled for December 7-8. This tournament will feature a prize of $600 for the first place winners, and t-shirts for the runner-ups. Make sure to start training with your team, for we predict dangerous competition for this event!


Balance team & Comp Mod

As you may have noticed, the NSL competitive mod has not been significantly updated in some time. This was due to some internal scheduling issues with the team, which have since been sorted out. On this note, we would like to welcome Golden as the new programmer for Comp Mod! At the same time, we must announce the departure of asdfg as his work life becomes very busy. We’d like to thank him for his work on helping to build Comp Mod from the ground up, his NSL badges mod and many other contributions he has made to the NSL community as a whole.

Speaking of specific Comp Mod changes, carapace has been removed, so please keep this in mind for future games! Feedback is greatly appreciated on any changes to Comp Mod.

We will also be looking for up to two new members to join the balance team. If you are interested to apply, please speak with infamous on Discord!

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