Season 15, Grand Open Tournament & Staff Required!


Congratulations to April Fangirls #1 for winning the sixth NSL Open Tournament! A lot of awesome games were played, and replays can be found on Jackson’s stream, as well as the official UWE twitch stream!.


Short Season Announced!

We are excited to announce the return to a season format! This will be a brief 6 week season to take us into November, and should allow us to segregate teams into divisions based on skill. The more teams that sign up, the better divisions we can create, so make sure to sign your team up! This format should provide a great and fun competitive environment for teams of all caliber.

The Group Stage for the season will start on Sunday, 20 October and end on Saturday, 16 November. The Playoffs will last two weeks, ending on Saturday, 30 November. Note for the Playoffs that this is the deadline—the semifinals and finals can be played any time before it once the Group Stage has completed.

If you don’t have a team for the season, utilize the #recruitment channel on our Discord to find other players!


Grand Open Tournament

Don’t forget about the Grand Open Tournament which will take place December 7-8, and feature a prize of $600 for first place winners and t-shirts for the runner-ups! We strongly encourage members of the community to make teams and compete, for this tournament will show which team is truly the strongest in 2019. Signups are not yet open, but will be in the future!


Casters, Referees and Other Events

We are still in need of additional casters are referees for upcoming tournaments and matches. If would wish to perform either function, please message Pelargir or infamous.

We may still run some events such as Draft Tournaments during the season event. If you’d like us to do so, please let us know in Discord!

Pelargir on 07 October 19 14:50


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