Newcomers Tournament final details

NCT Updates

    1. Player obligation reminder

    As the Newcomer Tournament is approaching, some last minute information needs to be settled down in order to avoid any confusion once the tournament has begun. Specifically, the tournament will be running the NSL competitive mod (here’s the full changelog). Despite being close to vanilla, there are some changes you may want to check out beforehand, so please read the changelog! You can also find the rules for this tournament here.

    • Detailed Schedule

    The tournament takes place on the 1st and 2nd of June 2019.

    Saturday the 1st is dedicated to a group stage. Teams will have at most 3 matches that day, each consisting of 4 rounds (2 rounds on the first map, 2 rounds on the second map):

    • The first round of the first match starts at 19 CEST / 17 GMT / 1 PM EDT.

    • The first round of the second match starts at 21 CEST / 19 GMT / 3 PM EDT

    • The first round of the third match starts at 23 CEST / 21 GMT / 6 PM EDT

    Sunday the 2nd is dedicated to the semi-finals and finals. Only the qualified teams will play on Sunday. Semi-finals and finals are played in a best of five format, meaning, the first team to win 3 rounds wins the (semi)final.

    • The first round of the semi-finals start at 19 CEST / 1 PM EDT.

    • The finals start 20 minutes after the semi-finalists completed their matches.

    For players who signed up with their own team: your only obligation is to be ready to play at the above times. You will be told by one of the staff crew, on that day, what you need to do, what server will you play on and the identity of your opponents. A voice channel will be at your disposal on our discord server. Teamspeak 3 may be used if any issue arises in the middle of the tournament, so do not forget to download it and save in your bookmarks. If you’d rather use it in the first place, please contact one of the admins.

    For players who signed up individually and are looking for a team: information about your team will be communicated before the tournament begins, if you haven’t already received those details when you read this post. Those teams are pre-made according to the information you provided when you filled up the form. A vocal channel will be at your disposal on our discord server. Teamspeak 3 may be used if any issue arises in the middle of the tournament, so do not forget to download it and save in your bookmarks.

    If you have any questions before the tournament begins, or once it has begun, feel free to poke either infamous, Mega, Noky or Mephilles on Steam or on Discord. They will be around to help you and guide you.

      2. Live streams

      Games will be streamed by some of our casters on:

      Replays will be available at a later date. We’ll keep you updated!

        3. Gather sessions

        After Tuesday’s training session, it was clear that there is quite a bit of interest in practicing for the newcomer tournament! Because of this, we will be hosting some newcomer-only gathers this Thursday and Friday starting at 19:00 CEST, with North American gathers beginning at 8.30PM EDT! Some veterans will be ready to help out and coach as newcomers form teams to challenge one another. You can find our gather page by clicking here! You will need to join the Progressive Mod Gather page and sign up (the mod used will still be the one linked above). The main gather tab will remain for anyone who wants to play a gather with higher skilled players.

          4. Training sessions replays

          Tuesday’s training sessions have been really rewarding for the players who attended, and it was great to see such interest! You can find the replays on: lome’s and crowbar’s (Part 1 and Part 2) Twitch channels. If you are looking for more training videos, you can check the Natural Selection League YouTube channel or some of the guides on the NS2 Wiki crafted up by competitive and experienced players. In addition, Doggo has also created a document which covers the basics of competitive NS2--feel free to check it out!

            5. Tournament rewards

            If you have missed this information, remember that Newcomer Tournament badges will be granted to the winners and runner-ups (thanks rantology!). They will be available on your customization menu once the next NS2 patch is released, current ETA is not yet determined.

            NCT Badge GoldNCT Badge Silver

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