Newcomer Tournament 1 June 2019 Rules

1. Basic informations / rules

(a) Ignorance of the rules does not pardon any violation of the rules.

(b) The following Code of Conduct applies to this tournament:

(c) A players in-game name should use their registered username on the NSL website, or should be easily identifiable by the admins and players.

(d) An Admin or Referee will have the final judgement call for any unforeseen issues that may occur.


2. Who can play / mercs

(a) A merc is a substitute player who is not registered on the competing team.

In order to merc for a team, a player must fill these requirements:

    (i) The merc must be registered with a valid SteamID on the NSL website.

    (ii) The merc cannot have played in a previous season of NSL or AusNS.

    (An exception can be made to the rule for players who only played a partial

Season. This must be approved by an Admin.)

    (ii) The merc must be more or less the same skill level, or ELO.

    (However, an exception can be made if both teams are in agreement.)

    (iv) The opposing team has the right to deny any submitted merc.

    (If an agreement cannot be made between both teams, all players must

respect the referee/admin decision to either forfeit the match, or let the merc


(b) The intention of a merc is to allow teams that can’t field 6 players the ability to

play a match. It is NOT meant to be used to bolster the skill of a team’s roster.

The intention of a merc is to allow teams that can’t field 6 players the ability to play a match. It is NOT meant to be used to bolster the skill of a team’s roster.

(c) Players are only allowed to play on one team; however, if the team they are in does not reach the final, those players may be allowed to merc for the finalist teams, as long as they fit the merc requirements, see section 2 (a).


3. Server choice / latency issues.

(a) There are two options:

(i) Teams can agree to use one server with the fairest possible ping.

(ii) Teams will use two different locations. The team with the highest ELO

chooses a server and map first, and the team with the lowest ELO picks

aliens/marines first. Then vice versa for the second server.

(b) Apply common sense and sportsmanship when deciding servers.

Suggested locations:

                EU vs NA - London & Central/East US Servers

                EU vs AUS/Pacific Region - Kansas City/West US Servers

                NA vs AUS/Pacific Region - West US & EU Servers


(c) Community and private servers are acceptable, as long as they adhere to the

server guidelines, otherwise they can be denied. Check out our NSL server setup

tutorial at


4. Mapchoice / match progression

(a) A match consists of two maps. A team will play a round on aliens and marines for each map. The highest ELO team picks the first map, and the lowest ELO team picks aliens/marines for the first round. The lowest ELO team picks the second map, and the highest ELO picks aliens/marines first round. A round is complete when the victory screen is shown for aliens or marines.


Out of the following maps:











(b) Spectators

    The only spectators/ready-room players who will be allowed to remain on the server during a match are those authorized by the NSL Admins and, by default, Referees and Casters.

(c) Starting a match - Live/not live on matches

    (i) If a team fails to have 6 players with approved mercs ready to play 15

minutes after the agreed time, then they forfeit.

(ii) A team may, within the first (15) seconds of a round, use  “ready” in chat or in the console, the round will then restart. Teams are only allowed to use “ready” (3) times each match. Any violation of this rule will lead to forfeit the round.

(iii) If the round gets restarted, same spawns are to be used.


(e) Pause function on matches

(i) The NSL Mod has a pause function that will pause the state of the entire game, which includes stopping all movement and timers. A pause can be initiated by typing “pause” in chat.

(ii) Each team is allowed two (2) pauses to use during a match.

(iii) An individual pause will last a maximum of five (5) minutes.

(iv) if a player is unable to play, his/her team may substitute that player with a member from its roster or ask for another merc, as long as it does not violate the above merc rule.


    (f) Once the match has ended

        When you are done playing, report the result to the Referee / Admin.

        Check the Contestpage or ask a Referee / Admin to determine when will your

next match be and what server will be used.

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