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Congratulations to all the participants and to our winners: Scrublords! We hope that everyone enjoyed playing and watching the games (replay list) of the Newcomer Tournament! All winner’s badges have been added to their respective Steam inventories and can be viewed, but are not able to be displayed before the next official patch, which should come out in around two weeks. If you have any feedback for us regarding the tournament, please share it with us on Discord! We are always looking to improve for better experiences every time.

    Community Challenge

    Our next tournament will be held in less than two weeks: Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th. This tournament pits public community servers against one another in a 6v6 format, and should feature some very exciting and contentious games! Three more badges are to be delivered during this occasion (see the above picture)--they’re unique and designed by rantology, so do your best to grab them!

    As with all other tournaments, registration is run by the homepage. This video features a concise explanation of how to sign up, so if you are not sure, please watch it! A contest has been created, and your team can already sign up for it once registered on the website. Go to your team page (you need to be set as leader), edit team, Contests, select the specific contest and click on Join. The contest page allows you to find registered teams, teams players, and your results once the tournament has begun. If you have any trouble with the above, please ping any staff member on Discord.

    The only restrictions for this event are the participating players should not have played in any NSL NS2 Division 1 team. Exceptions can be made for players who only participated as mercenaries in Division 1 or who played for a very limited time, feel free to poke one of the admins about it.

    More detailed information to come next week.

      The Future of NSL Competitive Mod (Compmod)

      There has been a lot of buzz around the organization of the NSL Competitive Mod, and we would like to officially announce the vision, scope of changes and organization surrounding it, as well as dispel any rumors which may have been spread.


      First, the vision of Compmod:

      • The vision of the Natural Selection League (NSL) Competitive Modification (Compmod) is to enable fun, fair and balanced play in a 6 vs 6 environment, while remaining accessible to new players. The NSL Compmod team will work to make this a reality while remaining faithful to the vision of Natural Selection 2.

      In regards to specific changes, the main goal of Compmod is to focus on fixing problems which keep Natural Selection 2 from being competitive. Broken mechanics that make for unplayable matches in a 6v6 format, items which may be exploited in a smaller environment, and so on. In this direction, we can keep the changelog between the base game and Compmod relatively small, so it will be easy for newcomers to get into and not be a totally different gameplay experience.

      However, this does not mean we cannot change features which we believe can be improved even if they are not “broken”, but it does mean that we will need to make such changes deliberately. If these features prove to be viable and fun, we will also work to get them incorporated into the base game.

      On top of this, we will also develop a separate branch of Compmod as an experimental mod in which we can test many changes at once. This mod will be playable in gathers, and we may run some special tournaments on it. However, all regular tournaments, such as the Open Tournament, will be played on the main Compmod branch.


      The Compmod team’s structure consists of 6 members, each having one vote each. If there were ever to be a stalemate, it would be broken by the League Admin--but otherwise the League Admin does not participate or vote in the balance discussions and will only facilitate them if needed.

      Of these 6 members, we have 5 NSL users and 1 UWE representative. The UWE representative is here to help discern if certain changes do not stray too far out of NS2’s vision (such as removing Powernodes and Cysts altogether) and to help provide guidance regarding future balance changes to the base game. If the representative finds that the proposed change for Compmod is too far outside of this scope, he can send it back for discussion. However, if the Compmod team and UWE representative are unable to come to a compromise, the League Admin will decide if the change should be pursued for Compmod.

      Specifically for the structure of the Compmod team, we have: Simba, Golden, phone, Grissi, asdfg and rantology (UWE Representative). All members have been involved in balance teams in the past, and all are known and well respected players.

      To clear up some rumors regarding the team, Kmacg was originally on the balance team, but was recently replaced by Golden to ensure a better culture fit. The current team is now in sync with the vision of Compmod and ready to move forward.


      To be fully transparent with everyone on the progress of Compmod, our meeting notes will be made public, which can be checked at this link. We do not want to make these changes behind closed doors--in the end, this is a mod to enable 6v6 play, so the NSL community should be privy to how these meetings are ran.

      Your feedback on Compmod changes is very much wanted! All balance team members read the balance discussion channel in Discord, so if you have any concerns or suggestions, please post them there. Community engagement can help drive Compmod to be the best it can be, so all feedback is welcome.

      Lastly, the next version of Compmod is expected to be released tomorrow, the changelog can be seen here.


        The NSL Team will make some podcasts for the community. They will be regular livestreamed events that won’t be match commentaries. Instead, they will allow us to talk about the Natural Selection League projects and have some Q&A sessions with you all. Plus, there will be series of interviews with some of the most talented players of Natural Selection 2, tips & tricks, and much more. You can join us and participate during these events on and some replays will be available on Youtube.

        The first podcast will be held Tuesday June 11th at 15:00 EDT / 21:00 CEST. (EDIT: time has changed due to unforeseen circumstances)

          Open tournaments

          Two weeks after the Community Challenge, June 29th-June 30th, we will start running events that involve every competitive players. Stay tuned for updates, and start preparing your teams! If we can get enough players before, some draft tournament may be organized.

            Final thoughts

            Feedback is always appreciated as it allows the NSL to move forward, but players intentionally spreading misinformation and deceiving other members of this community is unacceptable. Unnecessary drama comes from this, and can cause bad feelings on all sides of the discussion. Therefore, our Code of Conduct will be applied strictly to prevent such situations going forward.

            However, we know that this can be partially caused by our lack of transparency, and to this we know that we have not been as transparent on changes as we should be. For example, the news regarding Compmod is very overdue, and we should have announced it in one of our first news posts. Knowing this, we will strive to be as transparent as we can be going forward, and if any members feel there is an issue, please do not hesitate to message one of the staff members on Discord.

Pelargir on 05 June 19 23:20



Blank Tico | Beast Infection


6 June 2019, 00:39


Blank Tyr | V@nquish


6 June 2019, 01:11


Blank starcreature | BIG PIZZA MONEY CREW


6 June 2019, 01:41


Blank Kmacg | HECKHOUNDS


(big things coming soon, watch this space)

6 June 2019, 01:42


Blank Nightsy | #1 Midseason Folders


6 June 2019, 01:42


Blank Sardine | #1 Midseason Folders

6 June 2019, 02:05


Blank Hyste | #1 Midseason Folders


6 June 2019, 09:39

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